Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the Best Example for a Person who was Allah Centred

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And the best

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example, the role model for the person who was the most Allah centered is the last and final messenger, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon.

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Our beloved prophet masala Salam is the best example

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of a person is Allah centered and a mercy only for the Muslims, he was the mercy for the whole of humankind. And Allah says in Surah ambia chapter number 21 was the 107 Rama or solokha illa Ramadan Allah mean that we have send the note but at the mercy to the whole of humanity at the mercy to all the creatures at the mercy to all the worlds.

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The best example for a person who had the best purpose of life,

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the best example humankind, for a person who converted the barbarians into human beings, for a person who changed the humankind.

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And when we read his history,

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you can speak for hours and days together.

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Leave aside what the Muslims have said about the Beloved Prophet masala salam, we can give hundreds of quotations of non Muslims

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who have praised the Prophet.

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Just to give you a few examples, George Bernard Shaw.

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He said, When talking about prophet Norma Salah Salaam, he said, I have studied him, that is preferable.

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And in my opinion, far from being an antichrist, he should be called as a savior for humanity. George Bernard Shaw,

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Thomas Carlyle,

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the famous historian

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he was a European, a non Muslim. He writes, a book, heroes and hero worship and he gives down the history of hero and number one hero,

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a hero prophet. It wasn't Jesus peace be upon him. It wasn't Moses peace be upon him. It was not David peace be upon him. It was not Solomon peace be upon him. It was Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Imagine Thomas Carlyle, a European

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or the Christian, he places number one, he wrote prophet as Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

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We have the example of lamartine lamartine was a famous historian. You're the French who wrote the history of the Turks.

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he writes, if greatness of purpose, smallness of means,

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astounding results. If these three other criteria to judge the greatness of a person,

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there will be no one in modern history who dare to compare himself with Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

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If greatness of purpose, smallness of means, and astounding results are the three criteria for judging how great a person is.

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I dare any man in human history, modern history, who will come close to Muhammad, peace be upon him.

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And he continues with all standards of humankind.

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There is no one who can compare himself to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon

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Michael chart. He's a famous historian. And he writes a book

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on the 100 Most Influential People in human history, right from Adam peace be upon him the present time. And number one he places

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his Prophet Muhammad peace be upon

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the most influential person in history from Adam to present time, peace be upon him, his Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and he writes,

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my choice

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of putting Muhammad peace be upon number one will surely astonished many people

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would not go down the throat would not be agreeable by many people. But the reason I've chosen Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him as number one, because he was the only man in history who was successful in the religious field as well as secular field.

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If you read Encyclopedia Britannica 11th edition, when talking about Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him he says that Muhammad peace be upon him was

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The most successful religious personality of the world. Imagine Encyclopedia Britannica.

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They are forced, they have no choice.

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If they want to be authentic,

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how much ever made they try? They have to mention the truth, as Allah says in the Quran in Surah Surah chapter number 17 was done by a demon called Yakuza button in Nevada Karnataka went to this elegant falsehood, false hood perishes, for falsehood is by its nature bound to perish.

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Allah says in the Quran, in for a column, Jacqueline 68 was number four, very early in Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, you have the most sublime and excellent character.

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Allah says in Surah, Isaiah chapter 33, verse number 21, indeed in the messenger, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, you have a beautiful pattern of conduct.

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Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He was successful in all the fields of life, not only religious, he was successful in political and secular and how to lead a life.

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He was so successful, that every act of faith could be emulated, what he wears, if you emulate inshallah,

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he commanded he bought all those above the ankle. If you read those above the ankle, inshallah you get a reward.

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Unlike if you want to become a scientist, long hair will not help you like Isaac Newton, shoes will not help you clothes will not help you but if you want to become like the Prophet, everything the Prophet did,

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if you copy, it will benefit you, in this world, as well as Ashura. He told you to support the beard. If we support the beard, inshallah, it will benefit you. Whatever the Prophet did. He was successful in all spheres of life. He is the best role model anyone can follow.