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hamdulillah Bellarmine sallahu southern border kind of Mohammed and while early was trying to sell me the Sleeman Kathira my bad habit number nine in the book of Allah floss the chapter will floss fimbriata Salah Hain it's something that the Prophet Salah Salem he speaks about some of the unfortunate events that could happen between Muslims. He said some awesome kind of your Khaled Abu Bakr at nofap Neil Harris Radi Allahu Allah, Kofi Annan, Nabil sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Todd, either Tucker's the Muslim, Manny bcfa, Hema Felco to Wallmark to rufen na call to Yasser Allah huddle cartel, firm and barrel knock to call it in Nocona Harrison adequately so heavy Manitoba

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Canada. And this hadith a messenger of allah sallallahu sallam said, when two Muslims are engaged in combat against each other, like carrying the swords against each other, or unfortunately against each other. He said Salah Salem Paul, and one of them is killed. Both are doomed to hell.

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Both are doomed to hell, both of them. So Sahabi was surprised cardio Rasulullah I understand that the one who who killed understand what's wrong with the one was killed. For Karla Salah Salem. He he was eager to kill his opponent. And he was equally eager to crush the opponent. But it happened and he was Heisman Trophy winner, what do you understand from this? First of all, the prophesize M says it will topple Muslim man. He called them what? Muslims?

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So they're still Muslims, which means unfortunately, sometimes Muslims can still do bad things.

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That's an unfortunate thing. Because people get surprised when they when they hear about

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combat or fighting that happens between Muslim countries or Muslim factions and in their own countries and so on is like what's wrong with this one? They all Muslims? Yes, they are. For the many, many reasons why people they do that sometimes for political gain, sometimes for financial gain, for whatever identity that they fight for or behind. So eventually, there are many, many reasons why people sometimes do that. And unfortunately, it happens between the Muslims. So the Prophet Salah Sam says, If they both fight each other, then he said Salah Salem, both of them will end up in Jannah.

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Now, we do understand the one who kills because he spilled the blood of a person, right? What about the other one, the professor says his intention was to kill the other one. Now that is a very important lesson about bad intentions. Just like we said good intentions can maximize the reward when you do something neutral. Also bad intentions, if you act upon them, can put the person or the biller in Jannah. Like if that person only harbored hate against another believing person or the Muslim, that's between them and Allah subhanaw taala to deal with, but he's not committing right now a crime against this individual. But if a person starts acting upon that hate, and that grudge into

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take into action to hurt somebody else, that becomes that becomes a crime now.

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Now what about if a person was just defending themselves? Remember, we talked about this before, someone who defends themselves, defends themselves, like did not initiate the fight. But they were just defending themselves. So in this case, if they die, we ask Allah to make them Shahada. As a professor Sam says whoever dies defending his honor defending his world defending his life, he should.

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But if it was such one of those unjust battle or cause, like they're fighting for the political,

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fame or game or name, so they both engaged in the wrong intention and the wrong cause. Those are the people that if they kill one, if one one killed the other one they both are doing to Johanna.

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They both are due to Jana. What if one group has just caused another one doesn't? Is that even possible? Yes, it is possible. Allah subhana wa even mentioned that in the Quran. It says Subhana wa Taala one but if I don't know if at any minute doctor tell you firstly, when he says if two groups of the believers they fight, he called them believers. So Allah subhanaw taala by for 20 minutes or more minutes after they fight against each other, for us to heal by Dharma, make an effort to reconcile between them when they're human okra *a to the table 100 availa Marilla if one of them now transgressors, crosses all the lines and doesn't want to hit to the

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end the call for peace and reconciliation. They keep insisting, fighting, fight against them, until you subdue them until you control them. And then you can see the further the fight. So in this case, yeah, there might be sometimes were two groups fighting one for a good cause for the right cause and the other one also for otherwise

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And that happened even as early as the time of the Sahara della Tirana, or down. When the Prophet SAW Selim, he predicted to he told the Amara Dylon color, white, or Amar talk to the welfare toolbar via me and he says how they feel pity for Amar, he's going to be killed by the wrong group, or the transgressors. So even the Prophet saw some predicted even among the believers will have this kind of, you know, combination of good cause and otherwise. So, the idea from this hadith for all of us here is to make sure that don't harbor bad intention. Yes, you're not gonna get sin, or commit a sin by having that intention in the heart. Because as long as you don't act upon it, you're safe. But

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once you start acting upon this bad intention, it becomes a serious matter that can lead the person or the biller to Johanna so it's not worth it. It's not worth to hold grudge, or to hold bad intentions against any believer. So therefore, therefore, so if you keep your heart clean, from any ill feeling towards any brother or sister, whether in the committed or otherwise Hamdulillah you will never have to act or say something about this and then you end up doing the wrong thing. Like unfortunate even nowadays, as we'll see what happens if our brothers a system doesn't allow us to make it easy for them to Bananaman. We see sometimes online people they come and things are just a

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complete, distasteful.

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Like out of the blue, they put some comment just like oh, the biller, they even they have so much hate against their own brothers, who are fighting for survival, you know, in their own

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land, and trying to survive under the circumstance of handler and this still hating on them.

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So if they keep that in their hearts, that's fine between them and the law surgeon, but now they start spewing their hate and they put it online, that becomes problem. Now Allah subhanaw taala particular from this era Bellarmine but just as we again we move on with our lives, I asked you always to remember our brothers and sisters and Reza, may Allah subhana wa Taala protect the mobile element. We ask Allah to alleviate their suffering Allah, we ask ALLAH SubhanA to shield them from any harm you are blind. I mean, we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to restore peace and tranquility into their lives into their lives or Brahman, we ask Allah so how to accept the shahada to heal the

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wounded and the injured and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to keep everybody else safe. You're a Brahmin on hamdulillah wala Hutan Anna, and a question Gemma, yes?

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So if you work for an oppressive regime, if someone works for oppressive regime, and they now capture innocent people from the citizens, and they torture them enrolled in prison, for example, just to harass them and whatever, for whatever reason for that, what's the hokum of that oppressor? The one who's employed by the state, he carries on sin as well too.

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He's getting his own sin. If you know this person is innocent, then you should not actually participate in that. Well, and we've seen that and unfortunately in some Muslim countries where soldiers were given the order to shoot blindly,

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completely blinded, issued, whatever is in front of them is irrelevant. I mean, these people they will be held accountable for that.

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That's fine. That's fine. Your life is not more valuable than theirs.

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And you can't make that comparison and say, Well, I've just protected myself.

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That's not enough. That's not actually true. That's not right. Allah

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subhanaw taala longer have the assurance as ever to get extra money for amatola gotta

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enjoy your child.