Zakir Naik – Prophesies of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in the Hindu Scriptures – The Puranas

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The Bible is discussed, highlighting its significance and various legends and myths. The Parana, which is associated with the "has been," is discussed, along with the presence of the Mahdi, which is seen in various media. The prophecy of Islam is also discussed, including references to peace, the return of Islam, and the presence of the Raja boat. The transcript uses various examples and references to people and events.
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Let's first discuss Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in the Hindu scriptures.

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The Hindu scriptures can be broadly divided into two categories, the shooties and the species Sruthi. Me means, that which is revealed,

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which is understood,

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which is heard.

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The surety, according to the Hindu scholars is considered to be the Word of God and they are divided into two parts, the weight and the Upanishads. The Sanskrit word Wade is derived from the word wisdom, which means knowledge or excellence. And there are four types of words required to generate some weight and have it

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though, exactly when

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did these weights come into existence is not known. But according to Swami dayanand Saraswati, who's the founder of the Arya Samaj, he says that the weighed 1000 310 million years old,

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but the majority of the Hindu scholars, they say that the wait are approximately 4000 years old, and which part of the world

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did it first come,

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is not known, who was the person to whom it was first given is not known. In spite of all these ambiguities it is yet considered to be the Word of God and it is the most authentic and the most tied scriptures amongst all the Indus scriptures.

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The next natality or the punishers, derived from the Sanskrit word opa, which means near

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knee MATLAB down, shut, most of sit sitting down near when the pupils and students sat next to the teacher to acquire knowledge, it's called the Punisher, which means knowledge which removes ignorance there are more than 200 Upanishads but the Indian culture gives a figure of 108 out of which some are picked up as the principal Upanishads Some are picked up 10 some 12 Sri Radha Krishnan has picked up 18 ended in a book the principal Upanishads The next type of scriptures are disabilities. smoothie means that which is remembered, it means memory.

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Then do scholars say spirit these are scriptures written by human beings by rishis and they are next after the shooting they should be the higher then this myth is also called as Dharma shastra because they tell how our life should be led by an individual, by the community and by the society. One of the most important Smithy is the Parana. Purana means ancient. It talks about the stories of diabetes,

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about the creation of the universe,

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about literature.

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And Marie Chavez has compiled the Puranas into 18 voluminous parts. One of the most important Puranas is called as the publisher Purana. bhavishya means future. This Parana speaks about the future. And it's mentioned in Patricia Khurana, Barbara three country a day three shlokas, five to eight. A Malaysia will come

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along with his companions from the desert. And his name shall be Muhammad, peace be upon him.

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And Raja bhoj will give this Mahadev Arab about in the punch curve. And we'll welcome him with honor and address him with reverence and say, Oh pride of humankind, you have created a great force to fight against evil people. This prophecy, a publisher proper 303, a two a three shlokas five to eight, it says that a militia will come militia in Sanskrit means a foreigner. He will come along with this companions talking about the sahabas from

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a merciful monastery in Sanskrit means a sandy track or a desert. His name shall be Muhammad, peace be upon him. Raja bhoj will address this modern era with reverence and say all pride of humankind.

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We know that mama Salah Salaam

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is the pride of humankind, as Allah says in the Quran in surah Kalam chapter number 68 verse number four verily How are standing on the highest standard of character

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Allah says in Surah chapter number 33 was number 21. Verily in the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, you will find a very beautiful pattern of conduct.

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He further says that he will collect a great force to fight against evil people. And we know that was done by Prophet Muhammad Allah Salaam. This prophecy refers to no one, but Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

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Some people may say that the Raja bhoj mentioned in this prophecy

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was present in the 11th century, 500 years after Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and was the descendant of the 10th generation of Raja Sheila Mohan.

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These people they failed to realize that like the monarchs of Egypt, they were given the title Pharaohs, there were many Pharaohs, there was not one Pharaoh, like the kings of Rome were called as Caesars. There was not one Caesar there are many Caesars. Similarly, the kings of India are given the title voyage. So there was not one Raja boat, there are many Raja voyage

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to this Raja voyage

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is not the one that talking about the 11th century. It is much earlier before that 11th century. Further, it's mentioned in publisher Parana part of a 303 a day three shloka, standard 27.

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The Land of the militias

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have been spoiled. Those the enemy who knows is earlier now he's been sent by a more powerful enemy, I will send a man by the name Muhammad,

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peace be upon him. To guide these people to the straight path or Raja boat, you need not go to the land of the puja chairs, because I threw my kindness will purify you where you are. Then a man with an engineer disposition comes to Raja and tells him that Aria term will prevail in this world. I've been sent by each word Paramatma, my follower shall be circumcised, who doesn't have a tail on the head?

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Who will grow a beard who will create a revolution who will give the call for prayer.

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He will eat all awful things. He will eat all sorts of animals, but will not eat the flesh of swine. He will not be purified by Herbes and shrubs, but will be purified by warfare. He will be called as muscle man. This prophecy refers to no one but the last and final messenger Prophet Muhammad Salah. It says that my follower shall be a person who circumcised and we know the Muslims are circumcised, even not have a tail on the head. That session Dr. Richard T. He will grow a beard. He will create a revolution. He will give the call for prayer that's talking about the add on like Muslims give. He will eat all awful things. He will eat all sorts of animal but will not eat the flesh of swine. And

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Allah says in the Quran in no less than four different places in Surah Baqarah chapter number two was number 173 ceramizer chapter number five verse number three. So the Anam chapter number six verse number 145 and chapter number 16 verse 115, huruma Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa Mackenzie, Mama lolly gala be forbidden for you for food Ah, that meet blood, the flesh of swine and any food on which any name besides Allah His name is taken. So because the Quran says in no less than four different places that flesh of swine is prohibited, we Muslims don't eat pork.

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The prophecy further says they will not be purified by herbs and shrubs, but will be purified by warfare and they will be called as muscle man. This prophecy clearly indicates about the coming of the last and final messenger Prophet Mohamed Salah Salah is further mentioned in publisher Parana part of a three count one a day three shlokas 21 to 23. It says that the seven sacred cities of Kashi have been filled with corruption

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and ruptures.

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In the land of the Malaysia, the followers of the Malaysia term are good people, or good qualities are found in them.

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And in this country, we find all sorts of vices or she glorify the name of the Lord. year two he is talking about prophet masala, salaam and his followers.

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