Taraweeh Reminder #02 – Focus Your Duaa in Ramadan

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The importance of the da is discussed, as it is a double-dose interaction between a slave and his partner, which can lead to loss of habitat and negative behavior. Practice is emphasized, along with a list of specific goals and four or five things to achieve. The speaker emphasizes the importance of making sure one is focused on what one wants to achieve, rather than trying to achieve everything.

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salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato. And welcome back to the reminder a of this program which shall be for about 10 minutes.

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Rama line is obviously a time of greatness, there's so many good things to do in aroma Vaughn. One thing that I want to focus on today, which is something that we tackle in our book, The 30 steps towards a refreshing Ramadan, that reminder to which is about planning, Ramadan, but I want to look at this aspect from a different perspective. Because one thing that Allah Subhana Allah has given us as a power, and we know it is actually called a weapon of the believer is the da, da, which is a

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asking, it's an interaction between the slave and his Lord. Yesterday, I spoke about how important Ramadan is in us acknowledging our status as a Muslim, meaning someone who submits as an ABD which is one of the highest stations, that a person can realize that he's actually a slave belongs to a loss of habitat, he works, and she works in accordance to our loss pattern. So that is something that Allah gives us to interact with him to ask of him to seek of him. But do I is twofold. And as I mentioned,

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no doubt you'd have heard the commentary before that a loss of data and he spoke about one of the most prominent verses in regards to da which is what either said, I like it better baddie

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in the party. And if my slaves ask you, oh, Mohammed, about me, then surely I am close, I am near. You just ponder about these few words here. First of all,

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it's a reaffirmation from Allah subhanho wa Taala. To say to the prophet SAW Selim II their Celica, if my slaves and remember to see how the usage of the word slaves here is relevant because about having that interaction, that a loss of habitat has given you that title, when they, the slaves ask you, oh, Mohammed about me. Then they are almost like, asking the prophecy Selim, how do we get close to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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You tell us how to get close as a messenger, as one who was chosen by Allah. So Allah Subhana Allah says, for India, Korea, I am close, I am close and fair in ni is also an emphasis here, it's an emphasis to show that almost Clinton is close to us. So we don't need any intersection. We don't need any intermediary between the last panel to Allah and Islam. And this verse specifically in Surah, Al Baqarah, was related amongst the whole verses of the fasting and Ramadan and etc, it is sandwich if you like between some of the accounts and the rules related to Ramadan, which means that there is an extra focus there should be in Ramadan for being for making that attempt to, to come

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closer to Allah subhanaw taala to ask Allah, what you what you can

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now do is about it's not just asking a lot, it has lots of things related to it, you know, a lot of the time people will say, you know, I make dry, I'm not my daughter is not answered or keep on making dials, or how is the dog going to change the reality of my, my mother or my divine destination and so on, so forth. The reality is, though, a lot pantalla wants you to make dua and fulfill conditions and criteria and establish all the necessary things that will allow your,

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your, your art to be answered. And at the same time, it's to get rid of all the things, all the things that might be barriers and hurdles between your two are being answered. Recently, I was talking to one of the young ladies who was having a little bit of issues about her about her Islam and

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not quite sure about us now one of the things that she said which was striking to me that we had a quick discussion and there was messages and she was asking and I was replying and so on. And then she's saying, Well, I don't know. I mean

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I'm asking, I'm seeking for the truth. I'm turning to allow or I'm asking him to show and I'm not, you know, there's no answer from him. He's not showing me the truth. He's not guiding me to the truth. And I said to her, Well, I mean, without sounding arrogant in any way, I said, so Well, how do you know that maybe putting you in touch with me he was it was an answer for last Montana,

