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The transcript describes the deaths of two Islam-speaking individuals, one of whom was a judge for disputes and was eventually found dead in a bath. The other was approached by a woman claiming she was a worker, but she claimed it was not. The police arrived and took down the individuals and their families, leading to the deaths of the individuals and their families. The importance of practicing Islam is emphasized, along with its physical and psychological aspect.

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Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shafi MBA mousseline Muhammad Rasool Allah is Allah Haile UI Lally he was a new Salam, just leaving Kofi Annan cathedra

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Mavado my brothers and sisters

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the story of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in Abu Bakr Siddiq Radha Lando is a very special story, there was a special bond between a worker Cynthia fragola Anna and Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam

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workers. Alana was two years younger than a supervisor.

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And he was one of the most highly respected people. in Makkah, he was a judge for disputes.

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He was somebody who had who had great eminence. And so when he accepted Islam, and he is the first adult, male man to accept Islam.

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When he accepted Islam, obviously the collage were extremely upset because it was not just the fact that that sort of person, I'm gonna follow up with the question of who that follower was. And for them to have somebody as,

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as as erudite and knowledgeable and respected as a worker Siddiq, or Delana was, was a huge setback for them. And they were very upset with that, but they could not do anything.

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everyone envied this bond between the socializer seller, and and we were going to sit different Delano, I will fast forward to the last code bothered as well as salam gave, which was on a Thursday, and he passed away the following Monday.

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So he passed away on the 12th, or of Euro well, and this football was, therefore on the eighth of Formula One.

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So nine, Friday, 10th,

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Saturday, 11, Sunday and 12 and I passed away. So on the eighth or abuna, one rustlers gave a hug

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which was a very long for them, but in the process, he said, If there is anyone who I owe anything to

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tell me what it is, and take it from me.

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One of those I have icdr so

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i You owe me something, he said, what is that? He said, You hurt me once, because you poked me in my belly with an arrow. Now how that happened was the wrestlers and Salem, he was very particular about being of the so forth in in Salah, the soft the lane, that the line must be absolutely straight, and that people must be standing shoulder to shoulder. And he would, he would actually walk in the line in the front, all along the line. And if there was somebody who was forward, he would push them back and sometimes he will use an arrow and he would hold the arrow as a marker. And if somebody was standing forward, he would you know, sort of gently push him with the arrow. So this person said

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when you hurt me because you poked me the arrows also said Come you come and do the same thing to me and take revenge and settle the matter here itself. Because I don't want this to go before Allah subhanaw taala so the man came and he said, You poked me in my belly. So he lifted up his shirt. The man kissed Surah Surah Salam on his stomach and he said Yara salah, I wanted to do this and that is why I said this Alhamdulillah there is no revenge. But you know, the work of your, of your blessed body.

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Now all this happened and then as soon as a seller made an announcement and he said,

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Allah is my witness that I have settled all debts, I do not owe anything to anybody except Abu Bakr and Allah subhanho wa Taala will settle my debt with Abu Bakr on my behalf.

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So this is our Cydia for

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you know, interesting incident was that during the Khilafah of Omar Satara Delano, he was walking down the street one day and he overheard some people sitting there in a little,

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little Holika

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district discussing who was a better Felisa a worker or Omar Villanueva.

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And the people said no, there is nobody like Omar if Nakata

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But the longer he is the best, and they didn't see him. They were not saying that to please Him, they did not realize he was there he, as he was passing, say that Omar immediately rushed to them. And he said to them, one day,

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in the life of our burger is better than the entire family of Amr.

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He says, One day in his life is better than the entire meaning his own deeds and the deeds of all his family, in another place, and then our alarm was reported to have said, one day and one night in the life of our workers,

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is better than all my life and his seven hours life and the life of his whole family, all the deeds, all of those are less than one day and one night in the life of

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Allah. They asked him, I said, which they wish that he said the night in the bar of Thor, the night in the heart of Thor and cave of Thor, and the day of the via,

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why he said, who they were and so on, we will come to that in due course in his lectures, when we come to there, but this is what he said. So, I will consider Delano was

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had a very special bond with Mr. Selim. This was recognized by the Sahaba and this is how he became the Khalifa. He became the Khalifa because when they were having that whole debate and discussion in the

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among the outside and they had your own, say that Omar Delano stood up and said, Who among you

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will be willing to have to be the Imam and the Sahaba had this way,

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this way, using the Salah as the

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example to illustrate all of life. And that's the reason why for six days before rasuna Saracen passed away during his illness, he directed that Abubakar said therefore the Allahu must lead Surah Now one of those days by mistake a will consider for the land was not there. So below the line who called Amargosa Tabatha Delano to lead Saranda Surah Surah Salam was upset, he said Allah and is in a B and the Muslim will not accept anyone other than a will walk up and say that one of the man who was very upset he said, he said to bill along the line you put me in the spot. telenovela said no, I did what is understood and accepted among us that the two people who are

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the leaders after a salsa Salah is our worker and you an hour and he said, we're not here. So I called you. So I'm not I'm not, you know, I'm not at fault. Anyway.

