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Episode Notes

In this video by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi, he commences his talk about the story of the marriage of the Prophet ﷺ with Khadijah RA, the building of the Kaaba, and also how the Prophet ﷺ was protected as a young man before the prophethood was bestowed upon him.

The marriage details are explicitly documented and deserve a worthy listen to understand how pure and noble was this alliance. We also get a clarification on the actual age of Khadija RA at the time of her marriage to the Prophet ﷺ. The blessings of Khadija RA and her contribution in the life of our Prophet ﷺ should be listened to appreciate this noble lady even more.

The family of the Prophet ﷺ that he nurtured along with Khadija RA is next up for discussion and we get a clear understanding of the children of the Prophet ﷺ.

The building of the Ka’bah, the hindrances that transpired in the making, the attitude of the Jahiliyyah age and many more facts are disclosed in this video which makes us reflect endlessly on Allah’s Qadr.

What was the reason behind the hardships and grievances in the life of the Prophet ﷺ? Also, what was Allah’s wisdom behind the  Prophet ﷺ not allowed to have fully mature sons?

Get all your questions answered and be mesmerized as Shaykh Yasir puts all queries to rest.


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In our last week's had after we had discussed some of the stories of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, some of the final stories that we have before he became a prophet. And there are two incidents that we have left that we are going to discuss today of the pre Prophethood stories. And then we are done with all of the narrations of the pre Prophethood stories. And the fact of the matter, as I have said many, many times, is that we do not have most of the reports of the profits of firms early life. We have probably a dozen or so particular incidents and that's about it for 40 years of his of his early life. And there are two incidents left that we need to

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discuss before the coming of the prophethood before the beginning of the revelation. The first of these is his marriage to Khadija radi Allahu Allah Anna and the marriage to digital do love to Atlanta. How did the Prophet system meet Khadija How did this come about? As we had said in our last week's Hello, that the Prophet system was a shepherd. He was a shepherd and he would find people who own flock and then he would take their flock and he would get some meager wages for this. Now, it's so happened that Khadija his older sister had a flock she had a herd of camels, and her older sister higher the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to take their flock out and to graze them

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outside of Makkah. And she hired two people, we don't have the name of the other person. The prophets are similar to another young man, the two of them were hired to become shepherds for her large flock. After the Prophet system had finished the grazing.

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They had to go back into town in order to collect their wages, you pay the wage, you wait, you pay the salary as soon as the wages are finished. So the young man that was with the Profit System, and at this age, the process was probably 2324 years old. The young man that was with him said, Now that we're done, Come, let's go and ask our wages from Khadija sister from her deja sister. According to some reports, his name was holla. So let us go ask our wages from Khadija sister. So the profitsystem said, Why don't you go on my behalf because I am too shy to go because she's a woman. I'm too shy to go. And as I have higher, I don't want to go ask her. Why don't you go on my behalf

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and you get both of our wages for us. So the person came to Khadija sister, and it's so happened that Khadija was in her house at that time, and he asked for his wages. Khadija said Where is Mohammed, he also has earned half of the wage Where is Mohammed? So the man said he was too shy to come and ask it from you. He was too shy to come and ask it from you. And so at this stage, his older sister said that I have not seen any man who is more shy, and more noble, and more honorable, and more chaste in his interactions, because she's interacting with him because she's a woman. So she knows he's lowering his gaze, he's acting in a very elegant manner. So she says, I have never

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seen any man more and then she kept on praising the Prophet system. And

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the narrator of this report says, this was the first time Khadija heard of his name in such a manner. And just like any human being, that when a person is praised in such a manner, something entered her heart, because he's being praised in such a noble manner. And eventually, in later on in the year,

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Khadija had to send her own caravan to Syria. Remember, we had said that there was the two journeys of Yemen and Syria, and Khadija owned a lot of wealth? Let's pause here, where did you get this wealth from? Khadija had been married twice, up until that point in time. And her second husband was a wealthy merchant. And the two of them did not have any children. She had sons from the first marriage. But she didn't have sons from the second marriage. Now, in Jackie Lee, a women did not inherit that was the general rule. But in this marriage, this person did not leave any siblings and they didn't have any children. And so it became one of the rare opportunities that Khadija could

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inherit a lot of money. Otherwise, the general rule, women would not inherit money. So her second husband was a rich merchant, and he didn't have any siblings. And so when he died, they didn't have any children. So then automatically, it will go to her deja. And so Khadija inherited a small fortune, and over the course of the next few years after her husband died, she kept on investing in that money. How would she invest

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Just like we invest in our times, she would order some goods to be purchased in the time of hedge, and then send those goods to Syria, purchase other goods from Syria, send them to Yemen, kill other goods from Yemen, sell them in Makkah, this is what business meant or business women do. But because she's a woman, she cannot go herself to do it. And so every single time, she has to hire a businessman. Now in those days, and this is still common in our times, but not as common. In those days, you wouldn't hire such a person by a wage, you wouldn't say you go to Syria, I'll pay you 1000 dinars. And you do XYZ No, you would make it percentage profit. This is called mudaraba, you would

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give a percentage profit. And you would say, for example, that 30% of all the profit will be yours, and 70% will be mine. Because I'm the one investing You're the one doing the manual labor, right. And this type of sharing of the profits is something our shediac has definitely allowed and considered it to be a part and parcel of legitimate business transactions. So her deja would engage in this modaraba this percentage, and of course, because she's sending a man who's not related to her who's not looking after her best interest, usually the person she chose wood steel, and would lie and would cheat and would not give the whole ASAP the whole actual account, and therefore she

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never managed to get the type of wealth that she deserved. Still, she managed to maintain her dignity and maintain a good amount of work, but never as much as she actually deserved. And she felt that she had earned it. So once you heard this praise about the Prophet Mohammed Salim, she decided why don't I choose this young man, even though he was inexperienced when it comes to business, he had never ever gone on a business trip himself. He was a shepherd sallallahu sallam, he was not somebody who was a businessman. But because of his honesty, she decided to overlook the lack of experience. And also the lack of age generally, you will choose somebody in their 40s in their 50s

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somebody who knows the caravan, the routes, everything. But she overlooked all of this because she wanted somebody honest, and Subhanallah it is human nature, that when a man is decent, is elegant with his interactions with a woman than the rest of his nature is also good that when a man treats a woman in this manner, this automatically has a characteristic that is noble and automatically Khadija felt this is a man I can trust and I can send my caravan with him. And so the prophets so Khadija sent a message to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, through one of her servants saying that the lady Khadija now Khadija, of course, at this time was well known because

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she was the richest lady in Makkah, she was not the richest person in Morocco, but she was the richest lady, because no other woman, as we said, it's impossible for a woman to inherit, right? So because in this situation she inherited automatically, she has the most wealth out of all the women. And she is also single, and it was very rare for some somebody to be single in that society. And this is something even Islam carried into it, you will hardly find any of those who have a single, they will always marry and it is something that they consider to be a part and parcel of living. You don't live a single life. Khadija, perhaps for whatever reason, she had been married twice, she felt

