Yasir Qadhi – Tafseer of Surah Al-Balad

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The three meanings of the word Makkah in Arabic script are discussed, including being the city, being the city, and being a mother. The Prophet system is emphasized as the source of creation and the holiest person in the culture. The importance of avoiding slavery and being mindful of others' needs is also emphasized. The segment emphasizes the need for compassion and consideration for others, as well as the importance of freeing individuals and sharing good food to help others.
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Allah subhana wa Tada reveals to us that well, it is the early makansutra as the standard styles of the early makansutra. The customs that occur always the custom, the oath that occurs it is a sign of the makansutra. And Kela is a sign of the makansutra. And the short, you know, powerful succinct versus sign of the makansutra. So suited better exactly as it exemplifies all of the characteristics of the makansutra. And Allah subhana wa Tada begins as usual in the muck and sorrows by the custom. And the purpose of the custom is to draw attention to what is going to be sworn about what is the emphasis that is going to be given sort of those custom has only to customs law or Qasim will be

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handled better. Now, the word law throws a lot of non Arabs off because the first thing you'll learn in Arabic Nam and Allah, Allah is taught to you to be No, actually there's three types of law in the Arabic language and the rarest type. And the most difficult for the non Arab to recognize is this type law oxymoron. This is actually some call it Zaida little kid but however you call it depends on your Arabic, you know, schools that you're taught. But this is a law that has the exact opposite meaning of the typical law, which is no, this means yes, indeed. It's literally flipped around. So obviously they're not always confused. How can I tell the difference between yes and no when you're

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using the same word, right? And the response is very simple. When the context makes it impossible to understand no a negation it flips around and it becomes an emphasis a toolkit. This is what we're truly trying to say that oxygen will be handleable I'm especially swearing by this ballot, by this ballot means maca, of course, so it flips the script and it becomes an extra emphasis right? So Allah azza wa jal is saying I'm giving us some of a special emphasis by this city of Makkah. So Allah is giving an oath and emphasizing the oath by Makkah. And the law as we said is the extra emphasis here and of course giving the oath by Maccha as we know and you have studied so many times,

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whenever Allah gives a custom automatically implies the object of the custom is something that is extra special extra blessing, right? So whenever ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala gives the custom that will allow sir What do what Shem see, it is one of the signs of Allah subhana wa taala. Therefore what Allah is giving the custom by the city of Mecca, so automatically Maca is being exalted by this person. Whenever Allah chooses an object to give possum it is a sign that this is not your average creation. It is something special. So Allah has given us on by the city of Mecca, la oxime will be handled by Allah and Allah is saying hi that again to emphasize this very city, one Tehillim be

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handled better. And you are hill in the city. There are three meanings of Hill in this context number one, and you are living in the city. Number two, this is a bit complicated. Maca is haram, which means it's sacred. Well, until you have not managed to maintain this. You have not been given the sanctity of Makkah by the people of Makkah. So everybody should have a state of sanctity. But the people of Makkah have not cared about the Haram status. And they have made you Halal in the Haram. Meaning they don't care. They have persecuted you. They're trying to kill you. They're trying to expel you. So the people of Makkah have failed to keep the Haram status by making you Hala, you

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get that point right. That's the second meaning one to Hill. And the third meaning as even Abbas said, This surah was revealed in early Makkah and it is a prediction of the conquest of Makkah how how is Allah predicting the conquest of Makkah one to HiLine via del Bellet. You are going to make the Haram halal for a while you shall be given the right to invade Makkah and take it over. Allah is telling him that you ya rasool Allah have the right to make Maccha halal. Even though Maca is haram haram means everything is prohibited that's outside meaning you cannot turn to cannot you know anything that is halal outside maca that is going to be harmful inside Maccha for example hunting

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classic example right inside maca it becomes not allowed that's why it's called haram. What Underhill Allah is giving him the license and Allah is telling him you are Rasulullah you will have a special status. And when our Prophet says some conquered Makkah, what did he say? He said Allah has made MK a haram from the time of Ibrahim, and it shall remain a haram until the day of judgment. And Allah has made it halal for me just for an hour of the day. That's what he said, Right? Allah has made it halal for me, meaning the Haram status has been lifted. And of course you understand in the Sharia, you are never allowed to attack. Any country having war I think you cannot attack MCCA

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those that have attacked it in the past. That's one of the things that was criticized against them the talks they give over you right so the Profit System a tactic

