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The Spanish flu season has caused chaos and chaos, leading to accusations of fraud and accusations of return of Islam to the United States. The loss of loved ones and culture have also been highlighted. The story of the woman who died and was tortured by Moe is also discussed, as well as the struggles of Muslims during the previous year and the importance of avoiding oppression.

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100 Allahu Akbar Osama bin Laden, Osaka

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kusadasi. Colombia be early he was having dinner.

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Today it was a very interesting day.

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It may be one of the most unique days, if not of this year that may be of its decade.

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And we're all aware of the incident I'm referring to the city earlier. The armies marched in on their foot on foot invading into Philistine. And Allah knows what the toll will be of those who will live today and those who will die today. Only Allah subhanho wa Taala knows of what those people are going through. Today is very special day. And many people they send me text messages today I got some phone calls and emails. And people were asking that if it's the month of Ramadan, it's the holy city. And these are Muslims being oppressed. Why does it Allah subhanahu wa tada put an end to this.

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And when I read these messages, whether they were through texts, whether they were through email, phone calls, whatever it was, I felt that within the oma there was a sense of despondency in Allah subhanho wa Taala, where people were becoming despondent and they were losing their faith because of what they were seeing happening. Today, we recited a very interesting ayah. And this ayah tells us a story of what happened before the story even happened. The Muslims were in a state very similar to today. They were disgraced, they were humiliated. Not only were they humiliated, they were humiliated in the hot room, right in the huddle boundaries, right outside the huddle monitors in

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Philadelphia, and the Muslims were there and they had only one intention to perform an ombre. They were in the secret garments of a harem. They were with the purpose that Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and all they want to do is go to the GABA and perform. And the people of mocha mocha ma put a blockage there and they say you can't go any forward at all. So here these people are innocent, they're saying want to go forward, no weapons at all. Whatever little weapons we have, it's to save ourselves from burglars from bandits. And opposition is saying that there's no way we'll let you go forward. Why not? Because we have might and you don't have might today, very similar, right story

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sound very similar. And the Muslims were gathered there. And the situation became such that they were in a place where there was very little resources. And the wells of Abia went dry. Sounds very similar, right? The wells of Arabia, how they do and drive they had no water. So they went to the province of allamani, with some sort of messenger of Allah were thirsty. So the progress of a lot, Holly was sort of he went to the wild, he performed blue and water to begin to begin to gush from the world, and then begin to drink from there. Now when the Treaty of Libya was signed, all of the terms and conditions were against the Muslims. There was not one condition in there that favored the

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Muslims, until the point where there was one of the conditions were that you cannot do this year, you have to come back next year. And next year, when you come You can only stay for three days. It's your man, right? Allah subhanaw taala his house, the land belongs to Allah, but you can only see it for three days. Then after that, they say that if one of us runs away from you and comes back to Mocambo karma, you can do anything about it. But what if one of you runs away to us, right? So if one of you runs away to you, if he leaves Makkah, and he comes to Medina, you have to return it back. But what if one of our people leaves Medina and comes to Morocco, we will not return him back.

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Again the prophets of Allah Hollywood cinema Greece. Now when the contract is being written down, the writer from the Muslim side was I even have you thought about the last one. And the last one is writing and he writes, this contract is between Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, and the people of Makkah. So the negotiator from the side of Mecca. Mercado says, we know Muhammad, but we don't know this messenger of Allah remove this from the contract. Now I needed your loved one, he believed in the Prophet, he believed in the Prophet so firmly, that was a that was advice his father gave him when his father found that he was a Muslim, his father said to my son, I will instruct you to leave

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him. But what I will tell you is that once you've taken his side, never leave his side. And he said, my father, I promise for as long as I live, I will stand by the side of the Prophet that allowed and he's holding the pen and he signed the contract as a son in law, the purpose of the law while he was in him as a relative of the province of a long while he was set up as one who the Prophet called us or the law, the light of Allah subhana wa Tada. And the Prophet says, remove rasulillah and your loved one can't do it. It's so hard for him to remove in a suit of law because that's what he stood for his entire life. La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah according to one narration, the Prophet

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sallallahu Sallam took the pen himself, he identified were several sutala and he removed it. According to another narration, he instructed Alia the law one my instruction is to remove it, they removed right I got a compromised from our site. Then after this was over, the purpose of a lot of money was sitting, he turned to this. And he said to all of them, that this year we will not everyone exit the state of Iran and we're heading back

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to Medina, imagine how they felt at that moment. You know, imagine you're on your way to hygiene at the airport in Europe somewhere they say you can't go any forward for some reason that the next thing you can't afford it, you have to go back home. How would you feel and hear their soul sour from inside, so salty, that this is one of the very intense moments of the Prophet's life that he gave us a command that everyone take her Hama for going back to going back to Medina, and no one moved, everyone sat there. And the purpose of the law while he was sitting, became worried that this is the first time I've told them to do something and they haven't moved. So the Prophet went to his

