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Is Sacrificing One Sheep or Goat during Eidul Adha Sufficient for the Complete Family

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Zakir Naik

Channel: Zakir Naik

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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This is a question from Sayed Hassan on the YouTube

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Assalamualaikum Dr. Zakir Naik? How are you? I'm Sayed Hassan from Hyderabad, India civil engineer by profession. My question is, if one cheap RAM is enough for one household for sacrifice,

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the question is that if one gram or one sheep or one good sufficient for sacrifice for one family is permitted, if we have the capacity and you want to sacrifice very well, even sacrificing one goat or one sheep or one gram and the Prophet did that for the full family sufficient if you have the capacity and if you're well then you flown to give one goat of one sheep per person even that is permissible or you can take a cow and that can take care of seven people in the household. But the basic question is yes, one goat or one sheep on the other the 10th of zoologia or the T day following that am officially any of the four days preferable but natural in the fall do need. You

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can sacrifice one go to sufficient for the complete family.