What Are The Prior Conditions Required To Validate I’teqaaf

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It decaf is indeed one of the prerequisites fasting.

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As far as the prerequisite for doing anything I was concerned, but not in the person should be Muslim,

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it should be seen,

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should have reached puberty and he should not be in the state of Geneva ceremonial impurity, he should not be sexually defiled

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person should not be in the state of menstruation or post childbirth, bleeding and the person should be all while being ethical. And besides these, there are two pillars of ethical

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number one, that is the intention is Nia should be seeking nearness to Allah subhanaw taala and seeking his reward, number two is it should be done in a mosque as Allah says in Surah Baqarah chapter number two Muslim 187 that associate not with your voice, when you retreat in the mosque. So, but natural welding at the caf we should not associate with the wife whatever sexual issues discussed in the last answer. And number two, it should be done in a mosque

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and people differ

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some of the people say it can be any mosque, but the majority of the scholars say that it should not be any mosque you should be most in which congregation Salah are offered

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and it should also be in a mosque in which Juma Salah is offered because of congregation Salah is not offered and her person is doing it the calf and the mask is leader mean that he's not offering certain congregation which is not correct or he may be going out to another mosque that defeats the purpose of the calf.

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So but natural most of the scholars agree that it should be in a mosque which has regular congregation salah and preferably even Jamal Salah should be offered in the mosque.

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And there's a prerequisite as as mentioned melodyne will be the

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video on how in Sunnah without warm number two in the first thing I did number 2467 that it should not for multicast person to that a calf, that he should not visit a patient

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or attend a funeral or embracing life. Also silly advice

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and should not leave the mosque except if there is a basic necessity or basic need as far as whether fasting is compulsory or not.

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It's mentioned as Ashima Lupita. The same had it also number dodworth. Number two, in the book of fasting and ID number 2467. possession and luck with the disease. There is no ethic of without fasting that serve you. But if you were to say Buhari, or even buried in the book of oats and voles had it number 6697 which occurred earlier hultman my library did him. He said that in the days of ignorance yarmulke halia before he accepted Islam, he had vowed that he will do ethica for one night in mustard, the harem and the prophets that fulfill your wall and there is no fasting during night. So, by this permission of the Prophet, it is understood that fasting is not fat, but it does not

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stop. It is recommended. So now that if you fast, it's preferable. It's not a fault to fast while being ethical