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Good to know these things. Because sometimes these arguments come up. So say that I over underline who made this announcement and he said, Who among us will be willing to be the imam in Salah and I will back up on the Allah No, is a mock study. And people vary as we learn this and all the luck is completely unthinkable, not doable will never happen. So he said, then I extend my hand and I give my baya to

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Milan who and you do the same and everybody did the same.

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Right? Now we're gonna see this with the law who was recognized by the Sahaba as their chef as the leader, after Rasulillah Salam and then Amara Delana was recognized as the next one another. Since we are on the subject, another beautiful Hadith say you had this woman came to me.

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And he was sitting with Abu Bakr and Omar Abdullah Anwar, this lady came and she asked us a question. And as soon as I said, I'm said Come tomorrow, I will give you the answer, inshallah.

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The woman said, yes, if you are not there, what should I do? And by that she meant, she said, she said it in a way that if you have passed away, right, so she said, if you are not there, then what should I do? He said, Ask a worker. And she said, if he's not there, what should I do? He said ask him or of the alarm. So this is a accepted

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hierarchy and Norm among all of us. Hello. So now that

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I was alone, Bashar Bashar Al Ambia with the heat Abubakar, acidic or the Allahu, that the best of people after the prophets is our procedure for the law no and after him is Omar Abdullah.

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Now to continue with our story, they stayed in this cave

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for three days in light of thought, and

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Abdullah even Abu Bakr, his son would spend the day in Makkah gathering intelligence

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And then he would spend the night in the cave with Olga Cydia can also Allah he's on a Salam

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when he went there in the evening he would have amor been for Hydra on their land who

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to follow him with a flock of sheep

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to for their milk as well as to wipe out his tracks.

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Abdullah bin raikot was the guide or Vilano to take them to Medina and to take them by a different route

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from what was normally taken by people because this was you know, they were they were escaping they had a price on their head. And so this was the this was his job. Now Abdullah raikot was emotionally he was not a Muslim, but he guided us on us and Salaam and Oba la no to Medina later he became a Muslim and he's ending also with a very beautiful story of how he passed away Shaheed visa vie de la and we will come to that inshallah at some point

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the correct set a bounty of 100 camels each on the heads of rasool Allah so salah, and I will work on the of the Allah on who Dead or Alive Subhanallah I mean a Jeep.

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Now, one of the Quraysh Soraka when Malik was sitting with his people when someone came and he said that he saw two men

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on the road, and he said that he suspected that this was

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these two were

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a source of Salah and Abu Bakr Siddiq. So

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So rather than desire, because he's you know, he wanted the menu if he gets 200 camels. The 100 cows is a huge word even today, it's a huge amount of money in those days, it was big money. And 100 camels was the was the blood money for somebody who was murdered. So he quietly got up.

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He prepared his horse and his weapons. And he

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took off in pursuit of Rasulullah sallallahu. Now, resources salaam was reciting Quran as he was walking. But our Alana was, as I mentioned earlier, he was extremely alert, then he will be constantly looking and so on. And if he sensed any danger from the back, he would walk behind him. So set them up since the danger in the front, they would walk in front so he would take the brunt of the of any potential attack on himself and not allow it to harm Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. So workers era Delano, he saw Soraka with Malik. And he told us also salah, and this was in the mid da so Soraka with Malik is now waiting, he's galloping. And suddenly his horse sank in the in the sand.

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And he toppled if we fell down, all spelled out. And Soraka was very surprised that these are people who are these are these are expert horsemen. These are people you know, literally sort of born on a horse. They don't fall. I mean, these things don't happen to them. But he felt up to then he got up again he mounted his horse and then he again he

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galloped in pursuit and the same thing happened again he again he fell down, the horse fell down and he pulled up. And then he got up again and he went for a third time and the same thing happened to third time now he decided he this you realize this is not this is not an accident. Here realize that this is something serious. So he

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did this. So Allah Allah subhanaw taala gives Dolphy to do who he wants, and that is based on the sincerity of the individual. So So Rami Malik, then he came now now he's still coming to the to the restaurant as asylum and Ogasawara Delano, but his intention has changed. He's not coming there to kill them to to capture them. He is now coming as a supplicant. So he came and he fell at the speed and he begged him for peace, he begged him for,

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for protection.