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that she wasn't suitable for anybody. She wasn't interested in anybody. So she had closed this door. And in his house and others, they mentioned that a number of men had tried to marry her because she was of noble lineage. And she was a pure aura she and they liked this. And because she was a wealthy woman, and of course every man would want that wealth because if he married Khadija, that what would become his according to JD law, and so a lot of men proposed that her DJ turned all of them down, because she didn't want to share this while she didn't feel anybody would treat her the way that she deserved. So she sent a message to the Prophet says, Why don't you take charge of my caravan? The

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went to Abu Dhabi and said, Oh, my uncle Khadija has sent me such and such an offer, what do you think? And the shows that he was a very respectful, young man, that he didn't just impetuously say yes, he got permission, even though he doesn't need permission. He's a young man. He's independent. He doesn't need to ask his uncle. But he got permission from his uncle. And he said, Uncle, what do you think? And so, Khadija, the bootloader basically said that Oh, my nephew Khadija is well known to be the richest woman and you know, this is definitely much better than the job that you're doing now. It's you're going to get inshallah good sustenance, Allah has blessed you with this

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opportunity. Do not say no to her. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said yes, and Khadija agreed that she would give half of the profits to the Prophet system, and she would keep half of the profits, which is a very generous share. But she felt that this was a man that if I give him a good incentive, he would ensure a lot of data do a good job. And so the Profit System accepted and Khadija sent one of her servants along as well to him and the Profit System.

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Took the caravan to the city of busara be EOS RA, not the Basilica of Iraq. And not the there's another city that's very similar sounding in Turkey bourassa No, this is Basra in English. It's called Basra. And basura is a small town outside of Damascus by at least I think 100 kilometers or so. It's it's towards the way to Damascus, but you haven't reached Damascus yet. It's on the periphery of the Roman Empire. And the Arabs would typically stop at Boston or they wouldn't go to Damascus. Basically, it's like coming to America, you just dropped right at the border, let's say Texas, right. And then you just do your buying good and sell because you don't want to go all the

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way inside you're in the country. And this is the most convenient location. And basura had a huge marketplace that was known just for this because it was at the periphery of, of the Arabs and the nabateans and other cultures of the North. Egyptians will also be able to go the Yemenis, they will all be able to go to Basra historically, not from the Islamic sources from the non Muslim sources. Basra is well known to have been a town of economic transactions. And to this day, there are ruins and vasara of the marketplace of Bhaskar that goes back to 1500 years before the time of the process. And by the way, just as a tidbit as well. So Omar conquered basura in his Caliphate, and

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before he conquered Damascus on his way to conquering Damascus, and Omar built one of the first messages ever built in what is now Syria, one of the first messages ever built and it is still standing to this day. And it is one of the oldest massages in existence from its original time even before the Grand Mosque of the Omega because of course the Romanian mosque was built much later. So this is a mosque rebuttable hotpot built in basura, because for them basura was more important than Damascus. But I wonder to another tangent, let's get back to the story of the Prophet system with Khadija. So Khadija had sent her servant The name is given is Mei Sarah generally sent and when Mesa

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came back through the process and went to Basel and then returned, he did not go to Damascus.

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When the profitsystem came back, May, Sarah told her the joy of the care and concern that the Prophet system had shown of his honesty, some reports even mentioned the miracle of the cloud on top of his head. And this is not something that is strange. If it happened, it happened. But there's no authentic reports. And as I pointed out, that we have to be a little bit careful about these things before the prophecy, because the question arises, that if people had seen them before the prophecy, this would have been a clear sign that he's going to be a prophet. And there are indications being given. Nonetheless, it's something that has been narrated in some of the early books that there was

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always a cloud above the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. And the Prophet system made double or triple yonny, the Arabic says, a laugh, which means many times more, the prophet that anybody else had made before him. Now this is, of course, for two reasons, firstly, because he's being honest. And secondly, because there's no question that whatever he does, Allah will bless it. There's no question about that, anyway, go back to when he was an infant and a baby, and haleema herself, her animal, her own breasts, everything was given by DACA just the process and have entered their household and their camel becomes faster, they're there, she goes, good, gives milk, etc, etc.

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And so there's no question that whatever the process is doing is going to have extra blessing. So the caravan came back with a laugh of laughing and multiple prophets that her deja had never experienced before. Now, this is now increasing the emotions that Khadija has, and it is very clear, and some of us might feel awkward or hesitant to say this, but Subhanallah Firstly, it's narrated in the earliest books. Secondly, there's nothing wrong with feeling such emotions is completely permissible. She's a single lady, the profitsystem is an eligible bachelor. And as I've said many times to my students, when I teach classes, falling in love is not how long it's what you do with

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that love that can make it a whole lot more hella Falling in Love is a natural emotion. It's nothing wrong with that at all. And Khadija, there's no question that emotions came to her that first she's hearing the process and being praised so highly by her own sister, and then she sees the honesty and then she sees all everything that may sort of comes and tells her everything that transpired. There is nothing wrong at all with her now having a desire to marry the Prophet Mohammed Sosa, and Subhana Allah what lady would not have desired to marry the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. The details differ about how the the proposal came about, but they all agree about one thing. Khadija was the

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one who instigated it, but the Joe was the one who hinted at it or who kind of sort of arranged for the progressives to propose now obviously the way that proposals happen

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The man proposes for the woman. However, if the woman expresses an interest, then this is something that is permissible with conditions. And of course the man is up to the man to then eventually propose even in Islam, even in Islam. If this happens with certain guidelines, then of course this is completely permissible. And so Khadija, in one version, Khadija told a friend or it says another servant of hers who was a an elderly lady by the name of Nafisa, it is said that she expressed she expressed an interest in marrying the Prophet system. And so Nafisa said, Leave this to me, I will arrange it. And so she visited the profits as she was an elderly lady. And she said that, oh,

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Mohammed, so I sent him again, he's not a prophet at this time. Oh, Mohammed was Adam, why don't you get married? So the Prophet system smiled and said, who would marry me? Because I am the orphan, poor person of the Quraysh. I'm an orphan and I'm poor who's gonna marry me. And so, Nafisa said, What if Khadija wanted to marry you? What if Khadija so she's not saying Khadija is sending me but it's there? What if my master What if my friend Khadija wanted to marry you? And the Prophet system was quiet? And then he said, Why would she want to me? Notice? He didn't say, I'm not interested in her? He's wondering, why would she want to me? So the message is given that he is interested,

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because she didn't, he didn't say, No, I'm not interested in her. Rather, he's thinking, why would she want somebody like me, because he considered himself to be not somebody that was worthwhile, but certainly is a pseudo law. And he was going to be the pseudo law. And he is definitely the one whom Allah subhana wa, tada had chosen for Heidegger. And so in the feasts, I went back and told Khadija, and there the matter then went to stage two. And there are a number of versions of how this took place as well. It's how it says, By the way that this marriage took place in the month of suffer in the month of software, three months after he returned from Basra three months after the journey. So

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for three months, there was this back and forth, there are two versions of the story. In my previous classes, I never mentioned the second one, but

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some people mentioned the second version. And therefore I feel compelled to mention it just to point out that it is not authentic. Otherwise, I would prefer not to mention this. And in my previous classes, I would not have I never mentioned this in the many times that are taught to seal.