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wife's tent, or miss Alma de la Juana. And he said to her, I don't know what to do. Now. She said, What happened? He said, I told them to take off and no one knew from their place. So the sentiment of the Messenger of Allah, they're in shock right now. They can't believe that Islam is taking such a big hit because the last one he said, he said, a messenger of Allah Arina on the hop, don't we believe in Allah? Should we not just give our lives for the sake of Allah? What's the point living in dishonor? We'd rather die with honor and the purpose of the law while he was still him, sister, I'm better No, not yet. Wait. Now, after this is over the purpose of a lot of some exits and acts

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upon the advice of woman cinema, he exit the state of a harem and after he exits all this have I realized that there's no chance now everyone exits the state of Ohio, and they're all marching back from Mecca to Medina. Imagine their moral state at that time, imagine how down they were? Imagine how low they were? And when they're walking bad, sad and quiet. No one is speaking. In other words, one of the person

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the revelation is revealed to the Prophet sola hottie in

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Medina, we have given you a clear victory. Now, though, if you were there at that moment, if that was your story, and if today someone said to you that was happening in Philistine today is a clear victory. You and I would be skeptical while reading the story, wouldn't we? This line this narration, it'd be so skeptical this revelation will be so skeptical. We look at it and say, how does this make any sense? But that's the hammer when they heard it from the purpose of a lot while he was on the Prophet said, Today the suitor has been revealed to me and he recited the full surah because how are we going to celebrate that Allah has given us victory, one victory they didn't know.

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Because there are certain times in your life where you won't realize but you are victorious. Do you think the Muslims in the early days of Islam knew they were victorious because they were being stolen in Swarna? Do you think the Muslims who are being tortured outside macoco had any idea that they're torturing would be a source of victory for the Muslims? Do you think we all had any idea while there was a rock sitting on his chest and his skin is burning way from the bottom and he is a slave being beaten by his master may have been caught up and all his master is saying, say you worship Latinos, and every time when he whips and when he lashes him? The only thing that exits his

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tongue is what a lot. What do you think we not understood the end of the story of that day? Yes or no? He didn't know the end of the story. As far as he knew the story was being written. And he was a part of that story. Do you think he also had any idea what the end of their story would be where your some of your loved one is tied up and he's being beaten up. And right next to him, his wife, somebody or their loved one has been beaten up, and right next to them their son, your loved one is being beaten up, and Mujahid is first beating up the son then beating up the mother then beating up the father and one by one he's speeding that up and each family member sees the other being beaten

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up. And then finally, he takes a spear and he puts it right through some of the along the First Lady the first person in Islamic history to ever lose their life was swimming under the law. And when she dies, do you think anyone had any idea that her death was a sign of victory? Do you think anyone had any idea then? And yeah, same with the last one is seeing his wife died. And then a lot of the a lot one sees his mother died. And later on the evening, while they're in their chains, a lot of the a lot one has extra his father yesterday a loved one. And you know some of your loved one said to his son, my son, today your mother was the first to die for the sake of Islam. That's an honor, we hold

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that no one else will. She started the sooner. And then after that, he said, and I should tell you that I will be the second to die. Then he said give my Salaam to the prophets of Allah while he was sent him. And with that he passed away. Right? In one day, Amar sees his mother died. And he sees his father yesterday, the next day of which I have comes to punish him and he tortures a lot of your loved ones so much he tortures him so much that a lot of your loved one was sure that he was going to die. Then he said to a Buddha said to him, say to me that Muhammad is a liar and I'll let you go. And a lot of the a lot one resisted and he beat him more. He said, say to me, Mohammed is a liar.

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And Ahmad was a young man, he kept beating them. And finally a man he, he said, Muhammad is a liar. But in his heart, he respected the Prophet. It was just something that he said to save his life. And then when he said it, I will just let him go. And our motto the last one, he ran to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said O Messenger of Allah today I've committed such a mistake with my tongue that I don't know if I'll ever be able to forgive myself. And he said, O Messenger of Allah, give me your feet and he leaned forward to kiss the feet of the puppet that allamani was in him and Allah subhana wa tada revealed an eye and look around

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All right. Hello I'm in Oklahoma, Oklahoma in number Lima except for the one who says words of Apostasy even, but his heart is comfort and its content with the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala Do you think oh bunker Cinco De La Hoya knew what the end of the story would be the day he is predicting the prophets of Allah wa T will send another prophet is standing in front of the Kaaba, and he's praying and the people of Mocambo karma come to abubaker and they beat him down. Do you think he knew that and it was no none of these guys do that know the story. But I was a witness below was a witness the family of your son were a witness that is not only brought them closer to

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Allah subhana wa Tada. They did not respond. They didn't react to what was happening. Because whether they were being tested, whether they were happy, they always knew everything was from Allah subhana wa Tada. And they knew they were a part of the story of Islam being written down. So today when we talk that when we look back at history, we have these stories to mention, and we use their stories as inspiration. They were a witness that without Islam, there was no connection with Allah. But as soon as you had Islam as a slave, he is being lashed and whipped but he keeps repeating 101 Allah what Allah these people were a witness that Muslims will remain Muslims. Muslims will stay

