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In Alhamdulillah heatall and efma Johannes deinove he want to stay on our with Avila heatall I mean Julian fusina sejati Anna Lena Maria de la huhtala fella Malala woman you'd lead follow her de la hora de la ilaha illa ma hula sharika wash Adana, Mohammed Abu Anna bu hora pseudo hiya yo Latina an otaku la hapa to party. What are the Moto nylon to Muslim? Oh yeah you Hannah suta Pura vida como la de la la comida Seema Haider holla caminhada jaha Obafemi humare geralyn Cassie Rahmani

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otaku la la de de Luna Viva La ham in a la Kannada Kumara theva yeah yo levina Amano taco La La pulu Colin sadita you sweat loco kumarakom while filicudi Nova con

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la hora, Su the hufa defassa fellows and alima

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all praise and glory be to Allah We thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness

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and his protection from the evil whispers within us and from the consequences of our evil deeds for whom ever Allah azza wa jal guides, no one can ever lead them astray. And whomever Allah leaves a stray no one can ever guide them and we testify that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion and our love and obedience in the absolute sense. But Allah and Allah alone without any partners, the true supreme King, as the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam was in truth, His Prophet and his servant and His Messenger.

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After reminding myself when you would the tough call of Allah azza wa jal for Allah will not accept anything but it not reward for anything but it

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and not have mercy except on its people. I begin by saying that in certain numbers,

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you will find an extraordinary exchange between Suleiman alayhis salam, and his remarkable armies and the remarkable

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second sectors of the animal kingdom. Allah azza wa jal says, well, Sherif, Ali Suleiman, as you know, to whom in Elgin Newell ncwa, piety for home use our own.

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This is just one day from his life out of his salon, there was gathered up for him they were mobilizing, gathered for Sulaiman where his troops from Jean Klein and mankind and from the birds, and so they were scattered in their own respective ranks. They were distributed into ranks, had either eto Allah Allah dinham until when they ultimately arrived at the Valley of the ends. This was a valley that was known to host

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countless Ents huge colonies events, when they arrived at that part of their journey. Barletta, nam latonia. Yo ha Nam Ludo. Luma Sakina calm and and said Oh, so let's quickly go into your home's go into your dwellings. Lastly, men nachum Suleiman What do you know to whom Leia Sharon, so that suit a man and his armies do not crush you underfoot? So that's what a man is. armies do not crush you. While home lash alone while they don't even realize it while they perceive not.

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Better, best semi blah he came in podia Allah says so soon a man smiled out of amusement from her statement, the statement of the end.

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We'll call our bills Xia aenean Ashkelon American Lottie and Antalya Allah holiday. And he said, Oh Allah provide me with an opportunity to show do thanks to your blessings that you've granted me and granted my parents the favors you've bestowed upon me and my parents. Well, and I'm Al Assad, he hands out a BA and provide me an opportunity with all of this to perform righteous actions that would make you pleased with me, was filling the bureau matica fear about the gasoline and admit me by your mercy among your righteous servants among your righteous slaves.

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Think about the exchange between Sulaiman alehissalaam here and the end.

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What made Sulaiman Alayhi Salaam smile? What amused him? What pleased him about the statement of the end?

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Why did Allah azza wa jal reveal this incident in the Quran, and is pleased with us to memorize it, and rewards us 10 good deeds for every letter we recite of it and inscribed it in an extra special place within the poor and within a lotion muffled Why all this there must be

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something special here.

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And there are many, many, many things you can glean from this exchange. We'll start with a few of them and today's hold to buy in Sharla. What made Sulaiman alehissalaam smile?

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Did he feel a lot as though a jealous blessing on him that he could actually understand the ants? That's why he said make me grateful, Oh Allah. Certainly that's a part of it.

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That he feel amused that these tiny ants know his name. Certainly that could be part of it.

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But of also what we want to say here is the personality of this end was very special.

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A few things first of them, look how concerned it was about its people.

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And this is more befitting of the men that believe in Allah azza wa jal enough the ends

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we were created as human beings to be a reflection Not exactly, of course, a reflection of some of our lowest qualities on Earth, in human form, not in perfect form, not in the form of Allah. But Allah is beautiful and loves beauty, merciful and loves mercy shows mercy to those who have mercy for each other. This is necessary, we are expected we have the ultimate potential among our lust, creatures on earth to fulfill that role.

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And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Allah to Allah, Allah, Allah Allah. Allah Allah, Allah Rahim, Allah who will not send His mercy down, except upon the merciful heart, a compassionate heart. So they said Yasuda, lacuna, ham, we all have mercy who doesn't have mercy.

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We all have merciful hearts, because if you think about it the wrong way who isn't Merciful, the psychopathic murderer is merciful. His babies

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were all merciful, called Elisa that no, not in the way that you're thinking.

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Let laser be rush, mature rajul Sahiba, who not by a person having mercy for those close to him. Had they are human, nessa Amma until he feels mercy for all people at large.

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This end saw that death was coming.

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It could have just covered its head covered its ears ran into a hole, but it chose to reach out to everybody else.

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It chose to try its best to save others.

