Zakir Naik – Are Diamonds Exempted from Zakaat

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the value of demand in the diamond industry and how it can be used for personal and investment purposes. They mention that natural diamonds are not liable and that diamond purchases and use are both fine waste. The speaker also mentions that while some people may purchase diamond for personal use, it is not considered a permanent investment.
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Ah, diamonds exempted from zakka.

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As far as diamonds, and other precious stones are concerned, Ruby ball for fire didn't miss agreement amongst all the scholars that zachodni Don't be given on these precious stones, including diamonds.

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But if it's used for trade, for buying and selling then but natural, it should be paid once every year, whatever stock you have, if you're using it for selling, but if it's used as an ornament,

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you know the precious stones are caught, not liable. But if the mixture of jewelry, gold and diamond together, then if that amount of gold richer than a sub level, then it's a cost to put on the diamond on the other precious stones. It's not level but again, nowadays, many people they purchase diamond as investment. Number 11 the value of demand increases. So if it's bought with the NEA of investment, there are certain forecasts, who say that if investment in the near term is there, the intention is for that and to gain profit, then the cash should be paid on diamond if it's only for normal use for personal use and not for investment in the car is not liable and diamonds and other

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precious stones.

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