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strong in their faith on their Deen No matter how much you test them, because their love is not with the material thing. Their love is a loss of how to hold on. And just as that story was being written in the prophets that Allahu alayhi wa sallam when he was being tortured when he was being stoned in five, do you think he had any idea or do you think anyone knew what was going to be the end of that story? Today, when we look at the end of the story, we see the five people applied became Muslim. We will look at the end of the story of our motto de la one Villa de la one, Abu Bakr, Siddiq de la one, we find a man vinyasa was one of the closest companions to the purpose of aloha to instead of

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just like a son to the province that a lot of it was to them. We found Villa de la one was the one who the Prophet said for bilad I heard your footsteps in general the other day. And then the last one, the name of the progress of aloha to Southern conquered America. He calls me daddy says without come here, I want you to climb the Kaaba and give the other Why be not one of mine it because mica used to echo and beat us. Now it was time for it to echo again with the other one. And when all of your loved one climbs in, he gives you the end of the story, right? And then do you think anyone knew what was going to be the outcome of say that aboubaker

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Look at his outcome. Imagine what joy he must have had the day his body was lowered down next to the grave of the prophets that allamani was sent him. See Allah subhanho wa Taala says, one to Morocco, you will always be on top. As long as you believe in Allah, you have to trust Allah subhanaw taala You can't let your morals down. You can't let your faith down. Today the story is being written. And just as those men banal Abu Bakar and Yasser Amaro de la one, just as they were tortured, they were weak people. But then Allah subhanho wa Taala made it such that those weak people became those who were victorious in the Battle of blood, just a few years later. Now that same villain is standing in

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line with a sword and standing in line with the sword. And yes, a lot of the a lot one is standing in line with the sword. And these 300 men end up defeating the 1000 people that used to torture them earlier on. So my dear brothers and sisters, when we study our Deen, we find examples of what we're going through today, earlier on. When I see that as a strip, you know, it reminds me up, it reminds me of the shock. Have you thought it, you know, when the Muslims were put on boycott, for three years, they were put on boycott, and many had died during that boycott. No one came in, no one went out of there. And what they went through, they were just crammed inside a small little valley that

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belonged to overthought it. And today when we look at that, we find that exact same story again, it just repeats itself. But Allah subhanho wa Taala chooses people to be a part of the story who are worthy of being a part of it. You guys understand? I asked myself if I was there today, I didn't know where my email would be today. You know, one day some Sahaba were sitting together, actually, sometimes they were sitting together and they said to each other, I wish I was a hobby. And there was a hobby sitting not too far away. He turned around and said to that topic, is the one who did not see the profit he saw as a hobby. And it's a hobby as someone who saw the profit. So the data he

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said I wish I was as a hobby. There was a hobby sitting there he turned around and said Brother, do you even know what you're talking about? Being a hobby wasn't a walk in the park or going to some garden according to some some some theme park being as a hobby meant that you had to put your life on the line for the purpose that not everyone had that not not everyone has a skin to be it's a hobby of the promise that along with them. So today my brothers and sisters, we shouldn't feel despondent of Allah's mercy because unless is not

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a symptom and the system and to the Roku Allah May Allah Allah Allah Dena jaha, Dominican by Allah savuti do you think you will just enter into paradise or you will be left alone and a lot doesn't know who is patient and who is struggling from amongst you? Allah subhanaw taala says I'm hesitant to enter the whole gender while Am I a Latina Holloman? publikum do you think you're gonna go to Paradise and you don't go through what the people before you went through? What did they go through my settlement was the raw Wazoo. They went through pain, they went through difficulty they went through

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Poverty. And they were shocking, you know, as well as soon as you know, according to some of our seniors literally there was a sense that there was an earthquake, according to other mega city, what that means is that they went through so much difficulty that as a nation internally, they were shaking. They weren't for him anymore was you do and then they said had tabula rasa

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until the messenger and his followers said, Where is the hub of a lot and today we ask that very same question, Where is the hub of love, but align the eye itself? He responds, what is he saying

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about international money

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that allows hub is very close, but just be patient. And tomorrow, we'll know what the story comes out to be. And the story will always be the same. Well, ultimately,

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the story will always be the same in

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that indeed, we have given you an open victory. So we leave our matters to the wisdom of Allah, we leave our matters to the might of Allah subhanho wa Taala and we pray that Allah subhana wa tada makes this Surah Surah further, and inspiration for all of us, and that Allah subhanho wa Taala as he gave the Sahaba further in the Battle of burden, as he gave him father and who they be, as he gives him, a mocha mocha Rama, Allah subhanaw taala also gives those who are being oppressed today further over the oppressors, Guru amin and Allah subhanho wa Taala liberates all those that are being oppressed across the road repair that Allah subhanho wa Taala. He removes the volume from

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them. Either the valley accepts Islam, or Allah perishes him and leads into his destiny

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while he was started