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And then who is this end, the scholar said notice that the ISS pilot Nebula and n not n m life it was V and you think it's the important one, the significant one, right? Like the queen ant or something. But when I love mentioned it, Neck era meaning indefinite meaning it's not a particular ant that he's talking about. It could be translated in first the meaning of some random and said and this is of what was so impressive about this and that significance you being significant is a choice that you make. Whether you're going to sit back and vs bystander of history, watching history go by watching events unfold, or you're going to be an active participant player in the events of the

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world around you. So many people say what can I do in my little corner of the world, I'm just an ENT. And then you find in sort of the number that Allah says that an ad said, quickly go.

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And then it gave them specific instructions from the intelligence of this and it said to them enter your homes. It didn't just say we're all gonna die. It's all over. These kings are all bullies. There's no survival. It didn't just scream and just become alarmist. And many people do that many people paralyze others from being able to make better decisions for themselves. By just casting this fear mongering narrative and like discourse all around them. It gave them specific instructions enter your homes.

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And on another level, the scholars even said it middle class and Rahim Allah has from the genius of this end, it didn't say get underground.

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It said, answer your homes.

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Because you know, in the heat of the moment,

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they could just get into any hole to escape death. But ants know that if you go into the wrong colony, you're dead anyway. So quickly go into those holes here is the fire exit. It's telling them very specific instructions in a panic moment.

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And then it gave them some justification from its intelligence. It knew that it was not someone that people would believe easily. Right? It's not the queen and it says and people do. So it had to give them some sort of logic and it said to them, Go, lie remain calm. Suleiman would you know do so

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Today, man and his armies don't crush you. That's the reason I'm not bullying you. I'm not acting like I'm the dictator here. Very good reason.

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And that is also from the logic, you know, to pull this to parenting where it really can be pulled in any direction to extend this into parenting. Don't you see how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when a young man came to him, and he was young, he was not a child. He was a young adult now. And he told him, then leave it Xena. Allow me to fornicate. What did he do? He convinced him. He could have said it's Haram. No, you can't do it. But because he's in that age where it's hard for him to just have blank authority like he helped him along and said to him, would you like it for your mother? Would you like it for your sister? Would you like it for your aunt? Would you like it

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for your daughter, likewise, others would not like it for theirs.

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So it gave the justification from the intelligence of this very wise and the intelligence that many men lack to think that their simple instructions are going to be respected people can recognize their worthiness to be listened to. When that has to be proven. You are not as big in people's hearts and minds as you think sometimes even your own family members, so respect their intelligence and explain

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our stuff.

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Medina, Viva La la la la de la sharika. Oceana Mohammed Abu Dhabi hora solo.

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Another very word, the elements of the ant spoke that would have caused Sulaiman alehissalaam to smile and amusement is that it said, so that's still a man and his army don't crush you. While homeless. Even in that moment of stress, it said, so they don't crush you. While they don't realize it, it gave them the benefit of the doubt even before it happened. If they do crush you, it's because you're so tiny. So it gave them room to be excused so that they don't crush you accidentally. She didn't have to say that. It didn't have to say that.

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And that is of the signs have big hearts and men as well.

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The more room you can give to people to mess up around you, as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in a la ha ha Rama Allah nadie Kula Hainan lay in in second in Caribbean meanness. Allah forbid for the fire to touch. The people that are easygoing and lenient and close to the people. People don't have to watch their words around them.

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And I'll mention to you and I close this one incident

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of a chef or anahola when he was sick, a man came to visit him

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to show you the type of man as Jeffery was and I'm comparing the qualities of men that should be from this symbol of an N symbol of wisdom symbol of gracefulness, a shaeffer era anahola was visited by the man and his sickness and the man said to him,

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called Allahu dafuk. May Allah strengthen your weakness, meaning replace your weakness with strength. So Scheffer, no law said no, oh, well, barfy law Tell me, if our law strengthens my weakness, he'll kill me. Meaning if my weakness gets any stronger, I'm going to get weaker, and I'll die. He said, You should say Allah Allahu Allah.

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May Allah strengthen your strength, increase your strength, that's the more proper way to speak it.

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So he said to me, or to elevate Allah, I didn't mean anything bad by it. It was just you know, I'm not like you I'm not articulate. May Allah

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give strength to your strength? what not, I didn't mean anything bad by a chef. He said, And here I'll close. He said to him, while la he Alamo and knockaloe Sabatini not a lot. I know that even if you were to curse me out explicitly, you only meant well. You meant somebody else. You had a bad day you were just saying it but you meant something different. If it was direct, I still would have let it go.

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May Allah make us of those people and allow us to understand from these beautiful gems that are packed into these tight, eloquent words of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah? May Allah azza wa jal cure our sick and have mercy to our family members to parents of our community members. In the past two days have passed away. May Allah have given them a hammer

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and fill their homes, their new homes with light, may Allah have them fill their graves with North and make them spacious out of Malala mean, may Allah cure all of the sick and give patients all of the families those that are grieving and those that are tending to the sick. May Allah read this world of this disease sooner better than later, while trusting that his timing is the best time

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intellijel Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Subhana Allah Allah Azza wa barakaatuh Vienna Mohammed Allah Allah. He was a big marine