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or maybe another shape or something like that. So, don't always think that your da has to come in the package and the presentation that you want it, you know, you you might be seeking something specific, you know, but Allah Subhana, Allah, if you are sincere, and you're doing the right things, Allah will give you that, which you asked for in a different format. And he might guide you to it in a different way. And the beauty of Ramadan, and that's what we need to practice is part of the planning for Milan, is to think, what are the things that I really want in my life? What are the things that I'm aspiring for, and this could be from the dounia, or from the author. And in the

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past, the righteous people of the past, they used to, they used to have a small list, you know, four or five items that they really wanted, they felt very close to their heart. And they used to continuously and repeatedly asked almost panatela,

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in every occasion that they had, during this month of Ramadan in the sujood. whilst they are, you know, the times after the prayer,

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between the, to the event and the karma, last third of the night, and, you know, the early hours of the morning, and so on wherever there was an occasion, where do I was, was emphasized, and even when there wasn't a case of there's just like, focus, focus, focus on those specific do and that's what you should be doing. You should have a list, try and make that list today. After this program you shall write down what are the things that you want? Do I write down a pen and paper, you could write it as a note on your, on your phone or whatever? and write down four or five things that you really want to achieve in Ramadan? Sorry, not not in Ramadan? Why are your aspirations? Now it might be

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that you get married, some people might want that some people might want a child, some people might want to better house, maybe a better job. Some people might want, you know, different things. And I'll tell you a story that I told before and it's quite interesting what

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what the what the they used to narrate about the righteous people is that whenever they you know, did this in Ramadan, they will focus focus focusing on what they wish to say the next drama vine would not come without their being answered. It was almost like a guaranteed that, you know, they had those a year there for that for that guy to be honest. And once I gave this actual saying, I said that in a heartbeat once, and one person was listening to that one. And he tells me the story one year later. So he heard me in the hopper saying this, he said, Okay, I'm gonna try this. And you know, what he asked for what was really annoying him was that he had a neighbor, who was really

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horrible. It was a nasty neighbor, they call it a neighbor from hell, and some of the terminologies now, and this neighbor was so nasty, so annoying, that he was really making his life miserable. And we know that a bad neighbor can make your life miserable. So he was making do it. So let me try what shirahama has mentioned, and he kept on making that our law, you know, relieve me of this neighbor leaving in the same way that the iPhone and time went by.

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And the year was approaching two. And he said, You know, I made that. I asked Allah, nothing's happening, you know, it seems. And he said, so Harlan is just telling me this story. So

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he said, the last sort of month before the next one, he says something happened. There was some sort of issue there was, you know, he said, all of a sudden,

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there was the police or the law enforcement or something came in, and they ended up taking that person and his family and basically,

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you know, removing them from the house, the neighbor who was the neighbor, and they got rid of him. And so that neighbor went and he said, so how is he and he no one could have ever guessed that that wasn't been an end to that scenario. So that is powerful. But there is an important dimension of that. And that is about how you focus what you want. And this is something I mentioned in another of my short reminders, you can find it on YouTube on my channel. And that is that teaches us to be focused and why what do I mean? So for example, if your law is over law,

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you know, give me some some wealth. You know, your dad is you want wealth. He wants some more money.

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Automatically what's going to happen is you're going to be focused, that you're going to be searching for wealth. So you'll do, if you like, allows you to focus what you want. And so therefore, you're going to spend time and it's been epic cetera to go in line with your data. So now your data is not just a one dimension of, or I'll just say the words and Allah will do the rest, no, your dies, I will say the words and I will do the actions and I will work and Allah Subhana Allah will help me along the line. And he will make things easy for me, he will pave the road in front of me he will remove the hurdles and the obstacles, but I still have to work to get that because it's

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not going to just you know, things are not just going to have and if we look at the stories of the righteous people, we see that as a reality happening with them on a regular basis. So the message from this reminder is make a lot more one a month of ask Allah subhanaw taala focus, have a few set kinds of things that you want to do. Make that part of your plan as well in Ramadan of what you want to try and achieve. And then keep going for inshallah, and you will get the latter. A lot of what you're asking