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The importance of setting clear intentions for fulfilling the mandatory petrodollar charity is discussed, with some scenarios where payment may affect regular schoots, such as fundraising dinners where customers are not paid. Payment of the cat may affect regular schoots, but issues with payment of the saddles are present. The importance of having the right intentions is emphasized, and various cases of Muslim men making payments in advance or in advance are discussed, including a man who paid a large amount of money to cover his death but was not able to pay the full amount due to financial difficulties.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam wa ala as either Ashrafi mousseline Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi. Germaine, it Who are you? How are you dear brothers and sisters Nicola milliohm and immediately Nia T. Raj is a cat and Nia so he had led you to forget wine or soda or Vayner as a covert. We'll be talking today about the importance of having the right intention when paying this cat

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for a Nia to shun tune fee Raj, Raj is a cat well that's also who's the cat to elaborate duniya forever Daniel fairytale Muslim or whoever it was a character who bina zucchetti Was you but let you fall over Hello Subhana wa Tada morning Muslimeen will be in a soda cartel IDEO by now I thought it had as the call will occur it will definitely do you will instead monkey and yet fabulous to have you here will now lacking level della Hamina Nia allottee to further Cobain ahead our deck camera and then at noon we Endomondo solely handle enter to solid and for either will lead to solely Nafisa for that would that mean had the humility to foregrip a fear Boehner Salah Attica, Bina salata,

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Nephi novena Salatin first of all can Erica cm, Helen Tata zoom, Ramadan, ODAC, Li Methoden, Ramadan, cm Ramadan OTA, so many thinai Will homies for Nia LA with them in our hotel for Rita Vina and were led by that. It is extremely important brothers and sisters, to have the right intention when paying this cat.

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Before we pay it, we need to set our intention that we are fulfilling the mandatory charity that the last Petrodollar has made it an obligation upon Muslims upon wealthy Muslims.

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It's very extremely important to have this intention otherwise, if we don't distinguish, you know, between our regular SATA cartons occurred then our socket will not be accepted. And there is nothing specific to say when making this intention. It is enough to have a thought in mind that you are paying zakat, which is a pillar of Islam, which is one of the five pillars of Islam which is an obligation. It is not a voluntary sadaqa lamella Lenell. Habib Ali Salatu was Salam your code Why Why? Why do we say that it's important to have the right intention there under heavy values. Salatu Salam Yoku enamel Amma Lubin yet we're in NEMA, the culinary in Manoa. Ever deeds and heavy, very

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salatu salam, our beloved Prophet alayhi salatu salam said deeds are judged by intentions, and every human should have only what he or she intended. This is a Hadith sahih multifocal upon Allah Sati

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and it's agreed upon it's an authentic hadith is a famous Hadith. Now let's deal with some scenarios. Some cases in which the lack of the right intention might affect actually the payment of our circuit. The first scenario, let's say we have brother Ahmed, who is an AU store owner, Brother Mohammed is a Muslim is a generous, generous Muslim. He likes to pay soccer donations, so the cost throughout the year on a regular basis, he's been sort of cutting giving donations on a regular basis. He likes to participate in fundraising dinners. He's been a generous Masha Allah at the end of the year. I am a chess, I don't have to make any calculation. I don't have to pay a two to know

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how much I pay the cat. I don't have to pay any second now because I've been giving donations and giving sadaqa throughout the year. For the last year for the last 12 months. I participated in many fundraising dinners I gave donations. Now we have two issues with this decision here.

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Two issues The first issue is, if I met did not have the right intention of making second payment in advance. Then all his sadaqa all his donations will be accepted as a regular sadaqa they will not to be accepted as a second yet. And it he's still obligated to pay the Zakat that Allah subhanaw taala made it one of the five pillars of Islam, which is the 2.5% of our wealth.

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The second issue with this problem here with this case.

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The second issue with this case, if Ahmed

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had the intention of paying zakat in advance, he still have to calculate at the end of the year, how much he owes as a second payment. If his ticket payment was covered by you know by the previous donations and so the cart then hamdulillah everything is fine, and he doesn't have to pay anything otherwise he

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As to pay the difference. Let's say he made like, the amount of, you know, 5000 in the form of regular donations, or record payments, let's say he's a good man five times in the previous year, he paid 5000

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as a cash payment. Now he has to make the these calculation, he has to look at his assets, the value of his assets, whether he's, he's a store owner, he is merchandise, he has merchandise has to know their value, how much cash he has, he has to know how much he has to pay, but at the end, he owes me 6000 As a pay as a secured payment, he already paid 5000. Now he has to pay only 1000 He cannot say I don't have to calculate my wealth. I don't have to make any calculation. Now this is wrong and not right. It is an obligation upon every Muslim to you know to calculate his wealth, calculate the value of his assets and see how much he owes as his account payment.

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Number two, let's say my father, my sister, Fatima gay gave a good loan to her sister to her friend Zane. But Xena was going through some, you know, difficulty. Her finances are not doing well. So she was not able to pay her friend Fatima to pay her loan

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for the month says don't worry about it. I know what you are going through. I'll just include it in my zakat payment. This is not right. It doesn't work. Because when you gave Zeena this money you gave it to her with the intention of giving her a loan. You did not have the intention of zakat, so you cannot turn this loan into a circuit.

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The third scenario or the third case, we have Mr. Mohammed Brother Mohammed participated in fundraising dinner before Ramadan, two months before Ramadan. He paid $500 as a donation to Islamic Relief.

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So in Ramadan, he wanted to pay Zakat and he got a brilliant idea of turning the previous donation which was a regular sadaqa into a second payment. We say sorry, Brother Mohammed in doesn't work. It doesn't work, you cannot count the previous sadaqa, which you pay to Islamic Relief as as a cat. Because when you pay to Islamic Relief, you didn't have the intention of paying zakat. If you had to pay intention, if you had the intention of paying second then hamdulillah it will be fine. You can deduct it from your second payment. But it was the intention at that time was to make it as a regular donation so you cannot turn it into a carrot payment.

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The last case, the last case here we have a father, a wealthy father who passed away and he left a child behind him who is minor. But this child is very wealthy. Now his father left him a good amount of money. Who has to pay the Zakat on his behalf his guardian. But this child is only six years old. He doesn't know what does intention mean. And he doesn't know what does that mean, but it is an obligation upon his guardian to pay zakat on his on his behalf. Yes, he is not McAuliffe but Zakat is the right of the pool on the wealth of the rich. So this rich could be a child who is six years five years old. He doesn't know what does Academy. He doesn't know what does intention mean. But

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here his guardian who is paying on his behalf has to make an intention of paying the Zakat on behalf of this miner nets Allah subhanho wa Taala and you will feel canaliculi hate this almost panna cotta Allah Anita Campbell Amina cmo pm one year to Cabella meanness sadaqa to Anita Campbell Amin is a cat with a cup Bella Mina Saudi Hello I'm a mirrorless pantalla accept our DT is Allah may Allah subhanaw taala bless our Ramadan and bless our efforts and bless our Salah and also the court will have to rely on your bill Alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.