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Then he said Let no one say that the Prophet system made MCCA halal, no, it is haram and it has been haram and it shall remain haram but Allah has lifted the Haram status for me and made it halal sir item in the house so it doesn't mean our means a short portion of the day. So one to help learn the adult better, right? You are halal, you have been made allowed to make Halal in this better. So this is three meanings for one to help. And then number the second person will lead in one my wallet, Allah is giving an oath by the concept of fatherhood, and the child that comes and you can also translate while it even though it's not direct meaning but what it also means mother meaning a

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parent and what the parent gives birth to obviously the primary meaning the father and what the Father Syers but what is the concept so Allah is giving a custom by what one? What opinion says the why that here is Adam that one wallet, when my wallet all of mankind. The second opinion here, your wallet, Dr. Rasulullah Ibrahim alayhis salam, when my wallet you your rasool Allah so the custom goes to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, and the third opinion, it's apt, upon its meaning of its generality, every parent and the child that the parent has born, meaning Allah is getting a custom by the act of creation, by the beauty of this life, that you know, we we have children, the children

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take over, they have children, so Allah is giving a custom by this sign of nature because most of the person in the Quran, it is about one of the miracles signs of nature, the sun the moon in a sham see what else it will go up so a lot it didn't want my what Allah is allowing us and emphasizing for us the beauty of creation, how every few generations has a whole new batches on mankind, where did the previous go is gone and the next batch is going to come? So Allah is asking us to think about the continuity of creation and his power. So if we say that it is Ibrahim and the Prophet SAW Selim, so then we are saying that Allah subhana wa Taala is emphasizing the Prophet system is living in the

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holiest of places, and He Himself is the holiest person in terms of lineage who has the greatest lineage. So maca and your lineage Jada? suta, Allah, you are a special person. So this is also derived and it's not, you know, it's not far fetched. It's also there. And of course, we always say, Allah azza wa jal intentionally has multiple meanings and they're all valid here, nothing wrong with it, they can apply to Abraham in the process, and it can apply to Adam and all of mankind, and it could apply to any person and the child they start it's all valid in this meaning. So these are two customs that and that is Laos and will be handled valid. Well, why didn't one what what is the

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object of the custom Nakahara in Santa Fe code, but this is the line that Allah wants to emphasize. So remember, every time you have a customer in the Quran, you have to wait What is Allah gonna emphasize? So while also and then in the center, the vehicles we see right there and then with ships, you will have 15 customs and then you get the object of the custom here in that local Huracan. In Santa Fe cupboard. We created man in cupboard cupboard What does cupboard mean? cupboard Of course, the Arabs, no kibbutz is the liver, right? So the Arabs used to think this is the you know, the way they used to think that when you're in a lot of distress, and you're under a lot of,

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of, you know, hurt and whatnot, your liver is going to be in pain. So when they were hurt and in stress, they would say I'm in cupboard, as if my liver is in pain, that would just ascribe the pain to the mold or to the to the place of the of the cupboard. So Nakahara and Santa Fe cupboard can be translated as two ways. We have created man in pain, meaning, this life is a test, and you shall never in this dunya be in ultimate peace. Oh man, don't think you will find your happiness in this dunya This is not the place of happiness. Realize this is the land and the doubt of cupboard so your hat so when Allah is saying that you will this this land is covered automatically there's an

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implication there's a next land there's no covered if you act properly and that's what the verses goes on to say that's the first meaning covered here is that that is pain. Second meaning cupboard means mokaba Which means that he is not in pain but he's actually you can say being stubborn or causing pain like that's the meaning macabre you're causing pain to others, which then means being stubborn being rejecting. So cupboard can both mean the recipient of the pain like we are in pain we created man he is in pain or we created man now you know linguistically causing pain but the meaning here stubbornness rejecting so look at the hierarchy in Santa Fe cupboard we created man and man is

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the only creation arrogant against us. All of the other creation is submitting to us. Right the trees the moon, you know the the animals they don't reject us. Only man Nakahara in Santa Fe cupboard man is the one who is rejecting so covered we said hello both and again this is the beauty of the Quran. So the first meaning of covered this is the world of pain and suffering.