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But there is one version with a very weak chain, that Khadija his father was alive at the time, and he opposed the marriage. And so he was caused to become drunk. And it was made to appear to him or he was convinced that the marriage had taken place. And so when he became sober again, it was too late to say no. And there are more details that I'm not going into. But it is not something that is a very nice story to be honest. And then we find it to be contradicted by a number of other facts. First and foremost, it been hijacked, and others point out that his father had died. His father had died before this proposal had happened. And so she didn't have a father at the time. And this makes

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sense, because if her father had been alive, then he would have taken the money because a woman will not take the money if she has a father or a brother or a husband. So the stronger position is that her father was not alive at all. Additionally, there is another version, which is reported by more books than this one book that mentions this version. And I pause here and I point out that, as I have said before, there are a number of books about the series written in the first two 300 years. And we go back to these earliest books, many of them are without chains of narrations, because these are just stories that they collected. And nobody knows who narrated these stories. So sometimes

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these stories, there might have been such a story, it happened to somebody else, but some narrator got confused. And he said maybe it happened with Mohammed sysm and Khadija, right? Maybe it happened to some jolly person. So these are stories or legends that have been passed down. It's very crucial that we look at them and then sift through which are authentic, which are not so the more authentic version mentions that her uncle amber Ebony said, was the one who performed the nicaya and there was no issue of alcohol or being sober or drunk. Nothing like this. This is not a story that is true with Khadija his father that his father was not alive that her uncle admittedly acid became her body

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and a butadiene came with the profits of the largest element that will probably perform the hotel, he performed the sermon and the sermon is recorded in one of the early books that we thought it began by praising Allah subhana wa tada and then talking about the lineage of the origin. That's what they always talked about, that we are the noble descendants of Avalon humanists marry, that Allah has blessed us with this and this and that of the blessings we have is that we have the We Are the care the caretakers of the Kaaba, and Allah has blessed us to be the people of mind.

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And my nephew, the problem homelessness and my nephew is the one who is no comparison with any other young man in all of Makkah in his manners and his nobility and his lineage, and he has proposed to your noble lady Alka Kadima, your noble Daughter, your noble lady Khadija with a Mahara of 12. To one is Shen Teja is a nugget of silver. So 12 nuggets of silver with a little bit of coins of silver as well. This is a modest amount.

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I don't want to give you any any any precise figure, but we can say a ballpark figure of a few hundred dollars an hour times would be it's not a massive amount. And it's not a token figure of $1 or two yen is something that we would consider $400 $500 It's a amount that is a respectful amount for somebody like the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and so he gave the chutzpah at this hammer. hajus uncle stood up and said, this is a young man who cannot be refused. We accepted the proposal. And we had already said that Khadija had been married twice before from her first marriage, she had a son named Hannah. Now, Hannah is commonly in our times a girl's name. But in

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those days, Hannah was more of a boy's name in our times is become more of a girl's name. So don't get confused. Hannah is a male, Hannah is Cody, just son. And Hannah had accepted Islam eventually, and lived a noble life with the Prophet Mohammed Salah laquanda, who was sending him now the question arises how old was Khadija at the time of her marriage? The common opinion that everybody is aware of is that she was 40 years old when she was married. And this is the opinion of one of the classical scholars of Islam. His name is Eduardo de and waka. He says she was 14 years when she was married. And she died when she was 65. Because everybody agrees that they were married for 25 years.

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And everybody agrees that the Profit System was 25 years old. Well, not everybody wanted to say he was 24 and 23. But around this age, 25 years old when he got married, however, and this is the common well known age that people have However, there are more authentic reports that her age was not 14. And I know this is not common knowledge to the most of you. But academically speaking, there are two problems with this age. Firstly, at work, it is not to the caliber of those who report a different agent Walker, it is much lower in the scale. And so we have people like Albay happy, and even Castillo, the famous scholar in karate root of Sylvan Cathedral and, and others a report that

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she died when she was around 50 years old. So if she died when she was on 50, This changes everything in her 50s they say to some senior she was in her 50s. This changes everything. Another early authority and his name is hishammuddin Kelby says that Khadija married when she was 28 years old. And we have from a hacking who wrote a book called Mr. Brock which was one of the books of heady he reports from the famous Eben is how is the earliest author of the Sierra had been his house, the famous 11 is how that is how it says that she was 28 years old. Now, this appears to be more valid for two reasons. Number one, because the people who are reporting 28 are more in

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quantity, and in quality, ie they are more knowledgeable in his house is the authority of zero. Nobody is more authoritative than him. And his house is reporting that she was 28 Additionally, zhambyl Colby Additionally, Albert says she died when she was in her 50s. That means she was 28 when she around that age when she got married. But then the second point is even more clear, the Profit System and Khadija had

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at least six children, maybe more.

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And a woman in her 40s it is very difficult to imagine her having six children. Whereas a woman who is 28, it is much more logical and rational and in fact, perfect. six children at the age of 28 in those days is something that is very reasonable a child every year and a half every two years, very reasonable. So for 12 years, she's having children, she's having children, she's till she's around 40. And this makes a lot more sense than to say that she was 40 when she got married. And academically speaking, it does seem to be the more correct opinion that she was 28 years old. Now, some of the points here that we can derive before we move on about the last incident before the

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marriage or sorry before the prophethood

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some of the blessings some of the morals of the story with Khadija first and foremost it shows the innocent

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sense of honesty and of good etiquette of good.

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Honesty is appreciated by everybody in mankind and it brings about blessings. Because the Prophet system was honest, as a shepherd shy as a worker at a very menial job, that shyness and honesty upgraded his position in pay rack. Right? This is what happened, that he was honest, he was trustworthy. And he was humble, modest. He had good qualities, what happened, automatically opportunities were created that gave him more and more higher positions. And this is the reality of the dunya that if you show your character character counts a lot much more even than experience because Khadija overlooked his zero experience, he has no experience, how did you overlook all of

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that and hired him to become one of the highest paid businessmen in all of Africa, taking the caravan to to Basra. It also shows the intelligence and status of her deja, because she saw the Prophet system as being an ideal and perfect husband. And as we said, This clearly shows the permissibility of not just natural feelings of desire and attraction, but of even pursuing that in a permissible manner. As I said previously, it is not how long to be in love, it is held to be in love. It's what you do with it, right? It is what you do with it. So Khadija had feelings, and she pursued it in a legitimate manner, and that legitimate matter was the matter of marriage. Also, the

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profits of the love sallallahu alayhi wa sallam needed support and comfort for his future mission. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala chose for him, a woman who would give him that support and comfort. And as we all know, and we say, and it is so true, that Behind every successful man, there is a there is a good woman, this is the fact of life. And this is something that every single person acknowledges men can pretend to be macho and strong and, and whatnot. But the fact of the matter is they need a loving, supporting woman in their lives. This is the reality that Allah created men like this, that in public they can put on this, this persona, but in private, they need the comfort and

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the support of a loving wife. Otherwise, it's very difficult, if not impossible, and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah chose for him Khadija to be that loving and that comforting wife, and this is something that we'll talk about more later on. The blessings of Khadija are simply too numerous to mention. She was the first to believe in the Prophet system she can, comforted him as soon as the revelation began, she was the one who thought let's take him to water that had been no fun. Let's take him to somebody who knows what's going on and asked what is happening. She was the only one whom Julian would come in the household of her DJ, he would not enter any other household

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any other wife's house any other wife's house, he would not enter later on his show, masala, no one he only entered the house of Khadija. And God told the Profit System once once the processing was sitting in Makkah.

