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Jumu’ah Khutbah – 16.10.20


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The Bible is essential in shaping people to face life and shaping one's appearance to fit in a certain culture. It emphasizes the importance of having a single soul and not living in an apocalyptic world. The success of Islam's message in various media outlets is discussed, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The message emphasizes sharing information and experiences to build one's success, and the topic of sadhaka is discussed, including its connection to money and law. A brief advertisement for a video about a woman named Mo Tara Hatton is also mentioned.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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hammered sold sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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is the slave of Allah and His messenger.

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O you who believe

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have Taqwa of Allah as he deserves that you have talked what have him

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and don't die except as Muslims

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or mankind have Taqwa of your Lord who created you from a single soul. And from that single soul, created his wife.

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And from those two came many men and women and have Taqwa of Allah, the One whose name you asked by and fear Allah with regard to your relatives.

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Allah is always watching over you.

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Or you who believe have Taqwa of Allah and speak a word that is true.

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He will correct your deeds and forgive your sins. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger

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has achieved the best success

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to continue

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the best speeches The Book of Allah and the best guidance is the guidance of Muhammad Sallallahu IE you will send them the worst of things in this religion of the newly invented practices. And all of these practices are innovations and all innovation is misguidance enormous guidance is in the fire

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in Muslim dilemma, Akhmed

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and others

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there is a heavy

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which is narrated from the illustrious companion.

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When we're on your

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brother, your loved one

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he said

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Mira Torre Rasul Allah He sallallahu Isley, he was sending them a pool

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coolum reveal Willie sada kotti he had eufaula been a nurse. Oh, Carla, had your camera been a nurse.

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He said every single person

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will be in the shade of their charity, their sadhaka until the judgement is finished between the people

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or until the people are separated 30 of confusion no or 30 people in Paradise and the people in the fire

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the whole time that people are being judged yamaki

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and people will be judged on everything that they did.

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All the time that creation is being judged

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and been out

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What they did and being separated into the people agenda and the people of the fire during that time a person will be standing in the shade of their sadhaka

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the shade of their charity

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will lie this alone is enough to make a person

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Well, I really think what have they put forward for that date? Yeah, you Hello Dina and an otaku? La how old towns or nefs America Damocles

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or you who believe have Taqwa of Allah do as much as you can to obey Allah and as much as you can to keep away from disobey Allah. And let every one of you look at what have you put for tomorrow?

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maka, definitely Raja,

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what has this person put forward for tomorrow?

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When you stand in front of Allah azzawajal and the entire of creation, everyone is being judged.

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You are going to stand in the shade of your sadhaka

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so voila, he isn't obligatory for everyone to ask themselves, what sadaqa have I put for myself so that I can stand in the shade of it?

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What does it mean to stand in the shade? Why do I need shade?

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The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam?

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He said

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to Dinesh Shem suyo malkia Matthew minella halki Hatter Konami newhome kameoka Gary Neil.

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He said

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that on the Day of Resurrection, the sun will become close to people it will not be far away like it's far away. Now. It will become to the distance of chemic dairy meal and the Sahabi. They didn't explain what that distance is. Is it the male that we know is it smaller or more than that? But the Hadith explains what this will do to the people for your coonan for your corner nurse who either cadre I marry him

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fill out, the people will be sweating. According to the deeds they did. Fermin whom mania kulu illa cabaye. There will be some people who sweat is going to reach their ankles. They're going to be in a puddle of their own sweat, which comes up to the ankles. were men whom many are cooler in Iraq. That's a and there are some people who are going to be in a puddle of sweat up to their knees were men whom many are cooler, Illa halfway. There will be some people it's going to come up to their hips or their waist.

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Woman Home Menu GMO Hola, araku, il Jana, and there are some people who will their mouth is going to be covered by it. They're going to be muzzled in their own sweat.

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On that Day, will you not pray for shade?

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Would you not wish to have some shade on that day, we'll lay the sun outside. Sometimes we go to a different country, it's 40 degrees, it's 45 degrees, and we can't stand in the sun for 10 minutes. How will you stand in the sun for 50,000 years. And the sun is so close that people are drowning in their own sweat.

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And then you know that a person is going to stand in the shade of their soda.

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So shouldn't everybody look at what have you put for tomorrow? What sagarpa have you put forward for tomorrow? What shade have you built for yourself? If I told you tomorrow, that you're going to have to stand in the heat in the sun all day?

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Wouldn't you at least prepare something for yourself? At least bring a shade at least put something over your head.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told you that you will stand come see in alpha center 50,000 years until the people are judged. And a person is in the shade of this other car. That's what you have. That's the shade you have three Lily sada coffee in the shade of the sadaqa that you gave.

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So why don't you make for yourself a shade by the permission of Allah as origin, prepare for yourself a sheep and my brothers the topic of sadaqa is such a big topic. There are so many ways for you to get

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It doesn't have to be a huge amount of money.