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praying and that is absolutely true in this dunya no matter who you are what you are something is gonna cause you stress. The second meaning is that oh man, you are the creation out of all of the Creation who has the arrogance to be stubborn? Right the harlequin

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Harlequin Sana hello we created man always complaining in MS several Adel menorah with Emma Soto JoJo Joshua, if good happens, it becomes stingy. If bad happens to him, he becomes something complaining he's never happy and satisfied. So this is the meaning of the second meaning of cabinet, colorful and centerview cupboard. So most, the more appropriate meaning for the next verse is the second one which is we created man in rejecting an arrogance. Several other than yuck Dara Allah He had because the next verse clarifies he is rejecting me. Does he not think we have a control over him? I said, well, then yuck there are they he had? Doesn't he realize he is not in control? Doesn't

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he realize that he is being controlled, we are able to have power over him. No man has control of his own destiny. Allah azza wa jal is in control. Don't you realize, Oh man, that you're being arrogant against me. And I control you I have given you life I will give you a death. Yeah, so Allah, Allah He had, then Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions now one, one interpretation is that there was a person in Makkah. Anytime you find something like this, realize when when you find the story of the suburb and resume, that story might help you understand the verse but the verses are always broader than the person. Allah never really revealed the Quran just for that one person in Makkah,

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the story helps you understand, but the verses are always applicable until the day of judgment. So there is a story found in some of the books of tafseer that a person refused to accept Islam. And he said, I have spent so much money you know, against the prophets of Allah who I sent him Why should I embrace the faith? I'm spending money to you know, make sure this that will of Islam is not successful. So yeah, oh Allah to Marla Luba. So this is the story that is mentioned of this person that he said, I spent so much money against Islam. And this is the point here, but you can go broader than this, even if it's not related just to this person. Allah is talking about the

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arrogance of man, man has a tendency to boast about his wealth and what he spent man has a tendency to find comfort and to think that giving money for something expensive Oh, look at the watch. I have looked at the house I have looked at how much I spent on this, right? Yeah. Oh Allah to Allah Luba. Luba means plenty of money. I've spent too much money, I spent a lot of money. So he is boasting to his friends, his relatives, this is the amount of money I have, and I've spent it on this. Then Allah says, What is your worth of money? Look at things that you have that you take for granted more precious to the new than all of your money, I'm gonna die No, who I mean, what is done in Russia for

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18? What are they now who knows? Then you're boasting about your money, who gave you the very characteristics that caused you to be who you are, who gave you your eyesight, who gave you your tongue, who gave you your chef attain your mouth and your lips that you are speaking with, and of course chef attain and listen is an indication who gave you the power of speech. And the power of speech is an indication of the outcome because you need mind to speak. So Allah is saying, Who made you intelligent, and who made you capable of expressing these thoughts to others. So the fact that you did not have any inherent power, and Allah gave it to you should humble you should make you

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realize and appreciate the blessings Allah has given you. A lemenager Allah who I named what he said, and whichever attain will have a Nahoon edge. Then we guided him to the two stars, the two stars here means in the head, they know who Sabina in my chakra what America for the two directions, the direction of good direction of evil, we allowed him the opportunity to go here or there. It's up to you what you want to do. So Nadine, the two stars is an indication, it's not actual stars, meaning nudged here is the direction, we gave him the opportunity to go either direction. You can go right you can go left meaning you can go to gender or stock photo or you can go the other way. What

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are they now hundreds, then we told you how to get to either one of them, you know the direction. That's what the purpose of the start is? What does it start? Do? You have the direction. So Allah is saying we didn't leave you without any direction. We gave you the guidance, not just the intellect and the mind and the tongue. We even told you this is the way to Jannah and if you don't do it, we told you the other way over there will hurt they now have an edge again. Then Allah is saying after all of these blessings, Fela kata Hamad Acaba, he did not take advantage of all of this and he did not occur to him and Acaba. It's a very, very powerful and beautiful phrase. He did not struggle in

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his life to overcome acaba can be translated as a mountain let's say So to overcome that which was Steve and put a hammer to put in your effort to exert acaba something that you're going to overcome if you exert so and that's why a mountain is called Alaba.

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Right, so you have the mountain or a hill called acaba. So it's as if Allah is saying, If you exerted just a little bit, you would have been able to overcome the difficulty but you didn't exert falcata Yamanaka you didn't put in the effort to find the right way to overcome the difficulty and get to the safety. What is the safety for Dr. Hyman welcome Wilma Rockem Acaba, what will make you understand this difficult thing if you overcame it, then life would be easy for you. If you put in the effort to get over this bridge this Ill then everything would be easy for you. What is the acaba? What is the the struggle that you should do? Allah azza wa jal says fuck Karaca you should

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free a slave. That's what you should be doing. Or it's Armin, give food on a day that is very difficult for you. If you omit the Messiah, you yourself have little food. On that day. Go find somebody and share your food with who is the first person you should share your full food with your team and then Makarova go find an orphan in your extended family. Go find a cousin of yours who has an orphan go find somebody in your clan, a child that is starving and give him the food on the day you yourself need that food that is our club. That is the Aqaba. And if you had crossed that Acaba then you will be on the right edge you were on the right head, I need a headache. Now you're going