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The Profit System said to Khadija that Oh Ha deja here is God because God would enter Hadoop was in the house, the only wife you would enter here is God. And he is sending a lot Salaam upon us, Panama, he is sending a loss and I'm upon you. And he is giving you the glad tidings of a house in Jenna, where there is not going to be any noise and any struggling you will have peace in that household. And so Khadija responded that in the law who was Salam She didn't say why they could Salam your Allah because you don't say why they could sell me Allah Allah is a center. And this really shows her intelligence which really shows her understanding of theology of Islam, that when

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Allah is sending Salaam to her DJ, what is the response? You don't say? Why they salami Allah, you don't say that right? And I've heard a lot of people when something good happens. They'll say jazak Allah Allah, you don't say jazak Allah to Allah Allah just comes to you. You You are nobody to give Jessa back to Allah so big mistake even though they do it innocently. You don't give just back to Allah. You don't send Salaam back to Allah you don't say why they could send me Allah Allah is a Salah This is for teachers respond automatically she understood in the law who was Sarah I can't send set him back to Allah. Allah is a Salaam why the gbd Salaam and may Salam be upon God while aka

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rasulillah salam, and make Salaam be upon you yasunaga this was for the ages response and

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our Isha who was no doubt the favorite wife of the Prophet system in the Medina and phase. Of course at this phase our issue is not even born. She's not even born right now. When the process of marriage Khadija and so our Isha never saw her deja never and yet our issue says that

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I was never more jealous of any woman than I was of Khadija, even though the profitsystem had married eventually nine wives and Ayesha was one of the nine. And she was jealous of those nine no doubt about it. There are instances we'll have over the seat that she says things and does things that shows her jealousy. But she says I never felt the amount of jealousy I did for Khadija even though I never saw her. Even though I never saw why live. Bella Sula, lysosome Lucha, because I knew how much the profitsystem loved her. I could say she's a woman she's not she's a wife, you know, how much the profits of some loved her I knew it. So I was the most jealous of Khadija. And once when

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the Prophet was mentioning her DGS he said, I had enough of it. That was it. And so I said, Yeah, rasulillah for how long are you going to mention? And then she said things you shouldn't have said, and all toothless lady. You know, she's like an old lady, right? And she said, you know, things, Danny, basically an old lady like this, when Allah has given you a young fertile ground instead, right? In other words, I am a young lady and I'm fertile ground. And how long ago you mentioned this toothless Yanni lady like this. And so she said, in a manner that only a woman can say, and

00:31:21--> 00:31:35

the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam got irritated at this. And he said, Now will law he know by Allah. And because I should say that I'm better than her DJ basically. No, by Allah.

00:31:37--> 00:31:48

Allah did not give me better than her. If you really want to know you're getting married, I will tell you. He didn't say that for his mid. But he said no, by Allah. Allah did not give me better than her.

00:31:50--> 00:32:28

She was the first to believe in me when everybody rejected me, meaning I assure you don't have that blessing. She was the first to believe in when everybody rejected me. And she gave me her money when everybody had abandoned me. She was the one spending on the process when everybody else had abandoned him. And she supported me when the community basically gave me the cold shoulder. And Allah bless me with children only through her he ascribed us to Allah because Allah is one who blesses You're not my it's not for the Jews are mine. So he says, and a lot has rasakan Allah has blessed me with children only through her none of my other wives Allah has chosen with this

00:32:29--> 00:33:12

blessing. And so after this, I actually learned her lesson I said, I never mentioned her again. Never mentioned her again, because of this jealousy that the profitsystem had, as Pamela, Yanni and one of the reasons why she was jealous whenever the process of got a gift. When he got money. When he got meat even because meat was a luxury item, he would cut some of the meat and he would send it to this in Medina way later on 10 years later, he would send it to her DGS friends, can you imagine like how much you're thinking of your dead wife that Khadija has passed away? But you want to give some meat to the friends who was socialized with the French who was socialized with and once Khadija

00:33:12--> 00:33:54

his older sister came to Medina, this is the same one that introduced the same one that praised him right. And Ayesha was in the house. And Pamela This is such a beautiful story that when, when the sister was walking outside the door, the prophet systems demeanor changed because he recognized Khadija his footstep and when she asked permission for enter, Ayesha could see the paleness on her face, because on his face because all the memories of her deja came back because this was the wife that he knew it was he knew it was her older sister. But the memories of Khadija were so strong that so many years later, still, he would be moved to tears almost. And when Khadija passed away, one of

00:33:54--> 00:34:31

those habits says we did not see him smile for months. We did not see him smile for months. And it was such a big loss for the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu. It was sent him and we can go on and on about the blessings of Khadija we mentioned that he did it was most likely 28 years old. This doesn't change the fact we always like to say that the process of married somebody older, twice divorce with children. It's still the same, that she was older. She was twice divorced, she had a child. So this clearly shows that the profitsystem is not a lustful man, that if you wanted to he could have married a younger lady without children who had never been married a virgin if you

00:34:31--> 00:34:59

wanted, you could have done that. But he married somebody of nobility, somebody who was twice divorced with children and remained faithful to her until Khadija passed away. He never took another wife until Khadija passed away. And then one after the other. He started married. And so he wasn't married for lustful reasons, because he's marrying when he's passed. 54 years old. He begins to marry the nine wives for until he's 54 from 25

00:35:00--> 00:35:04

Up until the age of 54 or so, if not 55, because Ayesha

00:35:05--> 00:35:24

probably was when he was 55 years old or so. So, the prophet system is remaining basically loyal to her deja for all of these years. And this clearly shows that he was not a man who was lustful, that he could control his desires that this was not what he had in mind by marrying somebody like a DJ. And

00:35:25--> 00:35:29

this also demonstrates as well or sorry, the the one point I forgot to mention.

00:35:31--> 00:35:41

I already said this, that all of the children of the Prophet system were through Khadija we said that there were at least six children the reason why at least six.

00:35:42--> 00:36:30

The first child of the process, you should all know his name it is cost him and cost him the profit systems Kenya was able awesome. That's his first child. His Kenya is Abul Qasim al Qasim. It is said that he was born in the days of Jahangir who was born before the why he began he was born before the war he began. It is said that a possum had reached the age where the boys could ride on the camel. 678 years old, and then he passed away. That's all that we have into it's only thing we know about not one story has been preserved, but 678 years old before he passed away. And then the Prophet system had Zainab broca Yeah, oma consume. And Fatima, the youngest daughter, four daughters, Xena

00:36:30--> 00:37:21

rupiah oma cusum and Fatima, and then he had his final son with Khadija and that is Abdullah. Now, some people say he also had a ball hit and apply him. And so they add two more to make it eight. However, the strongest position is that Abdullah had two nicknames a thigh head and upper lip. And so a bar head and upper lip is Abdullah. And a pothead means the pure one, and also means a pure one. And this is what the nicknames they would have for their child. And Abdullah died in infancy without even in Islam. He was born after the ye and he died in Islam. Of course, the four daughters, all of them lived to maturity, all of them married, and the only and the three of them died in his

