Zakir Naik – Prophesies of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in the Hindu Scriptures – The Atharva Veda

Zakir Naik
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masala Salam is also prophesized in the Vedas.

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He is prophesized atharvaveda. Book number 20, him number 127, mantra number one to 14, it is called as contempt suitors. contempt means hidden bland in that dominance. That means the meaning of these verses are hidden, and you will come to know about it later on. Content also means free from misery also means peace, similar to Islam, it's also related to the center of the earth. And we know, Makkah, is the center of the earth. And Allah says in the Quran in surah chapter three verse 26, that the first place of worship was bucha with gentlemen Informatica.

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Time will not permit me to go through all the 14 mantras. I'll just briefly speak about the first four mantras

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author of a book number 20 him number 127 Mantra number one says he is Naresh Anza. He is a man who has been protected from 60,090 enemies. Mother number two says he is a Tamil writing machine. Montana but he says he is mama Rishi. Mother number four says he is what Chavez Rabe. The first mantra says he is narrow Sansa narrow in Sanskrit means a human being or a man shinza Miss progenza praiseworthy a man who is praiseworthy, which is exactly the translation of the Arabic word Mohammed, which was the name of the last and final messenger masala Salah.

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It further says he is called Rama.

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One of the meaning of karma is a prince of peace. And a beloved prophet masala Salam was a prince of peace. The other meaning is an immigrant. And we know Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him migrated from Mecca to Medina and he was an immigrant.

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It further says he will be protected from 60,090 enemies. And we know the population of Makkah, that was against prophet masala Salam was approximately 60,000

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months on number two says he will be a camel riding Rishi no Indian Rishi or a Brahmin will ever ride a camel because riding a camel is prohibited for a Brahmin. It's mentioned Manu Smithy. Chapter 11, was number 202, that a Brahmin will not ride a camel or an S. Therefore, it has to be a prophet, who is a foreigner.

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Third mantra says, his mama Rishi or Maharishi Mama, some verses say Muhammad, some say great Rishi.

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mantra number four says, His Rabe Rabe means one who praises which is the meaning of the other name of proper masala Salam Manu praises in Arabic is called as Hemen which was the other name of Prophet masala Salah

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mama Salah Salam is also prophesized in atharvaveda book number 20. him number 21 Mantra number six, it says it speaks about the Battle of Azhar the Battle of alleys and it says that

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he will be protected from 10,000 enemies and he will win the battle without fighting it.

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He will be a guru.

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Now Kuru in Sanskrit means a person who praises in Arabic It means emod which is another name for Hamas, Allah Salam. It says he will win the battle without fighting it talks about the Battle of Azov, which was one without fighting. And we know the approximate population, the enemy's at that time, what 10,000 it further says in atharvaveda, book number 20. him number 21 months number seven, that

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Almighty God will overthrow 20 kings

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and he will protect the Ubuntu from 60,099 enemies of undo in Sanskrit means an orphan. There the meaning of Ubuntu means praiseworthy, which is the translation of Mammon into English peace be upon him. So Ubuntu in Sanskrit, if it turns into Arabic means normal selasa

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it says that Almighty God will overthrow 20 kings, and we know that there were approximately 20 chieftains

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in Makkah, at the time of masala, salah and masala Salaam, one all of them

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and the enemies against the Prophet monster lasala. That time was approximately 60,000.

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The same prophecy is also repeated Rick wait. Book number 100

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Number 53 months number nine, but the Sanskrit word used is sushi Rama. Sushi Rama also means one who is praiseworthy, which is the meaning of Mombasa lasala.

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