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AI: Summary © A reporter discusses the decision of a Christian himself to become a Muslim, which is a the fruit of a long-earned career. The reporter explains that many people are confused by the the decision and that people are becoming the fruit of their earned career. The segment also includes a news program about the the fruit of their the fruit of their the fruit of their the fruit of their the fruit of their the fruit of their the fruit of their the fruit of their the fruit of their the fruit of their the fruit of their the fruit of their the fruit of their the fruit of their the fruit of their the fruit of their the fruit of their the fruit of their the fruit of their the fruit of their the fruit of their the fruit of their the fruit of their the fruit of their the fruit of their the fruit of their the fruit of their
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Salam aleikum, greetings of peace I have some incredible amazing news to share with you. After serving 45 years in the church as a priests, David embraces Islam named as self absorbed man which means the servant of the Most Merciful One. It's a very amazing story Australian priest wuld David converts to Islam submission to the will of the Creator of the heavens and earth. That's what Islam means. Let's continue on with the story in a twist gold David, a highly respected priest from Australia has recently made headlines by announcing his conversion to Islam after dedicating 45 years of his life to the church, taking on the name of doTERRA man as his new Muslim name that's a

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beautiful name because it means servant of the Merciful One because God Almighty Allah is the most loving the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful. This news has captured the attention and sparked extensive conversations with in religious circles as people are eager to understand the motivations behind his decisions. People want to know what drove this man with the billion dollar hate spreading misinformation industry. You have people like this, who are accepting Islam on the background of Lord David good David had earned respect as a priest within the Australian church Christian community. For four and a half decades get this four and a half decades he served diligently in the

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church earning admiration for his commitment to his faith at the time. Many young Christians look up to him as a figure, a Christian figure, the news of little David's conversion to Islam submission to the Creator, not the creation caught many by surprise, he adopted a named servant of the Most Merciful of the man which means, as I was saying, servant of the Merciful One, David has wholeheartedly embraced the teachings of Islam submission to the will of the Creator. And while specific reasons for his choice remain somewhat unclear. At the moment of this report. People are quite curious, as I'm sure you are about why he made that decision. And they want to know more about

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this religion of Islam. Some people are worried about how his conversion will affect the community while others are very happy with his choice, and have shown their support. The Quran holds significance in Islam, as it is believed to be the words of the Creator of the heavens and earth God Almighty Allah, it serves as a guiding light and a source of inspiration for Muslims across the globe. Now, as we see many people out there are thinking that Islam is growing by the rapid numbers because of the great birth rates, Islam really cause people to hold firmly to family commitment, to not have boyfriends and girlfriends jump around from nightclub to nightclub getting drunk and being

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promiscuous, but to stay away from things that are harmful for the mind, body and the soul and get your act right and have what's called the kneecap slamming the cow this is marriage. And from there have children and what happens here is that many of our conservative friends and Christians now they're seeing that many, many Muslims are having so many kids, so many children's so they're encouraging their congregations to hey, if you don't want these Muslims surpass, you got to stop having kids. But that's not what it is. That's one part of the component. It's things like this. It's when people like priest a 45 years ago, David, when he looks into the continuity of the message

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from Adam peace be upon him, the first man who was told to submit his will to the credit of the earth he did Islam submission to the will of God. So this might go over your head because you're like a The truth is there, but you're not paying attention to it, but he was paying attention to it. So he saw the constitute continuity of the chain of Revelation, going from Adam, and then going to the rest of the prophets and messengers who all came with the same message not a trinity, not God being a man having a son none of these things but pure monotheism. And just to name a few of the messengers Ishmael Isaac, David Solomon all came with Islam submission to the will of one and only

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God and being morally upright, adhering to the commands of God, being obedient, being loyal to the one God. And then you have no you have Moses, no Abraham, Jesus peace be upon him and the last in front of my son said to mankind, pro Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. And he came with the ultimate miracle and people are looking not at this book just from the outside from the inside, reading it and they're loving the message of the pure monotheism, the purpose of life, the hereafter where you go on with your debt when you die, this amazing story I wanted to share with you, and I'm gonna give you a gift for seeing through this. And if you want to understand this way of life even

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more, just like the Australian piece of 4d Look, the Australian priest of 45 years of 45 years he's obviously well versed in Christianity with all due respect to our Christian friends and neighbors. And now what happens he looks into Islam obviously want to get his story so you can connect us to little David Well, David would like to have you on a program to get more in deep in depth into what made you make that decision to put it all on the line to go against all of the fabrications and lies and all of the hate that spewed against Islam, you saw past all of that garbage, all of that junk and you saw the treasure and the contentment and peace and proof and evidences that Islam provides.

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And he took that brave and courageous step. So connect with us and if you want to connect with the way of life the book that now he looked into the Quran, verbatim Word of God Almighty will get it to you for free. Go to the deen We'll send it to you for free thank you guys. And amazing story amazing stories subscribe, hit that notification bell and we'll see you next time Peace be with you as salam aleikum.

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