Zakir Naik – Ravikant asks, Is it Our Duty to Satisfy Women or to Satisfy God?

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © Ravi Khan Pandey discusses the importance of men fulfilling their love and mercy of the Lord in obtaining victory in the Sonata program. He emphasizes the need for sex with women and the use of " Easter" in religion, as it is difficult to determine if it is true or false. He also advises the audience to read a book that is 100% Pure and without a doubt is a preaching statement.
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Hari Krishna. My name is Ravi Khan Pandey. I am 23 years old. I have completed my graduation from Kolkata University. I belong to Sonata dharma. So I have no qualification to speak in front of you. But I'm trying to speak with you I have one question in my mind. And even I can speak wrong because I don't know English very much well, so please forgive me.

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My question in in Sanata, dharma is also retained. Key omens should be protected in a child time by his parents, and a young time by his husband. And after the mother, his elder son will protect to Omen in sonata Dharma says, there is no love in this world is lost is there in this world. So, love and lust is two different thing and if you will, it cannot be go in a same one platform. So, our real duty is to engage the service of the Lord. And in a Sanatana Dharma Arjuna asked one time to Krishna, Krishna, please tell me what this manner is speaking. I don't know I don't know so many languages. So please clarify me. So Krishna told to Arjuna they are talking like a frog, even a

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snack calm and they just like I come by death and I eat. So in this world, there is no love, we are trying to satisfy it. This is a simply attachment we can say any Sanatana Dharma says cumin attach with a man and money attached with a woman. So

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this Sanatana Dharma, because in a Bhagwad Gita, 5200 years ago came and 2010 200 years ago in a Bible came and 1400 years ago, your Quran come so Sanatana Dharma is coming by so many millions of here. So I belong to I am not justifying see our life is meant for simply engage the service often what's the question whether I've read this or not? I'll give my comments on Sonata them to you. I'm going to ask you what is the question? Do you want to say the Sonata under me Hinduism was to protect the woman? No, I am asking so I our life our duty is to satisfied though men or satisfied the Lord are engaged in service of the Lord. The brothers the question is our duty to satisfy the

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woman or to satisfy Lord? Yeah. The brother has a question that what is our duty to satisfy the woman there is love there is lust or to satisfy Almighty God.

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Before I come to you, as another term, I will tell what Islam says.

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As Allah says in the Quran, and said my dog in the room chapter 30, verse number 21, that Allah subhanaw taala has created for you made from amongst yourself, so that you may dwell in tranquility and he has put love and mercy between your hearts that'll be the last created for you, of your nature meets your wives, your spouse's, so that you may dwell in them in tranquility, you get tranquility to get calmness and Almighty God has put love between your hearts.

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Once our beloved prophet masala sallam said

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having *

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with your wife, it is charity

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Saba does, even having * is charity how. So the reply came because you are having it lawfully.

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If you haven't unlawfully with the woman who's not your wife, it becomes prohibited. So because you're enjoying lawfully, even that is charity that is held that's a good deed.

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So having * with your wife also Almighty God rewards you. And you rightly said, that there is love and there is just i to evidence and other than them

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and appreciate the oneness of God mentioned for nothing. You know Hinduism has got various different sections you may be aware of that various different denominations, the highest scripture, there should be. And this beauty should be on Hindu scripture means the Word of God and without the highest. They believe in one God. They believe Almighty God has got no images, I can give quotations. You can see my video cassette similarities between Islam and Hinduism. But should we satisfy the woman or should we satisfy God? Number one, I said in my talk, the basic aim of every human being whether man or woman should be to satisfy Almighty God.

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Now while satisfying Almighty God, you may satisfy the woman you may not satisfy.

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If she's a good pious woman, she'll be satisfied if you're satisfying Almighty God.

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For example, Almighty God says Have * only with your wife, a pious woman who the masala will be happy, but a lustful woman.

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She will not be happy. Here's the via following God follow me.

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She may be shaitan she may be footstep of the devil. You asked me questions about Krishna.

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Krishna gave advice to Arjun

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since you mentioned Krishna

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is supposed to be a role model for the Hindus and we didn't mind Bharath

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you know I've given the talk on similarity but because you asked this question what we read in MA Bharath turn Christian when he goes on the bank of the river

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very often when the woman used to go to have a bath he used to take the clothes away and run away for what

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for lover for last because He is God he can do suppose I am honor of I am if God would like to rob clothes a woman and Nana way to see them coming out. Okay, come on without close them I can't do and I do.

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If you can copy God, why can't you copy God? If we see if you know, this is the ultimate? She we cannot copy God because God has a different level. But if you consider Krishna to be God, and if God is doing something like taking away clothes of the woman and telling them come out without clothes, can you do that or not? You can do it very easily. That's what we find in the movies. You know, we find all this what I'm trying to say we should take the message which is right, I read the Sonata and there are many things which are good, hundreds of good things 1000s of good things. But what is not good. You have to leave it aside.

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I've given a talk on similarity but Islam Hinduism, now you speak about Krishna, talk about love, talk about lust. I appreciate many things of flourishing, but not everything.

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Many things he said is right. He tells that beer shastra fight against injustice, even be against your relatives.

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He says that in Bhagavad Gita, chapter number two, was the multi man

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tending in the Quran through Aneesa, before 135, that standard for justice, as witness to Allah subhanaw taala. Even if we play against yourself, against your relatives, against your father or mother, Allah predicts book. So if what he's saying matches with my Quran, with the real word of Almighty God, I accept it, but everything and don't accept it to be the word of God. That's the reason what I do.

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This is the forecast

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for Khan is the criteria to judge right from wrong. And if you read this, this is the last and final revelation of Almighty God which was revealed to humanity. If you read this, I challenge you to take out a single mistake in this. The other books that we have

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the other religious scriptures because of passage of time they have been changed interpolation concoction who says that not die, the scholars of Christianity they say that the Bible has not been maintained in the true form. The scholars of mammography, that initially Mahabharata was a story told by the grandfather of hydrogen to the people, later on the 1000, slow cars became 24,000, slow cars. Now we have more than 100,000 shlokas interpolation, addition. So what has been added, I cannot accept that God Almighty, leave us at God even the prophet of God can do such things, what I say this may be an interpolation.

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I respect the messengers of God.

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But if you say that these people are saintly people, no saintly people will do what I consider okay, this may be an interpolation, this may be a concoction. So therefore I request you to read a book which is 100% Pure, without a interpolation. Allah has promised in the Quran in surah chapter number 15 was number nine that we have revealed the Quran and we shall got from corruption. Almighty God has taken upon Himself that He will prevent any corruption it from this if you read, you get the pure rights that the woman can have in this world. Hope that answers a question.

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