Zakir Naik – What should be done if a Muslim Lady Married a Hindu Man?

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A dressdeigner on behalf of a friend is confused by a woman who married a Hindu man. The dressdeigner questions whether the woman should marry a non-M-thirsty man until she believes in Islam. The dressdeigner suggests that if she accepts Islam, the woman should put an monetum on her body to get the best of the world.
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Good evening, sir. My name is Ruby Parker and I'm a dress designer. This is a question on behalf of my friend. She's a Muslim, and she's married to a Hindu. Okay, but she follows Islam. And

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the husband follows the Hindu religion. And she and her family, they are not comfortable regarding she married to a Hindu. Now, can you put some light on this? Because she is very confused of what to do. She is madly in love with that man. If I understood the question, sister, you said that there is a Muslim girl who's married a Hindu boy, and she's madly in love. What she should do is is a question sister.

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Has she got married or not? Yes, she

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got married. God, my sister said that the Muslim girl who's married a Hindu boy, she's madly in love, quote, marriage what she should do. The thing is that Quran says in Surah Baqarah chapter number two was number 221. It says that do not marry a Muslim, do not marry an idolatrous until she believes a believing woman. Even if she's a Bond's woman. She's much better than an unbelieving woman, even if she allows you. The boss continues that do not marry a mushrik man, do not marry an idolatry man. Even if he allows you until he believes a believing man, even if he's a bonds man, even if he's a slave man, he's far better than a mushrik man, unbelieving man, even if he follows

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you. So in Islam, a Muslim girl cannot marry a non Muslim man. And as I told earlier, the reason is that if you have a vehicle, one tire of the vehicle is of a cycle of a bicycle, and the other tire it is of a truck. But NASA the weekend will not run. And furthermore, every human being would want that their spouse also go to Jenna. So if she claims to be a Muslim, her main purpose of life is to be the last man out Allah. And as I told you, that the Quran says in Surah Nisa, chapter four is 48, sir, and he says after 416 that Allah will forgive anything but the sin of associating partners with God, He will never forgive. So how can she have a life partner whose purpose of life is different?

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That means maybe you are selfish. You want to go to Jana, but you don't want your lifespan to go to Jana. So surely, if he really loves the husband, she should put an ultimatum that if you continue, you will not go to Jana, to put an ultimatum that if you want me, you will also get Jen now by accepting Islam. If you accept Islam, I'm with you. Otherwise, I'm not with you so that she gets the best of this world and he also gets the best about the world.

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