00:37:21--> 00:38:00

own lifetime. So he saw sudden buried his own daughters with his hands, the three daughters, he buried with his own hands. Only Fatima outlived him. And even Fatima on his deathbed. He told felt him or something, and she cried. And when he saw her crying, this is his daughter, and he loves his daughter, like only a father can love a daughter. He calls his daughter again. And he whispers something and she laughs many, many months later, I Isha asked Fatima, can you tell me that conversation I want to know. And so Fatima confessed. And she said, My father told me that he's about to die, and I couldn't bear except to cry. So when he saw me crying, he called me and he said,

00:38:00--> 00:38:45

You will be the first of my family to meet me, meaning you're going to die soon. So I laughed panela. I laugh because I'm going to meet the process of the first. And Fatima only lived a few months after the Prophet says before she passed away as well. Now, it is interesting to comment here. And perhaps maybe we'll go back to this later on. But it's interesting to comment here spamela the Prophet system, it is as if he is facing the most traumatic problems after problems, because the most traumatic thing that can happen to a child is to lose parents. And the most traumatic thing that can happen to a parent is to lose the child is not the case, right? I mean, there is no more

00:38:45--> 00:39:24

sleeper on earth that is more painful than these two, there is no more simple well lay there is no masiva. And we as parents notice that there is nothing that is more painful to us than to lose a child. And as a child, the most painful and dreadful thing. And this is something we have forgotten that phase of our younger lives. But the fact of the matter is span a look at what happens when a four or five year old loses their parents in the supermarket, what happens, they go crazy and wild that they cannot see their parents because they get so worried because there's nothing more conceivably you know, dramatic or disaster for this child than to lose the ones that love and take

00:39:24--> 00:40:00

care of this child, right? Our Profit System is multiple times orphaned father, then mother, then grandfather, then uncle one after the other, and he's multiple times losing his own children. First, the eldest of Qasim and then Abdullah and then of course, he has Ibrahim. Ibrahim, by the way was not born of his wife, it was born of his maid servant is Emma. And so none of his wives gave birth. Emma is different film wise and that's maybe we'll talk about it and it's time none of the other wives of the Prophet system became pregnant other than Khadija. So it is as if I

00:40:00--> 00:40:44

Law is giving him the most difficult tragedies that is imaginable. And in this world, he is great wisdom. It is as if a lot is telling him that your purpose in life is to be afflicted, that this life is nothing but suffering, that even the greatest human being is not going to live a comfortable life in this world. In fact, because he is the greatest, he will suffer like no one else's suffering, because it is through these trials that so many things happen. First and foremost, one's relationship with a lot is established. So Pamela, how true is it? When we live comfortable lives, our hearts become hard. It's not the case. when money is pouring in. Health is good. Wealth is good.

00:40:44--> 00:41:22

Who cares? pray regularly make dark on and off. Soon as your son falls ill soon as you lose your job soon as and we'll see what happens what happens. The hands go up. Yeah, Allah, Allah Allah, present this the case, right? And Allah knows this. And living in through these trials. It makes a person's heart closer to Allah. It's automatic, and of the process of needed to have this closest to Allah. Also living through these trials and afflictions. True servitude is reached that you understand who you are, and who is Allah subhanho wa Taala. living through these trials and afflictions gives you patience. And you will need patience, if you're going to be the Prophet of Allah, you will need to

00:41:22--> 00:42:05

have the utmost patience. And so he is afflicted with the greatest calamities to bring about that patience. And Allah subhanho wa Taala tested him through these hardships because by these hardships, your own heart becomes soft, Subhana Allah when you lived in poverty, when you lived in poverty, then you will feel something for those who are poor, its nature, human nature. And when you lived in opulence and luxury, you don't connect with the rich you don't with the poor, you don't connect with them at all. It is not a coincidence that our profit system has so many a hadith about taking care of the orphan, he knows how it feels. There's a hadith that even says, if you can give money to the

00:42:05--> 00:42:33

orphan, at least rub his hair and make dough. Be gentle with him, because he knows what it is to be an orphan. He knows what it is. And so the commandment comes that at least rob the hare meaning you show some tenderness to the orphan. So Allah chose these trials upon the Prophet system so that when he grows older, he can bear his own trials. And then he can be a merciful person, because through trials, you develop your own mercy. And

00:42:34--> 00:43:02

even though Allah Tried him still a lot didn't try him beyond his capacity. Allah blessed him with both sons and daughters, to give him a taste of fatherhood, and to silence those who try to mock him, because if he didn't have any children, parallel people could have said very vulgar things about him. But Allah blessed him with both sons and with daughters, even though Allah took the sons away. And so hello when he took the son away.

00:43:03--> 00:43:43

This is a give this halaqaat before the tuxedo suits with co author in our clinical co author for sort of the big one had in a shanika whatever. When Abdullah died, right, I boatloads, his youngest son of the lowest his youngest child, when Abdullah died, stock for how crude and how callous Abu JAL runs through MCE cheering for joy, that God the better Mohammed for the better Mohammed, that he's so happy that the Prophet system son has died, that his progeny has cut off because the Arabs everything is male children. for them. Everything is male children. And if you don't have a male child, then you might as well be sterile you might as well have nothing. And so he's running through

00:43:43--> 00:44:23

muck that called the better Mohammed Mohammed that his progeny has been cut off his budget has been cut off. And can you imagine your son has just died will not only parents understand the possibility of that pain and on top of that, your worst enemy is running through the town crying for joy, how much pain and grief that would have brought to our Prophet system. And Allah revealed three suitors to read three ayat that were more beloved to the Prophet so center than this whole world and all that it contained in our clinical co author for solidia bigger one house in Shani aka who will avatar we have given you plenty, don't worry, we have taken away one thing we've given you alkota

00:44:24--> 00:45:00

and alcocer is many things that will explain alkota is the paradise or co author is everything in paradise will go through the river of Paradise industry in America voted for suddenly a bigger one how pray to Allah sacrifice to him, those who oppose you. They will be the ones who are cut off from everything. In a shiny eco one of those who follow you will flourish you will be what a faneca the clock you will be the one whose rank has been raised your opponents will be those who are cut off from all good and as I pointed out, the only people who mentioned Abuja, his name and abundance

00:45:00--> 00:45:24

Hub's name are those who despise and hate them. What a legacy is this? What a legacy, the only people in the world who know them, or those who hate and despise them as Muslims, that we we want nothing to do with them what a legacy have they left in their shiny occur who will Avatar and there are also wisdoms that the Prophet was not allowed to have sons. By the way, this is a theological issue.

00:45:25--> 00:46:10

That later on in life when the process of Ibrahim, he had Ibrahim, when he was around 59 years old, 59, or 60 years old, he brought him much later in his life. And Ibrahim lived for a year and a half, 18 months. And for those of us who are parents, you know that this is the sweetest age of children, because then the terrible twos begin after that, right? The most tender age for children, the most love that you can have is really at this tender age, where the year and a half. And Allah blessed him with this, because it's still such a blessing to be a father. And it's such a blessing to have a child to play with. But Allah knew that he could not be a father, for long term. And so a lot caused

00:46:10--> 00:46:27

Abraham as well to pass on to the next world. And the processing was greatly grieved, and he was crying. And in one had eaten a bit manager, he said, listen to this, a lot of Muslims don't know this hadith. The prophets have said that had Ibrahim lived, he would have been a prophet.

