Abdur-Raheem McCarthy – Using soap & shampoo while on Hajj. Is it permissible – Abdur Raheem McCarthy

Abdur-Raheem McCarthy
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how soap is considered a "perfume" and cannot be used with certain types of products. The natural soap used in these products is not NKF, but rather naturally scented ingredients like flowers, fruits, and carrot. The speaker warns against using these products and suggests that they are meant to match their perfumes.
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Is it permissible for us to use soap that scented or to use shampoo when we're making Hajj or Umrah and yes it is permissible him that it's permissible for us to use these types of soap these types of shampoo. Why because even though they might smell good, they're not a perfume and what's forbidden for us is to use the perfumes so that if most of these soaps they have a natural smell to them where they are, they smell like lemon they smell like flowers or what it might be. These are permissible there's no problem using these whatsoever and Chautala there are some types of soap that have a fragrance of smell to it. That is from a certain perfume like musc or rude or you have a certain

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perfume company that makes us soap to match one of their their perfumes these no we stay away from these because these are actually meant to be like perfumes. So these are not permissible, but the naturally scented ones flowers, lemon, whatever it might be. All of these are permissible no issues no

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