Drug Dealer and Muslim!

Zahir Mahmood


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I asked you what would you say about the person whose intention it was to destroy the Kaaba, you would say he's a degenerate, you would say he's the scum of the earth.

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I'm saying that the blood of one believer is more precious than the gap. And now you see some norm that a Muslim will take the life of another Muslim. We complain that globally, the kuffaar are taking our lives, but you look at the kuffaar one taken and we would be taking them. You don't have to go far. You don't have to go global. You don't have to go nationally, you can go local, where one gangster will pop up another gangster, one Muslim will pop up another Muslim because he wants to be the baddest drug dealer in town. Because he wants to have the greatest street cred in town, and he will kill his Muslim brother, because he's deluded by this dunya I often wonder what will these

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people do on the Day of Judgment, when they stand in front of a Los Banos, Allah and the wife will come and she will say, this is the man who left me a widow. I also wonder what will they do on the day of judgment when the child will come? And he will say, Oh Allah, this is the man who left me an orphan. And the time with a robot is a Muslim. There was as a hobby. He was in the battlefield, and he was about to strike the enemy. And when he saw that this army was about to strike him, he threw down his armor, and he said, I should do Lai Lama, and the zombies still struck him. And when they came back to the province,

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and they told him about is a Muslim, what happened? The province of Malaysia became so enraged is that what will you do on the Day of Judgment, where the person will come with a kalama La ilaha illallah

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wa sallam repeated this again and again and again. And isabey mentioned that when I saw the angle of the movie is a Muslim, I said, Oh, my God to save his neck, and the boy is more angry. And he said, Dr. Dre, said, Did you slit open a chest to see what was in his heart?

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Did you open a chest to see what was in his heart, and some narrations, it is mentioned that this hobby was no other than Osama bin Zayed or the Beloved of the Prophet. And as an Iranian mentioned, that is a hobby. He says, When I saw the anger of the province of La Silla, I wish that I hadn't embraced Islam until that day.

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This was a council who was in a battlefield, and he said possibility that he recited kalama La ilaha illAllah to save his neck. But look at the response of the province of la sala because this is the value of a life of a believer.

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And now you see Muslims puppet of other Muslims. Why? Because they want shriek with because they want to be the baddest drug dealers in town. What will these people do on the day of judgment when they stand in front of Allah subhanaw taala?

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What will these people respond to a loss bonds Allah when the person whose life they have taken stands in front of them?

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What will these people do? And the reality is many youngsters are very impressed by these drug dealers. You know, you drive a 50,000 pound car, you have a thick wallet, and you don't have to work a day in your life.

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And they see these people and they become envious, easy way out. But let me tell you, Allah deprives these people of any back end their life and this is a reality. I've spoken to these people, they have no Baraka in their life. And the reason for that is that they always watching their own back. Why? Because Allah makes their life a misery like they make other people's lives

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by they make other innocent people life a misery.

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Have you ever seen a woman whose husbands are junk? And he comes home and he batters his wife? black and blue? Don't you think Allah, Allah is a Christ? That you think this affects the drug dealer? Have you ever seen the child who's literally bought up an orphan? Because his father druggie, and he has no time for a child? That you think Allah sees the loss of childhood? That you think this affects the drug dealer? Have you ever seen parents who bring up their childhood all the love and affection in this dunya and they have lost the aspiration for that child and he becomes a crackhead. And the same child who should be the coolness of his parents eyes, steals a beat his own parents

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that you think a lot. Here's the pain and the anguish which emanates from their heart. Don't you know that between the drop of a Muslim person Allah subhanaw taala there is no easy job. Allah hates that directly.

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How many people's lives do these people make a misery? And how many youngsters suck up to these guys? Make them their role models. Let me tell you, these people are not men. These people are bloodsuckers of innocent people because they are number one, and they don't give a jack about anybody else. And this is a reality. They don't care. They don't care at this point people's homes as long as they drive them because they're sick wallets. And these are not men living

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Define for you what a real man is. Not through my word, but the word of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is Allah Salama speaking to the Sahaba of the Allahu? And he said, Who is the strongest from amongst you? And they said it's him who can overpower him is him who can overpower him? You know, like we say it's him.

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You know who pumps the most iron? It's him who does it do? It's him who the gun man. You don't take other people's life without a flitch and then they regard himself bad. The problem is Allah Salam said, No, it's not them.

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Is that person that when he's angry, he can control his anger. This is a real man because it's easier to punch out somebody lights than to forgive.

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This is a real man and everyone understand that if you are one impressed by these people that drug dealers etc, then you're a weak person, a real man his name Luca good showed his nuts because he understands that on the Day of Judgment, he will stand in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala and whatever action he has done in this dunya he will have to answer in front of Allah Spano tala, that is a real man, a man who can control his anger when he's angry.