00:46:28--> 00:47:13

It's not possible that the son of Rasulullah sallam, not to be a prophet, it's not possible, how they brought him lived, he would have been an abbey, but there is going to be known to be after me. And so Allah had to seal the prophecy, the process of knew this. And so this is a theological reason as well that the process of cannot have sons, and you can only have daughters. And I have to add here as well. What a fitna, it was for the oma that his daughters had sons after and what did our oma do with those sons, and what groups were formed, exaggerating the status of those grandchildren through women. Imagine if there was a male progeny. Well, lucky groups have taken this male progeny

00:47:13--> 00:47:36

from a woman Fatima and made them to be what they have made them. If there was a male progeny of the Prophet system directly, the oma would have made them into prophets and Gods walking on the earth. And it is a mercy from Allah subhanho wa Taala, that he knew the weakness and so he just cut it off, because the Prophet system son would have been a prophet, so he's not going to have any sons that grow to maturity.

00:47:37--> 00:48:14

The last incident that we have mentioned, is the incident of the building of the cab, the building of the cab, the story is well known to you. And it was that the profits of the law, why do you sell them was around 35 years old, even his heart says he was 35 years old. So there are 10 years of marriage to her deja, we don't even have one narration about what happens, Pamela, and as I said, such a big loss. But we put our trust in a law that these details would not have benefited us, theologically. Allah knows what he preserved for us. So the next door we have is 10 years down the line. When the Prophet system is 35 years old.

00:48:15--> 00:48:55

the rebuilding of the cabin, the story is known to all of you, but some details may be a you don't know, the camera was damaged by two things. In the year before it was rebuilt. The first a fire the second of floods pat on the fire and flood two opposite. And what happened was a woman was cooking close to the cab, they have to realize in our times the cab is separated from settlements by hundreds of meters, thousands of feet. In those days, the houses of the people were literally 510 feet away from the cabin, you didn't need large fell off gaps, because you didn't have 10s of thousands of people or millions of people coming and even some of you might even remember in the 70s

00:48:55--> 00:49:36

maybe, you know, some of you might even remember there were houses outside of Safa and Marwa Do you remember that I think you might remember outside of Safa and Marwa there were houses literally people would be living there, this isn't the early 70s and suffer and model was disconnected from the harem. That's how small the item was that you'd have to walk outside the round harem outside the cab area you would walk you would exit the harem and then re enter the sophomoric area, right because Mako was a small city. And so you can imagine the houses were very close so a lady was cooking outside of her house close to the cabin, and one of the embers sparked and it's set the

00:49:36--> 00:50:00

laugh or the the cloth of the cabin ablaze. The cabin was always closed from the days of Jamelia, they put put a cloth on it. And so the fire set the whole cabin ablaze by the time they put the fire out. The Kaaba was damaged but not destroyed. It was weakened but not destroyed. Later on in the year. A massive flood came to mica now much

00:50:00--> 00:50:42

is in the basin of a lot of mountains. And once every 10 years or so, there is a massive flood. I have witnessed this myself in one of the hedges that I have done unbelievable to see this literally I was witness and I did that hedge that year. I swear by Allah I was walking from Mina to to the cab because there were the buses were all gone. I swear by Allah, there were points that the water was up until here. And this is on the streets of Makkah, not even and I'm walking with my bags on top of me like this. I'm sometimes up to here, there are pictures of a flood that happened in 1947 or so 1948 where the people are swimming for throw off my shoulder, good, good exercise, right? There's

00:50:42--> 00:51:01

swimming for thought because the cabin was flooded. Now in our times, this cabin cannot be flooded unless a low wills a major disaster, but the cabin cannot be flooded because they have, you know, the, you know, waterways and gutters to take rid of it. But the streets of Makkah floods still to this day. And I witnessed this myself, the point being in that year, that flood happened.

00:51:02--> 00:51:39

And the flood destroyed the roof of the gabbeh with all of the water and it destroyed some of the walls of the Gambia. So it's partially destroyed and not fully. And so they decided that they need to rebuild the entire cabin, both damages had done the fire weakened it and then the flood pretty much destroyed the structure, even leaving some remnants here and there. Now, it's so happened that when the cabin was destroyed, there was a news of a sale going on in the city of Jeddah at the time they call the Judah they call the Judah Judah is the modern name, Judah.

00:51:40--> 00:52:02

And what happened was that the Caesar of Rome had sent supplies to one of the cities of Yemen to build a massive church over there, the Persians had destroyed the Persians are fire worshippers, the Romans are Christians. So as you know, there's a war going on. So as part of that war, the Persians had destroyed a church in Yemen.

00:52:03--> 00:52:14

And so the Caesar, from his own money decided to finance the rebuilding of that church. So he got the best wood and the best marble and the best

00:52:15--> 00:52:21

Craftsman to go and build that church in Yemen. But Allah had another plan.

00:52:22--> 00:53:10

And so the Scot, the books of Syrah mentioned that Allah sent a wind off the coast of Judah, to cause the ship to basically crash. And the ship was damaged, but it just made it to Judah, because Allah has a plan. It didn't drown it made it to Judah. And when it made it to Judah, all of the cargo that the Caesar has the most expensive marble and the grant grandest wood. Now, Arabia has no marble, right? There is no fancy wood, it's a desert, you don't get fancy wood in Arabia, right? They don't have these building structures, they don't have craftsmen to that caliber. And Allah had willed that this is going to happen. And so they set up the merchandise for sale. And it was a disk

00:53:10--> 00:53:51

because they have to get back to Rome. Now the ship is not going to get to Yemen. So they need to get money to get back to Rome. So forget this batch, we'll get another batch, right. So they sent all of this merchandise, the marble and the fancy wood and everything. And there was also a in the jar, a craftsman basically, carpenter, a craftsman with the ship. And so the Quraysh when they heard about this, they gathered together all their wealth. And they went to MCC to purchase or to get the sorry, to Judah, to purchase all of this and to hire the Craftsman as well to come. And this is now a craftsman that has been educated in the palaces of the Caesar. You're not gonna get a more

00:53:51--> 00:54:31

qualified person on the face of the earth. How he ended up in Makkah, look, Allah azza wa jal has a plan Subhana Allah Well, it's amazing when you think about it, right? How he ended up in muck with this fancy material, the the choices, wood, the marble that the people in Makkah had never seen, right? This is not what they're used to and accustomed to. So they come together, and they purchase all of these goods, and they bring them back to Mecca. And this is miracles of a lot that happened when they purchased all of these goods. Now, they're wondering now the cab is in semi destroyed state in front of them, and they're wondering, should we come and destroy it? This is the house of

00:54:31--> 00:55:00

Allah. They've never destroyed the house of Allah before. I mean, even the thought of it is sacrilegious, right? They don't know what to do. And according to one report of urbanists have mentioned this that when they were debating what to do a large snake came out of the well of Zamzam, and it was rumored that there was a snake living in the world of Zamzam. Now this large snake came out massive snake and anytime they approached it hissed at them. And so they wondered, what are you supposed to do? And Allah sent a big bird to people

00:55:00--> 00:55:37

of the snake and to get rid of it to throw it behind one of the mountains of maca. So they took this as a sign that they should approach the cab that the snake is not guarding the cover anymore, that we can now go and approach the cabin but they're still terrified. And so they're each one is nudging the other four. Why don't you go first? Why don't you go for it because they're worried what's going to happen until finally on what he did. And he is the nobleman that Allah mentions no pourandarjani woman up to wahida this is what he did to Mozilla and he was their poet and their noble men, and he became an enemy of the Prophet system. But he was a nobleman of the koresh at the time. And what

00:55:37--> 00:55:57

Molina finally said last time gonna do it, hand me the axe. So he took the axe and he marched towards the Kaaba, and he started breaking down one of the walls of the gamba. Nobody lifted a finger to help, then the rumors spread. Why don't we use it we'll eat as the litmus test. If he survives the night

00:55:59--> 00:56:00

will join him the next day.

