Smile! There is Hope!

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My brothers and sisters a powerful example I want to give you right now.

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It makes me shiver when I think my brothers and sisters do you know, the population of the globe at the moment is more than it ever was before. Do you agree?

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And the population of Muslims on earth who makes you dude for Allah is more than it ever was from the beginning of humanity to this day.

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I promise you don't lose hope in the mercy of Allah. The Deen of Allah is solid, it is strong. Yes, we do have problems. We will manage them by the help of Allah. We do have crises Do not be despondent. We do have splits, we do have disunity but by the help of Allah. If we keep on reminding people of our duties and to one another, to speak with each other with respect to be able to react correctly when things go wrong. when things don't go the way we'd like them to go. Then we will definitely be serving the dean there is a lot to hope for look at this Masjid my brothers and sisters. I want to let you know the masjid is packed to capacity. Isn't that a sign that we are

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connected to Allah? Why lose hope? This is the house of Allah. We are about to put our heads on the ground for a law. I'm going to put my head on the ground inshallah for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala not once, but so many times whereas those magicians at the time of the Prophet Musa alayhis salam, they will evil people, but when they turned to the dean, and when they made one prostration not two, not five, one prostration for Allah, Allah says we wiped out all the sins granted them in return.

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If one prostration could wipe out everything they did, my brothers and sisters, I've made 1000s of prostrations. May Allah accept at least one.

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So have you so have all of us smile there is hope. Allah is rabuka for Allah is most merciful. Allah is the most forgiving the most beneficence