What Is The Tahiyatul Masjid Of Masjid Haram In Mecca

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Shaykh Abu Eesa answers

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The speaker discusses the message of the mosque and how it is meant to encourage people to pray to Raka and not wait in the narrowest areas. He also emphasizes the importance of treating people as if they are a part of the community and not just a group of people.

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What is the to hear to the masjid of address that a Haram in Makkah?

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First of all, what is the hidden mystery, the hidden message is a saying hello and welcome to the to the mosque itself, greeting the mosque and respecting and respecting the sanctity, the purpose of life. And I'm setting Buhari that let no one of you enter the mosque except that they pray to Dhaka before he sits down. So before you actually sit down and start relaxing and doing anything and msgid, you should respect the pace where you're at and pray to cow for it. It's the house of Allah. And it's a like the opening gift that you give when you've been given an invitation to go to someone's house just like uni, pass it on. And then everybody relaxes, you start to enjoy the

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hospitality. So the message is to be treated this way. Now is that the same to be applied to a machine that the machine is a bit different because it has an even greater act of worship there in which takes the focus off. So we need two categories of people, the vast majority will be those people who are coming for Amara or doing the first off of Hajj, or they are as they should be, whenever they enter into the Haram they should be aiming to go straight for a volunteer or a supererogatory off to off, which is not obligatory, but is rewarded for Remember, this is the greatest act of worship that you can do when you're in Mecca, a lot of people focus on prayers, but

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actually it's the wife, which is the number one thing because that can't be done anywhere else in the world and is specific to the Kava. So this is what you should do. When you come to the huddle. If you're that person, then it's sooner for you to actually go straight to the wife and do it. And of course, after tawaf, whether in any of the types of stuff that you do is followed by to Raka of prayer. And so that's going to encompass the hatred machine Anyway, my point is, is that it is not correct to suddenly stop in a corner and pray to Raka after hated mustard and then go to off No, you go straight to throw off immediately. And the second person is the one who doesn't actually want to

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make the offer or someone who lives next to the masjid and just coming for the obligatory prayer or coming for a circle or coming to listen to a lecture or meeting a friend or whatever. These folks have no intention to do the love unfortunately because as I said, we need to emphasize people to make the offer as much as possible, but it just want to attend the prayer. And that's it. If you do that, then yes, you need to treat this like the normal message you need to go and pray to Raka and before you sit down and this to that guy should be prayed in as far as close to the masjid inside as possible, not in the courtyard as some people do or in a 44 yard in a forecourt on the roof, staying

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right at the back and so on so forth. This is not the sooner you must get as close as possible to the front parts as possible to fill up and continue to make the lines as continuous as they can be. That isn't so the agent machine does apply in the harem. It is not

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something that should be done before toe up. So toe off is the primary thing if you're doing it but if you're not doing too often you should do too much like any other messages and the runners best. Thank you for watching. Please subscribe to the channel and like the videos so that you can get notified of the new releases and consider donating to this worthy cause.