Zakir Naik – The Concept of Ahl Al Kitaab in the Quran

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © Speaker Prashant Kamali discusses the book's use of Sharia and its influence on the category of Ali Al Qaeda. He criticizes the book's use of the word "ar lie" and suggests that it is a waste of time for everyone. He also discusses the importance of reading the Quran and avoiding mistakes.
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Doctors are here tonight. Allow me to read to you about your comments about the power of the book only limited to the Jews at Christian. This is a commentary by Prashant Kamali. I think he's quite an authority in Sharia

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is based on the words of the Koran, those who restrict the category of Ali Al Kitab. To choose. What is the name you took with the name of the famous person? You said there was yes. Now what was the name of the community who wrote it? Prof. Hashim, Kamali, Hashim, Kamali? I haven't heard of him? First time I'm hearing Yeah, please google him. He's very famous. He's a chairman of

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Institute of advisors semester in Malaysia. May be famous in Malaysia.

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He may be he may be good scholar. I'm not thinking back

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to his book you can read just for the back.

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He may be a good person, he may be a good scholar. I'm not disagreeing with that. But I personally haven't heard of him. You're gonna need the commentary. Okay. Okay. This is based on the Koran he says that those who mistreat the category of Ali Al Kitab, to the Jews and Christians, caught in authority, the Koran, chapter six verse 156, which declares that books were revealed to two groups before by the context where this praise occurs actually questions rather than endorses the spirit of such limitation. Let us briefly examine the context. The verse, chapter six, verse 156, immediately for those two other verses, one of which affirms the veracity of the Torah that contains guidance

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and light, the seceding verse refers to the Quran itself has the blessed bow, guitar bone mobile icon and an authoritative source. And then comes the verse 6156, less, you should say bracket thing. That box was sent down to two groups of people bracket only before us and for our part we remain acquainted with reveal both the tone

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brothers, brother all this doesn't make a difference. I'll give the plug in to you. All this doesn't make a difference to me even I'm a student of the Quran. Let me tell you one thing, I want to repeat the answer which you have not heard correctly, I told you by meaning la kita means people have the book. It can also mean people have the revelation that context even Muslims, Allah Kitab Allah has sent many books. Quran says in surah, chapter 30, verse number 38, the original Kitab in every age, we have sent the book that's the definition but when Quran uses an EDM, la Kitab it only refers to Jews and Krishna. No one is, if I agree with that person, I don't know what context he's talking

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about. Then there will be chaos among Delhi kitab. There are those who said this, and he said alligator believe in law and gospel, meaning Torah and the Injeel. With the there are many verses in the Quran. With this it is 100% sure that whenever Quran refers to La Kitab it only refers to Jews and Christian as an idiom. Otherwise, there are many other people who are like it up. But when the Quran refers to it, and I give you the example, when Quran says oh Prophet, tell your wife then the believing woman, you ask me who's a Prophet Adam is Prophet know as Prophet Abraham is Prophet Musa al Islamic Prophet, Jesus the prophet, but when Quran says Prophet, it specifically refers to no one

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but Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. I gave you the answer. You didn't hear it. I hear you but I,

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I disagree because if I follow with that, there will be contradictions in the Quran. I don't agree this contraction the Quran, Quran says Allah Kitab believe in Torah and the Injeel. Now you will say believe in the good Lord.

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I think we should learn how to agree to disagree. agree what you're saying, if I agree with you, I believe they're asking you to agree with me, I'm just having a view. I desegregation who should have an imminent, imminent, Muslim scholars, there are many eminent people who can make mistakes, and there are many good scholars who have made mistake. I don't disagree. He's not I mean, I'm not saying you know what I mean? Okay, so

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this, Abdullah Yusuf Ali, which I quote, this,

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you want to keep on speaking?

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Have you got me to give a speech, this book, which I refer the translation, Abdullah Yusuf Ali, according to me, it's the best translation available, there are mistakes and this also, just because he's best, it doesn't mean because human beings are bound to make mistakes. I'm a human being, I can also make a mistake. But the point to be noted is when we do research, if we find one mistake, I don't reject everything, because he then claimed to be God, this translation is one of the best translation even this translation of your mistakes. So what you have to realize

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that a human being cannot be perfect, but that person may be eminent but I disagree with his interpretation. You want to disagree. So why are you coming in happy again today I've given you reason why I disagree. What do you have to do all

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Find this verse of the Quran interpret this way, you have to counter my argument you're not counting reading from the book. Reading from the book is a waste of time for us and for everyone, because I've give you a quotation from the Quran we say about Ali Kitab and refers to Jews and Christians only

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from the Koran, and he states that actually you should have an open interpretation. I can ask you a question. Are you also a human? Of course I'm a human so are you also bound to make me I don't make me to prove them in a mistake you have to prove a mistake is that that's why that is that is why I stopped you from commentary from an eminent Muslim scholar from my own interpretation, but

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not messing with the Quran my interpretation what I'm talking is based on the Quran, and majority of the scholars, majority Jumuah scholars of Islam believe aliquid topic only do then Christian, there are so many I'm REBNY Damia. I can name 20 According one which I've never heard of Ignite anemia, you Ribnica sin, you read debris, all of them fairly good. What do you have to realize I'm quoting debris, I'm wondering if Nick has seen all these top commentaries all of them say that even Abdullah Yusuf Ali, even

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all of them say La Kitab me Jews and Christians now you get one Malaysian for numerous per team. I've got no objection to that. Therefore, when you see you have to give evidence that evidence doesn't hold good for me that the reason I say that I believe in the commentary given by eminent not 100 scholars 100. So when one is against hundreds, if it has proof, if it's worth considering, consider if it's not worth considering and don't consider if you want to believe in it, you're full right? No one can force you hope that answers the question. Well, I've heard Dhawan hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen.

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