Reasons why Muslims made Many Scientific Discoveries from the 8th to the 12th Century

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And we find today that Muslims are in the firing line

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we find that Muslims have become backward as far as science technology is concerned as far as education is concerned. And the main reason is because we have gone away from the Quran and Sunnah. Previously, from the eighth to the 12th century, it was called as the Dark Ages, that for whom, that for the Europeans,

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the amount of advances the Muslim Arabs made, it is phenomenal.

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And if we read history, what we read in school, I myself have passed from a convent school.

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A Christian missionary school, I've got medication from there.

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It's later on. Afterwards, I realized that what I read in school, and in my medical college of being a medical doctor, many things is something different. We are taught in school

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that the blood circulation

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was first discovered William Harvey.

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In fact, if you read the Quran, Quran speaks about the blood circulation, incident, chapter number 16, verse number 66. How does the food enter into the stomach? Then from there, it goes into Stein from the understand why the bloodstream to various organs of the body, including the mammary glands which are responsible for the production of milk, it speaks about the production of milk and about the blood circulation. In a nutshell, insulin, the hill, Chapter 16, verse 66. After research, I came to know that the first human being who first described the blood circulation was it manifests 600 years after the Quran was revealed, and 400 years before William Harvey, but when we read in our

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we are told about William Harvey, how many of us know about admin fees? How many of us

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hardly anyone knows that admin fee for the first person to describe the best circulation. We learn about geography, but the person who do the first world map of geography was allydrew c 1154. What we studied the digits in school, we know what it's called, it is called as Arabic numerals, the 1234 that we use for writing 1234. It is called as Arabic numerals. The other is Roman numerals.

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The Indians were the people who first discovered about the zero. And that up, took it from there and made it famous to the world by adding a decimal. That's how we have the system today. We learn in mathematics, about the Pythagoras theorem, that the square of the hypotenuse

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in a triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides. The Pythagoras theorem that we learned in school, it was first discovered by ultimacy.

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So we know that Muslims few centuries back they were advanced in science and technology. But when we read in our textbook today, they hardly mentioned

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who is the father of trigonometry? It is albinoni

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Have you heard of Al Kindi akindi wrote 200 works in mathematics and geometry,

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in logic, and at a time when Galileo desk Curtis and Newton, when they said that all physical laws absolute, he said that it was relative. Later on, Albert Einstein did more research and he propounded the theory of relativity.

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When we read history, we come to know that Mohammed Ahmed and Hassan Shakur, these brothers, they measured the surface area of the earth by measuring angle 100 C, at a time, when people thought the world was flat.

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We learn chemistry

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and we are told that deber is the person who discovered alcohol. It is Java. And Java, when they write in our textbook is Gerber Gerber sounds like a Westerner. It is JavaScript Nyan.

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When we read we think what's the western jabber, jabber and JavaScript nihan. He described our call. And the word alchol comes from the Arabic word Algol, meaning evil spirit.

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When we read it, we come to know about Mama zaccaria Razi,

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was advanced in the field of medicine, and even wrote books on measles and smallpox.

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When we read medicine,

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we know that Alinea boss

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he wrote 20 volumes on practice and theory of medicine.

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We are told about everything. Everything is total of the East. It is aliveness ina le Messina. He was called as the Aristotle of the East. You're the philosopher. You are the mathematician

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So when we go back to history and we see that we Muslims, we've on top of the world. The reason we were on top of the world at that time is because at that time, we were close to the Quran and Sunnah. Now, we have gone away from Quran and Sunnah and that's the reason we are in the firing line.