Ruling on Missing Eid Salaah

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What is the in the position of a person who misses the congregational eat salah, what should he or she do in this case, if a person misses the Salah, then you should offer the Salah and there the chapter mentioned in February. Well number one, in the book of Salah chapter number 25, the heading off which is

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if one misses the Eat congregation, what should you do? And it says that it gives the reference of

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Anna's been Malik may Allah be pleased with him, that it is his slave that get all the family members and he goes and then he offers the it's the congregation. So all the mess the Salah with the men woman they should offer it

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as soon as possible and they can do it the same way as was done earlier. And further is mentioned in

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Sondra without warning number one in the book of Salah Hadith number 1153. There were a few people who came to the Prophet, peace be upon him, the him writing and they said that yesterday we had seen the new moon

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the Prophet commanded that break your fast and offer your Salah tomorrow. That means at the time where the prophet was living people hadn't seen the moon so they continued fasting that day when some people come and give it a shot. They've seen the moon yesterday the Prophet immediately says that break the fast because you cannot fast on a day but since the time for a Salah has gone off a Salah tomorrow that means if for certain reason if the genuine reason a Salah could not be offered for you can even offer the next day.

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So this is ruling for the person Mr. Lister