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sort of give you protection. The then he said, he said to us, you know, for thinking when he said he was on salary, he said, Please give it to a writing. And I mean, you need some time. You're saying now only these people. You're intimidating. So our work has evolved some parchment and he wrote it and Rosaura citizen gave it to

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him in writing, and

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soda with Valley kept this safely. Many years later, when

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Salam laid siege to thrive in the Battle of na

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So Erica and Malik was there and he pulled out this document, it might remind you, when he made it, he's to carry it with him. He pulled out his document and that saved his life, otherwise he would have got killed.

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it also doesn't offend him said to him,

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I will give you this protection on condition number one that you don't tell the college value that you found us and know where we are. And also if somebody wants to pursue us and so on, then you try to persuade them weaken the result try to persuade them that this was that that's not a good idea. So Surah COVID Malik was true to his word he did that.

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Anyone in the when he returned to the forage? He said no, this story was false. I didn't find them. And he said nobody can find them you know, just forget they've gone gone leave them. So he did that he was true to his word

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of not giving up and not you know, betraying Rasul Allah, He Son of the Holy salah.

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They continued

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these three people that was Rasulullah Salem, they were awoken to Cydia for Delano. And there was

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the Lebanon raikot, who was the guy guide to them.

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They came to

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of a lady who has become famous in the history of Rasulullah sallallahu. And in the Sierra, for the beauty of her

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of her description of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam

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personality. And this lady was her name was on the merit of the law.

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She was so when these three companions, they came to her camp, she greeted them and overseers. Alana said, Can you? Do you have anything that we can buy? Can we buy some food from you? Or, you know, some milk or something? She said, I have nothing. You said if I had something, you will not need to buy it. And you will not be asked that as you're well known as a very generous lady. She said you would not need to ask me and you would not need to buy.

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Then this was a sell off saw a in her camp he saw one sickly looking good.

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So he said can I

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will you permit me to milk this goat? The lady said that this goat is

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dry. It is weak. If this goat was capable of doing anything of giving any milk that she would have, my husband would have taken a grazing with the rest of the flock in the morning. But she this goat is useless.

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Anyway, can you allow me to he said yes, please go ahead if you want to milk her. And try you can do that. As well as I sort of asked her to bring a container. And he said Bring a big container. So she brought his big container.

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So the past is blessed hand over the goat. And then he started milking this goat and his container filled up completely. And God gives so much make the container completely filled up. Then the soil as salam gave the milk to my mother.

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She drank

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to her field. And then the container went to

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to the others. It went to

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up the loving record. And then it went over Garcinia Delano and then the soda Seltzer and drank last. And then he milked it again, he made the goat again. And the container filled up again and again. They all drank to their fill. And then he made the goat for the third time and he left that container with the full container of milk with my environment or the allow now move out of the lung obviously she accept this love that's why I'm saying

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and then they left on the way to the in the evening. Mama Mama dog that Anna's husband,

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he came and he saw this container for me. He said where the money came from. And she then narrated the story. She said these three people came and so he said describe for me the Rasul of Allah because they knew they knew who he was. And she gave this this this description which

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is one of the pearls of the Arabic language and

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It is preserved 100 in the Sierra

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for all time, that

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gives tells us what nationalism looked like. She said, I saw him to be a man of evidence blender, fine in Figure his face handsome, slim in form his head not too small, elegant and good looking. His eyes black eyelashes long, his voice deep, very intelligent, his brows high and arched, his hair in plants, his neck long and beard thick. He gave an impression of dignity when silent and have high intelligence when he spoke. His words were impressive and he was decisive, not trivial, not trite. His ideas like pearls moving on their string, he seemed the most splendid and fine looking man from a distance, and the very best of all from close by, medium in height, the eye, not finding him to

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draw nor to short, a tree branch as it were, between two others, but he was the finest looking of the three, the best proportion, he was the center of his companions attention.

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When he spoke, they listened.

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If he ordered the hurried to obey,

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a man well helped, well served, never sullen, never refuted.

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When she

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made this description, the husband said this must be Mohamed Salah salah, who the Quran are pursuing, and if I meet him, I will pledge allegiance to him and become Muslim. Oh, Maria, the villain had already become Muslim. And later on, she and her husband went to Medina, Medina, and the husband also accepted Islam.

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My brothers and sisters

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important thing to understand in this Hijra is the concept of it, which is both figurative and literal.