00:56:01--> 00:56:03

And if something happens to him, then

00:56:04--> 00:56:39

it is good riddance and one person less to worry about, right? So they basically did not help him that day. And he did his own job as much as he could. Then the next morning, he woke up fine and healthy, everything's fine. So there's that okay. Hum did, in fact, lead when he was approached the Kaaba, even his heart mentions that now these are pagans, they're not Muslims. So even as mentioned, he lifted the axe and he said, a lot, don't get alarmed. Don't get angry. We're just trying to help the cab I mean, his his JD mentality, he doesn't understand, you know, Allah knows his thoughts, right? But he tried to say, don't get alarmed or lon Don't get angry. We're just trying to help

00:56:39--> 00:57:21

rebuild the cab, and so on when he put one wall down. And so the next day Alhamdulillah, the entire operation decided that we'll all have to tear the garbage down and then rebuild it. And what they did was they divided all of the tribes into four groups, all of the sub tribes of the cortex, the horatia have many sub tribes, right? So they gathered together and they divided all of these tribes into four groups. Each of the tribes gets one wall, right, not each of the tribes because there was more than four, but basically group tribes are grouped together based on their lineage the closest tribes together, you get this wall, another close group, you get this wall and the Banu Abdi manuf,

00:57:21--> 00:58:01

which is the great sub tribe of the Banu Hashim, right. This is confusing I don't want to confuse you guys too much. But the bundle Hashim is one of the tribes of the bundle abdomen of the bundle abdomen F is one of the tribes of the kurush so it goes like lineage like you just keep on making it bigger and bigger. The bundle abdomen is the the the the branch that contains the bundle Hashem so the bundle abdomen AF is given the most prestigious and that's the side of the wall. Why? Because they are the most prestigious they knew it. I thought it was from them. And I thought it was he who he was so they get the most prestigious, the second most prestigious, the bundle masoom Abuja is

00:58:01--> 00:58:08

from this tribe. Right, the bedroom of zoom they get the wall that is the Lucan Yamani to the Blackstone

00:58:09--> 00:58:48

right you guys following here right the last fourth of the cab so they get the second most prestigious wall and then there are other tribes would have to mention their names they get the other two walls now you all know what happened. The bedroom abdomen and the bedroom of zoom are raising the corner that has the black stone right the black stone doesn't belong to either wall it belongs to both right and so when they get to that area trouble Bruce why because the boom of zoom and the bandwidth demand of our rivals they remained rivals and they continue to be rivals even after Islam by the way you may isn't the best one to continue because you may go back to the this

00:58:48--> 00:59:06

this branch so so both of them said put their foot down this is the Blackstone is my side no it's my site right and then the other tribes also put in said Why should you get the privilege This is a special stone now the Arabs knew that the black stone was a special stone even in the days pre Islam and

00:59:07--> 00:59:18

the the the fighting between them whether the rhetoric or the anger reached such a level that construction on the GABA stopped for five days

00:59:19--> 01:00:00

they reached the level of the Blackstone and just stopped because they needed to resolve who is going to put the Blackstone in so can you imagine for five days heated arguments they almost came to blows the Bahamas zoom secretly put together a an agreement with some other sub tribes that they would fight to death to put the Blackstone in. And they dip their hands in blood because they couldn't sign so they got some Campbell blood they dip their hands in the blood. So this is how they would sign things like in the pedophile mapai What did they dip it in? That's a perfume so they would dip their hands so they secretly dip their hands in blood and they made a

01:00:00--> 01:00:38

A secret pack for the bundle masoom that no way we're gonna allow anybody to put the Blackstone except us even if we die to the last man, like with Jackie Leah, and you're gonna kill yourself and leave your wife, you know, widow leave your children and orphan because of the honor of later on Joey Arabs, what would they say that we allow the vanwall and these are your cousin's like the bundle abdomen and the mandible, Zoomer cousins back in the day, obviously that's the whole point, they all go back to the corner. This is what you call tribalism gang mentality, right? This is Jay Lee. So they're almost about to reach to blows. On the fifth day, they all came together. And of

01:00:38--> 01:01:18

omega Abdel mahira, who was the oldest person alive in Makkah at the time. But you may have known Molina was the oldest person alive, he said, there will be no bloodshed, we're not going to fight over this. Let us just give it over to the first person who enters from the door, there was one major door, the one major area, we can say they didn't have a physical door, one area that you would come in, when you will do tawaf, whoever enters the first he will be his decision. Now, what this basically meant for them was is the luck of the draw is lottery system. Whoever walked in, who would you vote for, for his own tribe?

01:01:19--> 01:01:55

Right, that was the mentality that they had, that whoever walked in, would obviously choose his own tribe. So we leave it to the luck of the draw, whoever walks in whatever tribe he belongs to, will basically win. That was the understanding, because nobody would ever choose somebody else's try this just humanly impossible for them to think like that. So the what they did was they then said, Whoever walks in and you all know the story that our Profit System walked in, and what is amazing as a business, how can others mentioned, all the tribes became happy, because otherwise it would not have been possible for all the tribes to be happy, only the tribe that that person belong to would

01:01:55--> 01:02:36

have been happy. But when they saw the Profit System, they all became happy, because every tribe thought the Profit System likes me so much, he's actually going to choose my tribe. And this is amazing that even the bedroom of zoom, and the bedroom of the dar and the the burner, the other bedrooms of the porch, they felt such a liking for this person. And they felt they he liked them so much that he's going to choose us. And so they all were overjoyed. And this is an amazing phenomenon that even the people who were not going to Harshman, but rob the dog, they felt that he's going to choose them as panela 50 years later, fast forward. You have you have Amityville house, say that

01:02:36--> 01:03:05

famous Hadith that the Prophet system was so gentle and nice to me that I knew he loved me the most out of everybody, even though I'm gonna blast is not in the top 10. Right. And so one day I asked the Prophet system, who do you love the most? So he said, instantaneously, Arusha. He was not embarrassed to admit he loved his wife at the most. And so he said, No, I meant amongst the men who do you love. So he said, her father, a boo Ha.

