Why was the Quran divided into 30 juz (parts)

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You know that the Quran is divided into 3030 parts, and every user is divided into two hazard they call it to hazard.

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And this of course did not happen in the lifetime of muscle loss, nor in the lifetime of the companions. This came way after in the time of an Hajaj avenues of alleged Eben Yosef was an oppressive ruler upon the Muslims and he ruled over Iraq, Iraq during the life of optimally given Norway, but this person was very oppressive anyway he had love and appreciation for the Quran and it is his time that the Quran was divided into 30 users and every user was divided into two hazard right okay. So, overall we have 30 parts 30 visit and we have 60 hazard you know why they did this? You know, why do you know why this 30 shows?

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And this Senate firstly just let me answer this is this action that alleges avenues of did that happen that is time? Is it a bidder do we call it an innovation since also allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not do it? No, we do not label it as a Buddha. Why? Because the entire Ummah accepted it and if the entire Ummah accepts something, then that thing must be correct. It is inspiration from Allah azza wa jal to a person to do such a thing, especially when it comes to the air. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, Lay at tea Hill belt bloomin baby, are they you LM in healthy? Allah azza wa jal says, No falsehood can come me this Quran whatsoever. So since the Quran has been

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divided into 30 parts and it's marked in the Quran, and Allah azza wa jal allowed that to happen, then this is from the good things that had happened to the Quran and we do not label it as a bidder. Allah azza wa jal, he says international asila vicar are ineligible to have your vote that we review and we will protect it. And so since dividing the Quran into 30 parts, is still in the Quran today and the entire Ummah has agreed and accepted it. Then this is part of Allah azza wa jal is preservation for the Quran. And once again, we do not label it as a innovation. Okay. Why was the Quran made into 30 parts? Listen, the Quran was divided into 30 pages.

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Because the believer is supposed to read the Quran at least once a month, one user for every day, that's 30 days that makes a month and then the Quran was divided every visit was divided into two parts. So you can read one part one hazard in the day and another hazard at night. A hazard makes up 10 pages 10 pages in the muddiness of an idea obviously now makes 20 pages so you read 10 in the morning 10 At night, you do that for 30 days, and you have read 60 hazard which equals to 30 just this is the minimum relationship I believe as to have with

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this is the minimum at least once a month otherwise or Sahaba used to read the Quran once every seven days. They used to start Friday and they used to finish it the next Friday. And that's how they re citation of the Quran walls. Look where we are my brothers and sisters in Islam were really far from that I not telling you to get today. I'm telling you stop, start stop now. Otherwise, the Quran would be a cause of great great regret for you on the Day of Judgment Illa my brothers and sisters in Islam, get up and do something productive in your life. Start with the Quran if you're confused on what to start with, and be vanilla Hidayatullah the Quran will open up the many doors

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that have been closed in your life. If me Diana, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala that he enable us and gives us the strength and the ability that we are able to read this. Memorize this. Implement the commands in this