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In the Hadith, I wanna say,

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as soon as that as an absurd Hegira is to leave what Allah subhanaw taala dislikes, to emigrate from a state of sin, to the state of obedience to Allah subhanaw taala. Right to move our hearts, our minds, our actions, our behavior,

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our decisions, from what Allah dislikes, to what Allah likes. This is

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the aspect of hijra, which is mandatory, which is formed on every Muslim, to consciously move away from all kinds of disobedience to the obedience of Allah subhanahu wata,

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be it in our personal lives be it and how we speak, lead and how we treat people be it and how we behave we beat in the businesses we have in our homes, personnel, collective, whatever they are to move away from the disobedience of Allah to the obedience of Allah. This is the figurative, the conceptual, the ideological Hegira which is further on every Muslim any moment we said La ilaha illallah this Hijra became forced on us,

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it is not correct, it is not respectable for somebody who said La ilaha illallah to engage in anything which is her right is very important. Now, the physical nature of course, is to move from a place of evil to a place which is better. And this This applies to living in any place where you are unable to practice your deed. Now please understand this. It is not haram for you to live in a non Muslim country.

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As a matter of fact, if you go to live in a non Muslim country with the intention and you should make this intention with the intention of introducing Islam to the people of introducing Allah subhanaw taala to the people of living in that non Muslim country as a Muslim, with the intention of showing Islam in practice to the people, that this kind of visa is for it's kind of era is mandatory.

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This kind of Asia is inshallah ibadah. And this kind of Asia insha Allah will be Wartsila for us on the Day of Judgment, right so if somebody tells you it is haram live in non Muslim country, they're talking to that, no such thing. If that was the case, the Sahaba would never have left

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the Hejaz, the Sahaba went all over the world, to non Muslim countries, they went to India, which was a Hindu country, they went to China, which was a Buddhist and a Confucius country. Right. They went all over the place they went to Spain, which was a, which was a Christian country, they went all over the place to play two places which were non Muslim, and they presented Islam to the people and that is how Islam came to our country's Islam given to my country in four Hijra

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in four Hijiri when the sources Allah was still in my office, he was in Medina at that time, right.

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Islam came to India in for Hijiri in a place called Quran galore, which is, which is near Cochin in Kerala Sahaba came there, why did they come there? If it was haram, they came there, they stayed there, they lived there, they died there they are buried there. They would have left and gone away, they would have made on Byun and got no

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so please understand this, this kind of extremist thinking is that is haram. It's not it's not the movie, your intention? If you're going there to spread Islam, we're going there to present Islam to the people to show them to showcase Islam because there's so much of Islamophobia. The reason is because people are ignorant of Islam, if they want to see Islam, where are they supposed to go? Right. And may Allah protect us there is there is very little Islam in our so called Muslim countries.

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We are Muslim countries where interest based banking is permitted, which Allah subhanaw taala declared war on their Muslim countries where we have big gambling dens and big casinos, we are Muslim countries, which have which have big factories, producing Heineken beer and other things. Right. So please understand this, this is a there's no in Islam, he that ideological hatred,

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conceptually, which is to move our own behavior, from,

00:27:16--> 00:27:54

from the disobedience of Allah to the obedience of Allah, this is further everybody. And if you are living in a place where you are unable to fulfill and live by your religion, then it becomes also incumbent on you to leave that place and go live in a place where you can practice and if you are living in a place that really now we live in countries which are technically non Muslim, they are secular countries or they are Christian countries or something. But there is the you have complete freedom to practice your religion to dress the way you want to practice the way you want worship, worship how you want to propagate your religion to talk about your religion Hamdulillah this is this

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is absolutely beautiful, right? I live in America, the the right of a Muslim to practices behavior for women to wear hijab, for for people, I dress like this. Nobody nobody criticizes me. For women to wear hijab in America, it is the right of women to wear hijab, in colleges and schools, they have they have a director of spiritual affairs, in universities who's a professor or who's pay we're going to get some big salaries and everything else. And they have resources, they have budgets, where they promote this not only for Islam, they do it for all religions, right. Sandal Islam also benefit from this. So, if you are living in a country like this, where you are permitted to practice

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your religion Hamdulillah we thank Allah subhanaw taala for this we we thank ultramarathoner for giving us the space and that space therefore must be used with respect we we need to live in these countries in a way which is beautiful, which demonstrates beautiful Islamic values where people will will value us as their neighbors as their community members and by our behavior, we practice and we

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present Islam to the people so this is very, very important

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for us to remember and to do. Inshallah more in our next class

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are sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa Sahbihi his main erotic rahimian Our hamdulillah Billa me