The Best Time to Start Planning for the Future of Your Child

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It is a duty of the parents, that once the child is born, they should see to it, that they give that child a proper environment to live and continue life.

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It is the duty of the parents that they should see to it, that they give proper education to the children.

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And many of us, we are worried about the education of our children.

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I'd like to ask a question that

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when is the time

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you should start thinking about educating your child? What is right time? Can anyone give the answer that which is the right time? When do you start thinking what you want to make your child or what you want to make him more should you be in life, which is the right time

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with the right time

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right from the beginning.

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As soon as he understands.

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when he starts to think to get a child, he may start thinking after 10 years,

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which is the right time.

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Seven years old, two years old when he can understand when he's born, one year old. One year old. Five year we have different options. Yes, someone is saying three years old, three years old. Somebody saying three years or somebody saying two years old, somebody say one year or somewhere that the man is born Islamically

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the time to think of educating your child.

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The latest you should think latest maxim is when you choose your life partner.

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When you choose your life partner, is the time.

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You have to think about educating a child because the parents are the best teacher, especially the mother.

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That is the time if you want to make your child Islamic, we should see too that you have a spouse with Islamic. If you don't have Islamic spouse, how would you expect a child to be Islamic? So depending upon how you want to bring your child is the time you start thinking when you choose a life partner. That does not mean already those are married to through the new life partner.

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Some people asked me now I'm already mad, what should I do?

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It is better late than never.

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You can start molding your life partner into that style. No problem you can adapt with the life partner. So you should realize that the best time to start thinking about educating your child. The latest is when you choose a life partner