01:03:06--> 01:03:42

So he was he linked it back to Russia, then he was critical, okay after him. So he said, Omar kept on asking you to finally he got the point. And he stopped asking, but what is the show? amor, by the way, I'm going to embrace Islam in the eighth year of the Hydra, how could he be to the level of work on an earth man and alien Roma, it was not even possible point being he is a late convert, but he thinks the Prophet system loves me the most, what does that show about how he's dealing with people, right? That every person thinks I am the most special to him. Isn't that amazing? And even these of God the exact same thing that every tribe is thinking he'll they like, he likes to be the

01:03:42--> 01:04:20

most he's gonna choose my tribe. And so as you all know, the story the Prophet system instantaneously, he said, Bring me a sheet Bring me a an exotic upper garment, when it was brought the Prophet system himself, put it on, the Tsar put it on the garment, and he said, Let every sub tribe send its representatives and its chieftain, send your guy, and all of us will put it simultaneously. And so they all lifted it. So the bottom of zoom, they fulfilled their promise, because they were a part of those who lifted, so they didn't break their promise of fighting through that they fulfill it, and all the tribes fulfilled it. And as you know, the prophets or himself was

01:04:20--> 01:04:33

the one who put it into that particular location. Now, they change the structure of the caliber. And Allah had willed that that change would become permanent. Two things they change, well, three things actually.

01:04:34--> 01:04:35

Four actually

01:04:37--> 01:04:43

keeps on coming out. Number one they did number one, and the biggest and the most drastic change

01:04:45--> 01:04:59

either the marble or the wood, we don't know which, but they didn't have enough because they were using that expensive material for the foundation. And for the top they were using the regular walks around Mecca. So

01:05:00--> 01:05:44

They were using the expensive stuff to solidify the foundation so that when the next time the flood comes, it's going to be a solid structure. So they calculated immediately that they could not build the foundation, as large as the original cab. The original cab was not a square, it was a rectangle. The original cab at the time of Ibraheem alehissalaam was a rectangle. So the front and the back where the door is now and the backside of the cab, were almost double the length of the width. That's how the original cab was. And that's how it was when the processor was growing up till he was 35 years old. Now they got all of this material, and they did not have that expensive material to

01:05:44--> 01:05:52

build the entire rectangle. So they decided to build a square instead. And to mark the other two

01:05:53--> 01:06:34

angles, if you'd like with the other two corners with two posts, and to put a little barrier over there, which is as you know, to this day, now, perhaps the mentality was, this is what we can afford, maybe in 100 or 200 years, when it's rebuilt, they can have enough money to build with the original structure, right? It was not their desire to make it permanent, they realized that this is what we're doing. Maybe the next time is rebuilt, they can rebuild it from the proper the proper corners as it was, that's the first change that they did. The second change that they did. The Cabo was not as high as it became, of course, now it is even much higher than it used to be much higher

01:06:34--> 01:06:56

than it used to be. They that according to one report, the caliber at the time of the Prophet systems, early life was as high as when you sit on a camel. So yeah, it may be up until where the hour thing is over here, maybe around there. Okay, around maybe what 15 feet, something like that, right? It was doubled in height.

01:06:57--> 01:07:41

Now, of course, in our times, it probably goes 5100 feet or 170 feet, I think pretty high. It's very high when you look at it. But at the time of the Prophet system, it was pretty small. That was just a long square structure. So they doubled it in height, that was the second change that they did. And so that began the concept of making it very tall. And to this day, it is a very tall structure. The third thing that they did was they made the door of the caliber, this is the blue abdomen after the process of trial, they made the door of the caliber in the middle of the of the of the wall, not on the ground where people could go in because they wanted to be elite and have access to who can go in

01:07:41--> 01:08:19

and who cannot go in. So because they're building that section, they did something that was not done before. And that is they made the door high. And so they have the keys and they have the ladder and only those who the abdomen of the bottom abdomen If approved, they can go into the cab. And to this day, the door is high because of that. And then they did something which is very logical and rational and and very common sense. They built a waterspout because what happened before the roof caved in because of the water, too much rain influence so they built a water spout. And to this day we have that water spout that we see. The concept came from them. No, of course not the same waters,

01:08:19--> 01:08:31

but the concept came from them. The Prophet system when he conquered Mecca 20 years after this incident, when he conquered Makkah, the prophet SAW Selim said to our Isha

01:08:32--> 01:08:37

were it not for the fact that your people are still new to Islam.

01:08:38--> 01:08:51

I would have destroyed this structure of the Kaaba and rebuilt it on the original pillars of Ibrahim and made the door accessible to everybody.

01:08:52--> 01:09:37

But if I were to do this, basically, the people would feel the people would feel awkward because they're new to Islam. Right. So if I were to do this, I mean if I wanted to, I could, but I don't want to do it to cause problems to the new Muslims. Now, this hadith is a well known Hadith is reported as a hottie in the time of the early omega dynasty, what happened was, there was a lot of civil war going on. And one group led by Abdullah had been Zubaydah. The companion broke away from the Roman Empire and they founded their own mini caliphate. in Mecca. Abdullah Zubair founded his own mini Caliphate in Makkah. And this was at the time of the infamous head judge in the use of the

01:09:37--> 01:09:56

most tyrant ruler that the woman has ever seen. You think today's rulers are bad, listen to what these guys did, you know, amazing stuff. So that was during the time of hijab and use of so Abdullah took over the Kava and he was a pious. He was a pious sahab he was a companion. And so when this had these reached him

01:09:58--> 01:09:59

he destroyed the guy

01:10:00--> 01:10:05

And he rebuilt it like a rectangle. And he made the door back down to the earth.

01:10:06--> 01:10:10

So he followed the Hadith of the Prophet scissor. Then

01:10:12--> 01:10:13

had jaja been use of

01:10:14--> 01:10:16

overtook MK again,

01:10:17--> 01:10:59

by throwing catapults into the camera, and the catapults destroyed the camera itself. Amazing. You think the people in Syria and Lebanon and whatnot are bad, this guy attacked the camera. And he destroyed the camera because he wanted to get Abdullah musubi. And then he crucified Abdullah literally crucified on a plank in front of the cab of the lagoon is a bit. And this is a companion and the son of a companion. And the brother of a companion and the son of a female companion. both his parents were companions. This is a this is Hajaj abusive, he's literally a mental case. Nonetheless, the point being, he had to rebuild the cab, and he didn't want to rebuild it the way

01:10:59--> 01:11:42

that it needs to be rebuilt it. So he destroyed it again. And he built it the way that the gentleman had built the square with the whole team with the door high up. And then it is reported that in the time of Mr. Malik, the halifa at the time said to Mr. Malik, why don't we go back and build it the way that it was Obama did it because isn't that what the process that I wanted? Mr. Malik said no, I don't want the cabinet to become a toy that kings come along and they put their whims and desires on it. And this is what you call this, which was understanding No, because this already happened to it. It's leave it now. And so from the time of Hajaj of and use of it has remained upon the foundations

01:11:42--> 01:12:28

of the jiahe the Arabs and the whole team has been there and the the door has been above this. Now, a number of benefits that we derive and then inshallah we have some slides we have some slides to show each other here. Notice how everything is planned by Allah subhana wa Tada. The Arabs are in the desert, they have no fancy wood, they have no marble, they have nothing of this nature. And yet Allah subhanho wa Taala sends to them the most choices to material from the palace of the Caesar. This is the most powerful man on earth financing what he thinks is the building of a church while maka Roma Corolla and that material with that Craftsman came to the lands of Arabia to Makkah and

01:12:28--> 01:12:28

that struggle