Mufti Menk – The Arrogant Worshipper

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of respecting others' opinions and not giving up. They also mention a football match and how it is measured by the score. The speaker suggests that people should thank others for their support and not just say who they are.
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We're all from Adam. And Adam is from the dust. He's from the soil. You will only be successful when you respect those around you when you realize and just one, even though you might be wealthier than a lot of the others, what's the big deal? What's the big deal?

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When it's your last breath, it's your last breath. You cannot tell molecule mode A, I've got 300 grand in my bank account. Can you say that? Big do Subhanallah molecule mode is not interested in anything. If anything, people will fight over the money that you've left behind, and maybe your own children might be at war with each other for decades to come as a result of I'd rather not have had that. See the point. So don't allow arrogance to creep in your heart in the midst of a good deed. People say, I'm fasting I go for tearaway. I go for a good to the good Masjid I do this I do that these guys are useless. They don't do any of that. Hang on.

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You see what shaitan made you do? He made you feel and think that know what I'm doing is so valuable. These other guys their value is zero. Automatically you got Pride. Pride was the main disease of a bliss kibra He had pride what was Kippur?

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That pride was the feeling that I am better The Quran mentions it. What did he say? Allah Anna? I

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mean who straight? I'm sure you understood that most of you right? He says I am better than than him. Why should I offer respect to Adam when I'm better than him? We do that sometimes when we feel we are pious. And then we belittle others mashallah, if Allah gave you the opportunity to fulfill five Salah in the masjid, to dress appropriately to read Quran, to understand the Quran to attend the lessons, to be able to fast in a proper way to be able to worship Him in a beautiful way that should humble you. You must thank Allah for that thank Allah but don't display to the others to say what do you guys do nothing. Look at what I do. But how old are La Quwata illa biLlah may be we

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might not say it with our tongues but if you feel it within you, you don't understand. Every football match is judged by the score when the whistle is blown. Not before that. You can be as excited as you want for Liverpool to be winning five notes you can be excited as you want if Subhanallah if the wind is not written for them the other team by the time the whistle is blown. may win six five

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is not possible.

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I see the Manchester supporters all said yes.

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Allah grant us ease

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