The Levels of Al Hidaayah Platform

Zakir Naik


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And underperform, I've got three level,

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the basic level which is the 240 P, this basic of 240 p three for everyone. If you want the higher version that is the 540 P, or the premium version, which is the high definition, or 2k or 4k, then there is a sufficient fee for that. But for the entry level for 240 P it free for everyone. So either platform is a good platform for you to have all the videos of mine or the lecture debate TV talks and it's very well classified. When in YouTube will typically one way YouTube channel you can see the video but it difficult to classify on this. It's classified, whether it's a debate, whether it's a lecture, whether the question and session, whether it's a topic on science, whether it's on

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Tauheed it's classified and searching is very easy. So hundreds of my lectures are there. You know, 1000s of my hours of video are there in this