Prophet Muhammad pbuh is more than a Man

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Salam, aleikum. topsoccer My name is Shahid. I'm a salesman, like most people, I love you as well. Just like to ask you the question, could you define what a man and a pizza is? Because ultimately, we'd like to die with this in this state. And also, how this can be attained? Is there only fruta? One? If so, for which method of Dawa, because there's so many different efforts? The question What is the meaning of Eman? What is the meaning of aqeedah? And if thou then which method of Dawa Mr. misbelief you can give a lecture on demand for five other 10 as

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to what I don't know where to give a lecture on that? I don't know what do you mean? Do you have a hidden Allah subhanaw taala everything. So you can give a lecture on a man who can give a lecture on aqeedah? No reason is because some people seem to say that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was more than what he was. So as the question I asked

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masamoto Some people think that masala Salam is more than a man who is more than a man. Yes, he's more than a man. He's the best human being that we have in the world is more than a woman man. But, but I know what the question is. But he is not. Allah subhanaw taala he's a human being. He is far superior than any of us human beings. But he's mature.

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He's mature differences. He is like a human being he requests to eat, he required to sleep and he's dead. He was buried in Medina. But he was one of the best exemplary Muslims as Allah says in the Quran in surah, Kalam chapter number 16 verse number four, that verily thou our standard on the highest standard of character. Quran says in chapter 33, verse number 21, verily in the Prophet you shall find the most beautiful pattern of conduct. So as a human being is the best exemplary Muslim Alhamdulillah but he was a prophet of God. When we worship we have to worship Allah directly. We have to go through anyone, we have to ask him directly and openness as far as how to do Dabba doo da

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on the Quran and Sunnah as per the guidelines laid out in the Quran and Sunnah.

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And if you go to a website ireb dotnet with a lot of information on that hope that answers the question.