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a single coin will be worth more than 1000 coins.

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Because the person who has millions and he gives one

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is not as good as the person who has only 10 and gives What?

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It's not about the amount. Allah is alchemy, you will Hamid Allah doesn't need your money.

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Allah azza wa jal doesn't need your money.

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This is for you. This is for your shade. It's not about the amount it's not about millions and 1000s and hundreds of 1000s it's about you putting something aside for the sake of Allah so that you can get shade European.

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It might be a small amount. The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said last year on nominal macro fishy. Don't look down on any good D don't think it's too small. Nothing is too small.

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Our mother I shall do love her and her.

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She used to give a grape instead of

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one grape, not a bunch of grapes one grape.

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And she used to say can see honey mithali Dora, how many seeds how many dots are there inside? How many atoms are inside of this?

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From a armelle Miss Carla Ratan Hira Yara. Even if you do an atom's weight of good, you're going to see it. Some of them they used to give half of a date.

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It takuna Ravana will be shipped a Tamra protect yourself from the fire. Even if you only have half a date, ship the camera half of a date. Not even I'm not talking about a box of dates. I'm talking about one date and you cut it in half, and you eat half and you give half to someone.

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That could be the reason to keep you from the fire half a date, which one of us cannot find half a date, which one of us cannot find one grape. It doesn't have to be huge. And the different options are many. It's not like you have to give it all in one thing. You can feed the poor, you can look after the needy people, you can give it to your family, you can give it to something which is continuous charity sadaqa jariya the charity keeps on going and going and going.

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For example, like the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave the example of

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water or thermos however,

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whoever leaves behind the most have a copy of the Quran. And then his children read it to his the people in the MSG read it and then they keep it keeps going for a while until the pages become until the pages become old.

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So that person, it keeps going for them. And sometimes they give it to different types of saga because it doesn't not everything has to be the saga which is jariya. Sometimes it doesn't have to be continuous charity. Sometimes you feed the poor person, sometimes the needy person, sometimes you look after the people abroad, the people at home, your neighbors, your topic is big. There are so many different ways. There are so many different chances. There are so many different opportunities. But a person might say well, I have nothing to have any money at all, all of my money goes every month.

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Let's just presume they're not wasting it because let's be honest, most of us waste what we have to be honest.

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Either we wasted on the mobile hat or we wasted on the Mahabharat we either wasted in that which is haram or we wasted in that which is halal, but it doesn't earn you any benefit in the sight of Allah. People wasted on food and that is just used and thrown away and so on.

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But let's just presume somebody has nothing at all. Not even one penny nothing.

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Still they can do saga, the poor people they came to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and they said that the the rich people have taken all of the rewards

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because they do what we do. We pray they pray.

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We fast they fast, but they have extra money we don't have so they give their extra money in charity.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught them many types of sadaqa many types of charity

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Not just money.

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The food you put in your family's mouth is South Africa. The smile that you give to your brother is a sadhaka wallow and teleca Huckabee watch him talk. Even if you meet your brother with a smiling face. It's a saga. Every time you say la ilaha illa. Allah is a sadhaka. When you say Subhana Allah, it's a sadhaka. When you say Allahu Akbar, it's a sadhaka. When you say la ilaha illa. It's a sadhaka. There are many, many ways that you can

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put something forward for yourself for tomorrow. So they went away, and they started to do these things because they didn't have any money at all. So they went away and they started to smile and they started to be kind to people and they started to say these remembrances. But then what happened? When the rich people saw them doing this, they started to copy them. So they came back to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they said to him, see, now they're doing the same as us and they still giving the money. And he said that he can follow law, he may Yeshua that's the grace of Allah and he gives it to whoever he wants. Why do we have so many opportunities to do

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good for other people? Help out your brother. Help out your neighbor. Look out for someone give someone your time. If you can't give them money, give them time. Give them five minutes of your day. Is that not a sadhaka? Don't we always tell everybody that time is money Time is money. I have to hurry up. Give someone five minutes of your time. If you don't have any money to give them

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smile at someone if you don't have any time to give them. Be kind to someone look out for someone. There are so many ways that you can build yourself a shade

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for your makia of total madness marathon was sell federal law v Monday welcome when he sat at muslimeen I mean Coulee Dam infested Pharaoh who will come in who who will Corfu

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Alhamdulillah hilltop Villa alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Ruth you're attending amin Nabina Muhammad wa ala Lee he also heavy edge marine and bird bad.

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We praise Allah.

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Alone with no partner.

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We ask Allah azza wa jal to exalt the mentioned grand peace to our messenger Mohammed Salah lahardee who was sending them

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who was sent to a mercy to creation to his family and his companions

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the shaytaan

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when a person wants to give sadaqa The shaytani has a plan

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and the plan that the shape plan has is that he starts to make you scared that your money is going to go away

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you're a ducommun

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you're a do como fabcon he tells you don't give this sadaqa because if you give it you will be poor you will not have enough money for yourself don't give it don't give next time next time don't give it now you're going to be a country poor don't give it

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but what is the truth?