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to be on the right subnet if you do that, right. So what is the acaba Sakura cover freeing a slave so freeing the slave of course, I mean, the whole concept of slavery, you know, in Islam, Allah azza wa jal encouraged one of the greatest acts of worship. And the goal of the Sharia, I really it is true to say is to minimize and eventually then now it is eliminated, it is actually very, we don't need it, that aspect of the of humanity that was there. So Allah is encouraging this, by the way, those, the freeing of the slave was a very, very expensive thing. Don't think it's something cheap, and what do you gain when you free a slave? Nothing, you are literally giving, you know, 10s of

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1000s of dollars, and a person in slavery becomes free. What do you get nothing. This is the imagined like you know, there's literally and so Allah is saying, this is the Aqaba. So imagine the Sharia is encouraging you to spend a fortune in freeing somebody that has no relation to you, freeing for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala This is the Islamic version of Shetty of slavery, wanting to free the slaves. Another thing you can do, as we said, the Quran says, giving food to the hungry the day you yourself need that food and Subhanallah brothers and sisters will lie we are I should we should all be embarrassed. These verses came down. And the Muslims of Makkah were

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struggling with poverty with food. And Allah is saying this is where your salvation lies. Imagine how where we are now with our wealth and our food. Imagine our pantries Sahaba could never have imagined the overflowing pantries we have right? Allah is saying on the day that is difficult for you. And you only have a small amount. Go find your team. Go find them skin that is that Matoba stuck to the ground he has he's so he's so weak, he is going to be under to rob go find him his skin that is literally starving from hunger and the day that feeding is difficult for you for yourself. Share your food with your team, share your food with them his skin. This is the acaba that if you do

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it right, so Oh, so I'm gonna film with him as Raba Yeah, team and they're Makarova, a team that is cleaved to you or your team that's related to you, oh Mysskin or any Mysskin there Matoba he is starving. He is on the, you know, to Robbie's like lying down on the dust. So McKenna, then so macadam, in Medina Avenue, what I was hoping somebody would also build Mohammed, along with feeding the hungry, and along with freeing the slave, this person should also be of those who have Iman, and those who advise others to be patient and advise others to be compassionate notice the first requirement that Allah said to pass the test generosity, then Allah says, but being generous in and

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of itself is not good enough. You must have Iman, if you're generous without Iman, the people will love you. But you haven't got the acaba yet. If you're generous with iman, then you have passed the test, right? And again, we have to look at ourselves How have we perceive the religion to be I've said this multiple times, our understanding of religiosity is primarily rituals. And we forget early makansutra has emphasized charity more than they emphasize rituals. Early. Most consumers emphasize kindness and giving to others and bringing about this change. If I'm so many verses of Islam, I went over them many times in front of you, right? The earliest Mac consumer has always talked about and

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the society where these verses were revealed was an impoverished poor society. There were people all of them there was no rich savvy and Maccha nobody was wealthy and MCCA everybody's struggling and in that society, Allah says you want to rise high, then you share your food with the people that

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As the person who will pass the ACA and he has imagined, and he's helping others in sober and in Merhaba, meaning he is not selfish, only caring about himself, he's also being a source of good for other people, advising others in good, being compassionate to people giving people hope, telling them to be patient, in other words, an active member of a society a person who is known to be giving reference and compassion and kindness. Right so along with Eman to also the somebody will also Bill Maher hammer, he is helping others whenever they're going through difficult times he gives them that patients they need a kind word, maybe some generosity, you know just a shoulder to cry on that that

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is the law. So you're helping underdog and Warhammer you're showing compassion hula it got us humble manner. These are the fortunate and blessed people. These are the ones who have passed the APA and save themselves. Right. So that's the positive and then the opposite. Those who are CAFO those who have rejected Allah subhanho wa taala. They are as hobbled mush, Amma, they are the ones who are not fortunate. They are the ones who are going to be sad, and they're the ones who are going to be lacking any blessing. And I lay him down on what solder they shall be punished in the fire that is surrounding them. Short, sweet sutra. It's so beautiful. It gives all of the Archon it tells us

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about the reality of why Allah created us. It tells us about the arrogance of mankind. It tells us that no one should feel that they're doing something amazing if they're simply spending money, what you have of your blessings is more precious than all the money you have and you have them for free. All of these blessings we have Allah gave them and the response to these blessings should be that we are overcoming the struggle and the struggles Allah tells us in the Quran, being generous unto others, helping other people out advising people and having Iman and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada May Allah Subhana Allah make us of the US How will my mana Zack malaco Allah here Baraka

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