What to say to non Muslims who dont believe in Judgement Day

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What to say to a non Muslim who doesn't believe in the day of judgment and thinks that you have mentioned the punishment and aggrieved, etc?

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People who don't believe in a day of judgment?

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So was the question.

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What to say how to give them? I think maybe brother Yusuf can can maybe would be better talking about this topic. You know what to tell them, but this is this is an open ended question. You know what to tell them? I tell them

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I tell them what I told one man one time, that's why I asked, Is there any non Muslim amongst us here, please? Any non Muslim?

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All Muslims? Okay, that's good.

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Are these two women were lying? We don't bite, you know, when I asked for who are the more non Muslims. Right. So, you know what I told this man, one time, I asked him, Do you speak Arabic? He said, No. He said, Have you ever heard Arabic? He said, No, this is okay. Listen, listen, is this what we said is we went an experiment I said, Okay, just, you know, I'm gonna narrate three narrations to you and tell me which one moved you which one moves your heart. I repeated this exercise with, with at least three people that I know I did it once in Ireland, and twice or three times. Oh, one in the UK. And about two times in in Canada.

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I said I'm gonna read you know, narrate a few things to you and tell me which one moves you have you ever heard Arabic? He said, No, sorry. I'm going to speak to you in Arabic. But tell me if you feel anything. The first narration I said, Okay. JOHN, wanna do either? Beatty,

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Milano madrasa.

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What about

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the Hubba? Wanna? So Mr. iPad for the Mr. pada? The Hubba wha wha No. So Mr.

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Falcon. Okay.

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So Mr. Falcon for now. format.

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I said narration number one narration number two

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam yah. Yah, yah, you have a talk in

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in Islam

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in Islam

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number two

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number three

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in levina

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I asked him which version version moved you

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he said version number three.

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I said Why? He says because I don't know.

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Something in it moved me

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is that well, let me tell you about version one. version one says a boy came from school home. He ate

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And he went to sleep. He woke up, he went in, he went back to sleep. And then he woke up, and then he ate again. And then he went back to sleep. And then he woke up again. And then he went to eat again. And then he went back to sleep. And then he woke up.

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And then he went back to eating and then he went back to sleep, and he's there and he died.

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That's version number one. version number two, I made it like a melody telling you

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to say la ilaha illAllah I sang it to you, I sang him some Hadees. And I told him, you know, say like, You shall be saved. And the third version is a recited call and to you. He didn't even know he didn't even he did not even understood what I read, but something moved him. I said, Brother, this is the this is the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala. I tell this brother or the sister who still asking questions.

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I say what Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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to this D

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come to La Ilaha Illa. In sha Allah Tada, you shall live in peace, and shall live in harmony. I know inside of you. You're looking for the truth. I know inside of you. If you did not want the truth. You wouldn't be here today brothers and sister those who is not Muslim amongst us, and he does not or she does not want to raise her hand. I know. I know. Because you are seeking the truth. This is why you're here.

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Before you go home today, I have one request. Just one request. Go home today. I'm not gonna tell you to become a Muslim, or I'm gonna ask you go home tonight. And then make this application to Allah to God to God, God, I say God, okay, the Lord. Make a supplication say, oh God, please show me the truth. That's all. But say from your heart. say Oh God, please show me the truth.

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I swear by the one who holds my soul. If you are sincere,

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Allah Almighty God Almighty will show you the truth inshallah. That's all