The Illegal Takeover of Kashmir

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Salaam Alaikum guys and welcome to smile to Jana. A lot of people have been messaging me to make a video about what's going on in Kashmir. Before I begin is a quick background Indian administered Kashmir is a Muslim majority area Yeah, which is under Indian rule. Now this mismatch of leadership and demographic has led to the people rebelling and wanting to join either Pakistan or being outright independent. Either way, being against the Indian rule. Now, this has made the area very unstable, causing India to employ a whopping half a million troops. Yeah, making it one of the most militarized areas on the planet. Now, India has repeatedly violated human rights, which is a very

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mild way of putting it and using extreme force to suppress any opposition was going on now. Now, there's two incidents and we're going to focus on the first incident. This was an annual Hindu 45 day pilgrimage to a Himalayan cave shrine. Yeah, and this was taking place. So India claimed that it received intelligence suggesting an attack on these pilgrimage routes, and so asked all of the pilgrims and tourists to evacuate straightaway. The second incident was the Indian Army said it had foiled an attempt by Pakistani militants across the border of Pakistani Kashmir and Indian Kashmir, killing several attackers. Buxton denies this and accuses India of attacking civilians across this

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border line in an area called the neelum valley with custom munitions, which is in violation of international law. Again, India denies this. Now, in war, the first casualty is truth, someone's clearly lying, and using this to further their agenda. Now they know that the international community called verify who is and it's gonna be India's word against Pakistan is worth. So in the end is going to come down to the strength of propaganda and the influence that the country has, and that's naturally in favor of India, one of the biggest terrorists we had to counter terrorism and to neutralize that terrorist, one terrorist has been neutralized terror threat, some terrorists may

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have infiltrated Pakistan, those terrorists will then we'll deal with the suspicious facts which point towards a hostile takeover of some kind from India. Okay, now, there's been terrorist attacks that happen in the area before, but consider the following is already half a million troops there, but an additional 10,000 have been sent. mobile networks and the Internet has been restricted schools have been closed, curfew restrict or restrictions have been added. So people are literally shut out from the outside world, from each other. local politicians are put under house arrest, even if they're pro India. Okay, now, let's look at the time interval of this year, considering Pakistan

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is working with the US to resolve the conflict in Afghanistan. That could mean a problem for India, as that would mean Pakistan would be more focused on Kashmir. Number two, you got independence day that's coming up. So in the light of Independence Day, those terrorists will and will need to be neutralized and ensure that this time, every Punjab guard in the valley will be celebrating Independence Day in a very big way. Some might say India is acting in self defense, but the majority of the evidence says otherwise. And points to India being the aggressor. Number one, India has refused a third party mediation, even if it be with the US to such a degree that Indians were

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furious when Trump gave the impression that Modi asked him for mediation number two, and this is the baikie. Article 370 has now been revoked. Yeah, this is causing the most outrage. This was what people were worried about the most. Now, this was the condition with which Indian administered Kashmir agreed to join with India in the first place. Yeah, this article allowed Kashmir to have a degree of freedom and independence from India. But Hindu nationalists have been fighting against this for a very long time. The Prime Minister being a Hindu nationalist himself announced this too when he was running for leadership. So now he's just reenacting what he promised. Number three,

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considering the area is majority Muslim, the best bet for India would be to change the demographic

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Because it's more difficult to win those people over. So there's two ways that they can do this. Firstly, install illegal settlements like Israel's done in Palestine, as hinted by the BJP leader. And secondly, to revoke article 35. A. And that's just a ticking time bomb. Article 35. A prevents people from outside the state from buying the land in the territory. Yeah. Now naturally, when this is revoked, this would get like an influx of rich Indians literally buying out Kashmir. And that would inevitably lead it to be a part of India, when these two things are revoked. Naturally, there's going to be a backlash from the people. So that's, you know, you've got all these troops

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there that are there to kind of suppress any outbursts do with the curfews and you're not allowed to meet or organize any public rallies. And the board has been tightened up between India Pakistan, so Pakistan won't be able to assist either. So it does seem like a hostile takeover. India is playing a very smart game. It's not revealing too much. It's putting its foundation in place. So when this hostile takeover happens, is going to be very little resistance. So in this month of the hedger, I do ask you guys to make dua for our brothers and sisters that are in Kashmir. If there's anything that I missed out, you guys got any more resources, put them in the comments, inshallah. Until next

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