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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. This is your brother's site, this theme. So recently I received an email from the Emir of abida. Trust. Now, for those of you who don't know where that kabita is that a bita is the Capella in Houston, Texas. And he said they had quite a few people have done that first take the exam, which is awesome. And then there are a lot of people who made the honor roll lists. And basically, I think that means that they scored above a 95, or 90%, which is, once again, that's awesome. And it makes me extremely happy. So I wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge those people, and read their names. And I know I don't think these are all of them,

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because these are just the names that I received. But I want to start off inshallah, to Allah with the honor roll students who are actually unmotivated volunteers. And I'm not really going to get into the merits of the volunteers and how much I care about them and how dear they are to me because they are indeed, very, very dear to me. And I've spoken about that at length in the seminars, so I'm not going to get into that. But let's start off with this list that I have it with me, right here. before I say anything else. I'm really sorry for butchering some of your names. It's going to happen, but please, please, please forgive me. So let's start off with the volunteers. Number one,

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we have Sakina. Below that we have all what Towson nifa Yoshi. I'm sorry, I'm really sorry for messing up her name. Hopefully I did it. But if I did, I'm very, very sorry. Then we have I think it's either an Eskimo segmanta. Honey, no surprise there, but also very happy that he made the honor roll off. So ryda, kazi

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Hamad, say the Rashid hammer shaden once again, no surprise, but I'm very, very happy that he's on the honor roll. And then hasn't sold bought. So those are the volunteers and like I said, there may be more but those are the names that I received. Now the rest of the students who made the honor roll

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just been so we have Mohammed, I deca.

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Rehan acobot. A company. I'm in after an hour. Bhima Tova?

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Asia. That's right. Hunt, hunt, Kurt Hunter. How many of Husayn Nadia Ibrahim, I'm not a jazz ihrem Joffrey, Asher Asher, Asher Asher.

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Hopefully it's one of those to Asher Han maleeha Han, Adia kasi, Rica, Lubis, Mansoor mobile, and use of Cindy.

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And like I said, there may be more, but those are just the names that I received. First and foremost, I'm very, very proud of you. The fact that you took the exam, first of all is awesome. But the fact that you did so well on the exam is also completely great. I'm very, very proud of you. It really shows me the students that not only take the class, but go back, they review their notes, and they study for the exam and martial law. They do this well, which is absolutely great.

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So I'm very, very proud of you. This is great. And I hope you continue on with the rest of your seminars, not only my seminar, but other seminars as well. Now that's a beta test, which

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is an awesome abida I had a great time teaching, they're already looking forward to coming back whenever that may be. But apart from that this is also this video also serves as a challenge to the other publitas so the copiers that I've taught the class at an appearance that I will be teaching the class at there's actually quite a few locations that I'm going to my schedule is quite busy right now with all the different places that apply to around the world. But I challenges beat a beat a Tesla

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have more people who score above a 90% Well, first of all, more people will take the exam. Second of all more people who score above a 90% and inshallah tada you're competing for goodness and excellence, and I hope to see that happen. So inshallah take the exam if you if you've taken the class, but you don't take the exam yet. Take these in. As y'all know, my exams are. I'm not gonna say they're easy, they're fairly easy, and they're fun as well. So take the exam, and be happy to test so as much as I love Christina.

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Someone's got to beat them. Right? So let's see that happened to jollof data, and I hope to speak to all of you soon be isn't ignite their honor. Until next time, I sit down write a call to law he will occur to