Proof of Prophethood #30 – The Inimitable Quran A Mighty Book

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The Quran describes itself as ki tebboune Aziz a mighty book that falsehood cannot approach from any angle, the preservation and incorruptibility of the Quran or boldly promised there in. When Allah said in another verse, we have certainly sent down this reminder and we will certainly be as guardians. And it is certainly fascinating how a book of the neurons length, primarily committed to memory, and documented when documented on bones on palm leaves on scraps of leather over the span of 23 years, could even survive.

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People would learn some Quran from the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam and from his companions, then traveled back to their homelands and teach it to their families, or to their children, or to their students or to their friends, and then they would relay it yet another time to others. These separate oral transmissions continued independently for centuries and all across the earth. Despite that all 1.8 billion Muslims today still recite the Quran in the same exact way. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught it to his companions. As for the established variants, readings of some verses, these only add to the beauty of the Quran multi layered meanings

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and pose no contradiction to them to accept that such consistency is a mere coincidence, or that a global collusion on a spoken version of the Quran had taken place, or to even accept that a conspiracy of this magnitude is even logistically possible is irrational. Another manifestation of the might of this book is The might have its impact on those who hear it, and what imprinted leaves on them for a lifetime or for generations to come. The Quran continues to have a unique and extraordinary impact on people wherever it goes. A person is amazed once they study how impactful and potent the Quran has been at reforming people's souls, and uprooting some of the most deeply

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entrenched false convictions in people's lives. Just during the Prophet Muhammad lifetime. There are multiple accounts of vengeful murderers Arabs, who sneak up to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam for no other reason than awaiting a moment to catch him off guard and assassinate him. And yet they would find themselves this armed by hearing his recitation of the Quran and find themselves transformed from his staunchest enemies to his greatest allies, and from stubborn rejecters of the faith to some of the sincerest devotees among the faithful. It is difficult to identify any three people who did more harm to the Prophet Muhammad or showed him greater enmity than elbogen and

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Omiya, even the caliph and Alwaleed in the mosaic era. They spent their lives and died fighting the Muslims for being Muslim. And yet their sons are Karima the son of Abu Jen Safwan, the son of Omiya. And Khalid the son of a lead all embraced the Quran and accepted it and lived by it for the rest of their lives. And these are but some early examples of how the potency of the Quran transformed the hearts of its listeners. But until today, many of those who hear the Quran many of which don't even understand yet the meanings of the message of the Quran, find themselves mesmerized by its charm, and pulled by its magnetic allure. Useful demonstration of this is to scan the bestsellers list of

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English books in our day and age. You'll find that the Holy Bible is the most read English book of all time, selling over 4 billion copies just in the last 50 years. Second place the quotations of mouth tsaytung, the Chinese thinker, and third place the Harry Potter series combined only sold 25% of the number of copies that the Bible did. While this disparity between the Bible and other works seems staggering. It is eclipsed by the amount of Muslims who do not purchase or read the Quran, but memorize it in its entirety by heart. They not only recall all of its 600 and plus verses, all of its 114 chapters, all of its 6236 verses down to the letter and the vowel sound, what they do so in

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the original

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Arabic form while observing the Ted gwede rules which govern Quranic recitation, and while the vast majority of them are not Arabs to begin with, after all, less than 1/5 of the Muslim world population are Arabs, what can explain this other than the unique power and might have this book from the Almighty? As Allah himself said in the Quran, we have indeed made this book miraculously, so easy to be remembered. So is there anyone willing to take heed and remember? So with regards to this aspect now of the morons in imitability, that have its riveting allure? Does any other book in all of human history even begin to compare? And we have not even considered here the 1000s of

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volumes of intellectual sciences, and laws and ethics that were either extracted from or sparked by this concise Quran. No single work man made or divine has ever gotten people and societies to thrive in such a holistic way on every level, be it spiritual, be it moral, be it social, be it civilizational it breathes new life into the world, and illuminates it for centuries at a time it has done so and continues to do so and will continue to until the end of time. As Allah the mighty and majestic says and in this way, all Mohamed we have revealed to you a spirit from our command, it breathed his life a soul for the world. You did not know what the book was, or Mohammed or even what

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faith was, until we chose to make this a light, a light by which we guide whomever we will have our servants May Allah make us into have them fill us with conviction in his oneness and the finality of the prophethood of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam