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I would really appreciate mashallah Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Thank you Ron. This is something man

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Allahumma Salinas Aden.

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Oh look at that, masha Allah

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this is a this is what we're talking about savara Kola Nevada California

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my shallow enough water level and can you go outside actually can we go outside to is it any way outside

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there's no way

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the fish look amazing

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so the stuff is the food right

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on the bottom

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because of the breathing so Dr. Salah now I'm having a good morning, have you? Good morning.

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We didn't and this is my question actually. This is one of my favorite dots that we decided usually during our thoughts a lot. That is Bismillah in law reliable mass we show you a lot of the other salat wa semi already. We'd love to hear some reflections on design chelmer Allah

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Subhan Allah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says,

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Any worshiper who says this dua, nothing will harm the person. So if you want to be protected from harm, you say Bismillah in the Name of Allah, Allah the lie of the group must mean a shameful

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whose name then it by taking his name, nothing will harm on the earth or in the skies. And he is all hearing all knowing. So this exactly as you said, if Bismillah Allah the lie of the room asked me hey, che on Philip, what if somebody were who was some evil I mean, that is one of the most powerful too as I repeat it every morning and every evening and sometimes even during the day. Perhaps the third Muhammad can give us a few of its virtues through American law frequently said very well why a Semia OLALIA are included in the law to highlight projector sticks. Well first of all, I would like to add that this supplication every Muslim should recite it three times in the morning and three

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times in the evening and when you say morning and after you pray fudge, and make sure it is before sunrise. So if you're gonna get the benefits of these obligations, you gotta pray federal time, not at sunrise and then just in 15 minutes you have all the beautiful supplications and the evening the word evening with regards to the Sharia is actually not pass some set it's actually before that an hour before sunset. Yes, this time is that as time will actually you will ever catch up to recite the supplication and along with other certifications prior to sunrise and prior to sunset exactly three times in the morning three times prior to sunset Bismillahi in the name of Allah Allah de la

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jolla Bahamas he would whose name Nothing can harm whether in the heavens nor on Earth. So the applies to addition of course it applies to addition applies to em to aliens wherever it applies to all of that who who was me on earlier

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remember when we work as vehicles was extremely worried in the cave and Cydia Rasul Allah if any of the napkins were searching for them, happened to find out or they look down they will see us so the Prophet SAW Selim said yeah Baba could you think of to whom Allah is the third? Then he said in Allah manner that there hasn't been Allah mana and that is recorded in anumber 40 Chapter number nine. So in my year here requires now physically because there is no way that Allah would fit in the key, but in many means is fully aware of them. So hearing and seeing and also Semir similar answer construct similar I was a reference to moosari ceramic, taking the children in admire A, B, C, or D

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and my Lord is with me he shall guide me to a way out and he did indeed. So who is Samuel Nadine is an assurance for the supplicant for you for me for the believers who say, How could anyone harm me? Well, Allah is with me how he hears

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and he's fully aware he is well acquainted with Samuel. One thing I want to add. This may or may not AR Rahim

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many people might say, wait a minute, you've been teaching us that our destiny has been pre ordained. Now before we

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You were born 50,000 years before the creation of the heavens and earth. So now you're saying that if you decide this Doha, Allah protect you and your family members protect you health wise from accidents, and you love your vehicle, everything around you other than death? Of course so many people ask, what's the point if predestiny was already predestined prophets Allah sent an answer this question, he said in one Hadith learner would do Cadabra in that dua, nothing can work of al Qaeda, which is the three or demon, the divine destiny mixture. So supplicating and asking Allah to all of which means that when Allah Almighty has decided and written in the knowledge of the Unseen,

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that this person would have a flat tire and the car would flip, except if he makes to Allah, it will change it.

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So you have the choice, and a model might give you the choice. And I said, this is alternative. So let me see if my hands suffice. But obviously, in the knowledge of Allah, He knew that you will, you would actually make the DUA and it would actually change for you. So the knowledge of Allah and the the destiny of humankind, yes, there is no negotiation between the two Brother, it is streamlined in the sense that as much as it was in your belief that this was going to happen, but because of your DUA, Allah changed it for you and he knew that this is going to happen. And also

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that this is simply because of guidance and Sophia from Allah, this woman Adelphi at 11. So new inside the morning supplication, you should be appreciative and feel that Allah has helped you and get you to success to do this. And then when you actually three study in JAMA, every time I'm second in the machine, and I see the number of those who attend the casual player is fee compared to those who attend the Juma. So I remind myself and sometimes this will present

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you only here because he loves you, and he invited you he does not invite but those who cannot. So I was speaking in my lecture yesterday and I said that 100 is by invite only, which means you will come for 200 It's Allah Who invited you and it is accepted in the sense that he made you come he put it in your heart, let me do this. Many people are awake at that time doing all sorts of things, some people are singing and some people are just wasting time. But it takes a believer who is concerned and close to Allah in the sense that he feels he wants to get even closer to come and realize the value of that particular time may Allah make us strong. And you know, sometimes we speak about the

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100 all the time, I will be honest with you, I myself also would love to improve on my Salawat the way it's done and the extras and the tahajjud and so on. It doesn't mean that because we're talking about it, we are scenes, you know, but we're encouraging ourselves to begin with and then everyone's going to remind our viewers that there is a difference between color and color. So the color of Allah subhanaw taala is the planning the pre

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distant written plan of Allah subhanaw taala for all change yeah so the DUA can change the color of Allah who cannot change the color because

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that's what we say whenever a capsule calamity orcas have in particular to say that Allah, Masha, masha Allah so it's already done you can do anything about it except the impatient content and happy with Allah's decree. As a matter of fact, you're talking about being inspired by Allah right the guided and whatever we do have good this is simply because Allah has guided us to do we will come down initially we're going to pack up because we live in right now. And check out and leave Where are we going to Malaysia Kuala Lumpur insha Allah azza wa jal for another beautiful event. And on the way we saw the fish will say let's go and see the fish. It's not known how would we have to see

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it or as you see that the door was closed actually there are too many fish and so big mashallah Kabbalah and this is also from the magnificent creation of subhanho wa taala. We enjoy we enjoy looking at them in assists metabolic Allahu accelo jalapeno, some people enjoy even eating them, you know,

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like myself, so So basically come

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come in here and switching from looking at watching to sharing with the viewers as application I would consider we're living in the shadows of Toccoa.

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So whenever once Eman is increasing, this is a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala. I think what we decided to do, my beloved brothers and sisters is unplugged. What's happening and create a small series of a few episodes during our journey here. In Far East Asia, there's a common law Hey, wait a minute.

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There's no here Commodus today.

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Today is Friday, Friday And subhanAllah since sunset yesterday until sunset today, it's time to do two things as much as you can. Number one is I Soraka. So that a light will shine from beneath your feet to the heavens. And this is as far as you know, horizontally and vertically until the following Jamaat inshallah so light surrounding you until the following Juma from beneath your feet, till the head, the second thing that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has said, on Friday, which is the greatest day Allah has ever created, because He has created Adam on the day, had Adam actually interjected, then he was expelled out of heaven on Friday and in sha Allah when the people of gender male

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lawmakers among them, Insight was introduced on Friday and the whole day judgment will take place on Friday. So he said the axial fee him enough for that usually not when you sent the sun salutations are funny said x zero, what does it mean? Increase is

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much more in abundance, how often or much as much as you can and each time you use Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah blesses you in return, tenfold return is the minimum. So you can imagine how big it's going to be. Allah so Friday, don't forget, if you ever decide to circle caffeine, you need to recite it. There is also Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad, who really was leading

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I'm Chris era and hopefully in sha Allah once your Salah Allahu wa Salam o Baraka Allah. Allah Malik