Mufti Menk – Reward for Looking after Disabled Children

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of praying to connect with Allah in order to achieve connections with Islam. They emphasize the need to keep trying and finding a solution for a child who cannot speak. The speaker also talks about the importance of helping children in need and offers guidance on how to pray.
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So the first questions is actually my I have disabled son, he actually

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cannot talk cannot walk. Yes.

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He just can laugh, or cry or so

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what I'm going to ask you this,

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I have a top that

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is there

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any way to teach him to pray to connect to Allah in the right way. So maybe

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to teach him how to do do

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to do read Quran that we

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the brother is asking about a child of his who cannot speak and so on. And yet his concern is about connecting him with Allah. You heard that. I want to tell you something, my brother, Allah Almighty makes things easy for Allah Hamas dotato. Allah says, you have to do the best that you can and leave the rest in the eyes of Allah in the hands of Allah. I tell you what, these children they are not McAuliffe. In most instances, they perhaps are not even answerable for some things they may do or not do because they don't know depending on the level that he is upon. You just need to keep trying. And you need to keep trying with him. Even if it takes a long time and it does not come to fruition.

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It's still okay the reward you get. Keep trying keep making dua. I am not an expert, but the child is your door and your spouse's door to Jana. If you look after this child, your entry into Janna will be easier than most of us if not all of us. And the fact that you are asking about how he can get closer to Allah, that question alone, it made my hair stand because it is a concern that those who have Abell children do not have at times they don't care. The child is all teenage and so on and beyond they still don't know who is Allah. So my brother, congratulations. Number one, Allah gave you a gift to look after the gift is not easy. It's like looking after the most expensive diamond in

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the whole world.

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Everyone wants to come. Everyone wants to steal maybe everyone wants to harm you have to look after this diamond with your life. This is your gift habibi. I tell you something. I'm not a medical expert. And I don't know exactly how to train the child. But you will get the help from whoever is an expert in sha Allah. As for what I know, Allah will not hold you responsible for more than you can do. So you do as much as you can and inshallah we pray that Allah give him miraculous recovery I mean, Allahu Mushfiq Allah Who Mahaffey Allah Who Maya Shafi in the canta Shafi la Shiva in LA Shiva, Shiva en la yoga karma wala Suman wala Allah may Allah que yo baby

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