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yen hepple Lahore Rebbe while you will be SATA ports, Allah has made Riba everything about Riba is disaster.

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interest, everything goes wrong, your money goes down, your life goes down, your happiness goes down, but Allah put Riba in sadaqa meaning Allah will give you many times over

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because of the saga that you give the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said ma na casa nada abdomen sada kumbhakarna sola love it we send them as servants wealth never goes down because of South Africa.

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You give it an Allah gives you not just equal no it's not like that. Don't think you give an Allah gives you the same level you give and Allah gives you many times over more

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in good deeds in money in the dunya in the euro.

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Think about the example that a lot is a gel given the methodology in a corner and while unfeasible.

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am better at savasana fee Cooley some bullet frequently some bullet t me to have that will love who you are, I fully mean

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a lot. So just set the example of the people who spend their money for the sake of Allah is like the example of a seed.

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That seed from it comes

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out of that seed comes seven of corn come seven ears and seven sticks. Each one of them has 100 grains on it 100 seats on it, someone gave us see they got 700 back.

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They gave one they got 700 back,

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we'll law who will die fully manga and Allah gives even more than that for whoever he wants.

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The minimum they get back is 700 times what they give

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700 times what they give comes back to them, they give one pound they get 700 back. And that is the minimum of one law who you got a 40 May your shot and Allah will give more than that for whoever he wants.

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Either something will come to you either in the dunya either in the RTR either soon either later. But Allah azza wa jal doesn't break his promise in the law. Hello, hello fooled me out.

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So this hookah is really just an encouragement for us to start to think about our solder cart

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to realize how important it is to realize how easy it is. It doesn't have to be everything you own, it doesn't have to be half of what you own.

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To realize the good that will come to you in the dunya and the era when you do it.

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To realize that you should share out your sadaqa among different things. Some people they put everything into one thing, you can share it out, sometimes you feed people, sometimes you close people, sometimes you buy something that will last. Sometimes you help give it abroad, sometimes you give it at home, sometimes you give it to family members, sometimes you give it to people you don't know, you mix it

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to realize that sadhaka is not just money, your time, your kindness, your attention, your care for people, all of this is also is also set up.

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And ultimately to realize, if you don't think about this, you might find yourself yomo piano without anything to shade without anything to cover you. So a person needs to think about this. And the last point that I'm going to mention is that there is no doubt that sadhaka is divided in Islam into two things that we've learned this in our classes we've been doing in the masjid,

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there is

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solder, cotton jiba and solder cotton Mr. Hepburn, there is an obligatory sadhaka and there is a voluntary solder. And the column in the hookah here was General about all the southern part, but which one is most important, most important is the obligatory one which we call the zeca. This is the most important of it,

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from the solder cart that you give with your money is the one that is obligatory and that is your that is your car. And it shouldn't be the case that someone's not paying their car but they're paying their some voluntary, some voluntary SATA court. So you should give thought to this. give thought to this. And all of us we see many opportunities one life you open your eyes and look around you. You're going to see so many different ways to give sadaqa with money without money. Short term long term close and far you're going to see so many different ways with the help of a large soldier

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from salatu wa Sallim Morocco Allah Allah Mohammed bin Abdullah kemah Amano can be the leaker of buco for color colon Karima in Allah How am Allah He Carter who you saw lunarlon maybe you handed in manual son Lu la he was sent Nimmo Taslima Allahumma salli ala Mohammed in Walla, new Mohammed Carmel saw later Allah Ibrahim Allah, the Ebola

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in Africa hammy do Majeed Wada Allah Mohammed in wila Lee Mohammed Kamara Baraka Allah Ebola he Masha Allah, Ebola him in naka hamidou Majeed, Rob banner, Tina Fey dounia hacer una

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Phil irati hacer una joaquina either, but not Allah humma Tino for Cena taqwa. Was that ke ha ha you menza kaha and Wiley you have one Mola Allahumma in Nana's aloe Kayla Buddha what to call well alpha. Well Rena Aloma in this article. What to call well alpha will Rena Allahumma Isla Helena Dean and a lady who is metal and Marina was Lana feel rotten and Letty la Marina was Liliana damiana latifi Hama Arash wanna watch idol higher? tiziana the 10 Nana equally high? Well, Mo Tara Hatton, Lana minco Alicia almanzora one animal Sagar phenotypically, McCann, aloha McCullough, hanasi Rama Marina, one more. You don't wanna go here. Ah, Brr hermetica or hammer Raj. I mean, Eva de la in La

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Jolla, moto bill rd well, San Juan eata evil kotoba vaiana I'm sure you will carry well belly, your eyes Oh, come on to the code, physical law higher core comm wash guru who Allah in the army he has it come while as a court of law he acabado wha La Jolla mama tell snare on what RPM was sada