Prophetic Recovery #03 – 6 deeds I Shall guarantee you Jannah

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Welcome back to prophetic recovery a video series that is dedicated to compile various narrations from the life of the prophet saw Selim his teachings and commands if we follow them to the best of our ability in sha Allah Allah we will recover from porn addiction undesirable sexual activities or we will not fall prey to these vices in sha Allah dal today's hadith is found in Muslim Ahmed where the prophets Allah Allah is hella mentioned it Mamoli sittin guarantee me six deeds on Mon likoma Jana, I will then guarantee you Jana that's our ultimate hope in this dunya that at the end in sha Allah to Allah at the end of this difficult world that we

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are living in we will end up in sha Allah safely ingen say I mean so two of these actions are relevant to our program but inshallah Allah to bring these benefits to everyone we will mention we will list all the six inshallah number one on the list is us Dooku either had to be truthful, be honest and transparent when you speak number two well for either optim and fulfill your promises when you make them number three will do either to mentor them and return the trust when you're entrusted with anything return them back to their rightful owners. Now pay close attention to the following to insha Allah wa follow Farrugia calm and protect safeguard your private parts well who

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do a bizarre calm and lower your gaze last episode if you remember we mentioned the IOER Allah subhanaw taala said called lil Mininova who Dolman Bizzarri him Why follow football Jerome tell to the believing men to lower their gaze as a result their private parts will be protected because whatever you stare at, it is stored in our brain and as a result, we tend to act out our fantasy our imaginations that were stored as a result of looking what I had to Billa to porn and the like. So Allah subhanaw taala is commending us that as soon as we are disturbed by any sexual images, we should immediately lower our gaze so that we avoid storing them deep into our brains so that they do

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not turn into addiction while I had to Allah may Allah protect us all in this narration, the Prophet SAW Selim is repeating the Command of Allah subhanaw taala. But he's telling us the first command should be to protect our private parts so stay away from any situation where Zina could happen lose relationships hanging out with the opposite gender are unnecessarily and the like and well who do other soracom and lower your gaze. So these two things my brothers and sisters in Islam are mentioned in this narration that if we safeguard them if we were able to stay away from any situation that may lead us to Zina protecting our private parts, and if we could do our best to

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lower our gaze and I know it's hard, it's difficult but it is doable to the best of your ability, the prophets Allah Allah Allah Seldom will guarantee you Jana, on the Day of Judgment, you will come to the Prophet SAW Salem telling him I did my best. I stayed away from Xena I lowered my gaze to the best of my ability. I stayed away from TV series and movies and the like. And now I came to you all message of Allah. Where is your guarantee of Jen insha Allah Allah Allah, He will intercede on your behalf with Allah subhanaw taala to admit you to join and the last point in the Hadith as I mentioned for the benefit of everyone, or Khufu idea come and restrain your hands from harming

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anyone. May Allah subhanaw taala make us among the people of Jana, but brothers and sisters who are addicted to pornography out there addicted to any undesirable sexual activities. If you want Jana, do your best to stay away from any situation that may lead you to Zina the actual act of xinova Billa which Eman the hubby in his book, al Qaeda or major sins had listed it as the 10th most major sin in Islam so if you can stay away from that, and if you could do your best to lower your gaze in sha Allah Allah, Jana is guaranteed. May Allah subhanaw taala grant is genital for those, the highest level of Jannah say Amin, we'll see you in sha Allah Allah in another episode very soon.

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