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The transcript describes the concept of sadhaka and how it is used in Islam. It explains that every joint in a body when the sun rises is a sadhaka and that every joint in a body when the sun rises is a sadhaka. The concept of sadhaka is used to encourage people to pray and pray every day to receive

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Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, Hadith Sahih Bukhari Muslim

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colusa Lemma Amina nasya li sadhaka kulu Yeoman poplar of Coolio mintop lo fi he jumps in the vehcile Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said, for every single person for every day, you must give a sadhaka for every joint in your body when the sun rises, lower,

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meaning this hadith is telling us that we are supposed to give a sadhaka for every joint in our body. Every single day we live and we experienced the sun rising

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lava cover, and the human being has 360 joints than if we were to count the joints, every joint in our body in our fingers, our arm now shoulder in our back, our legs and altos 360 joints, our back our spine 360 joints and each and every single one of them you must give a solid performance. So you and I have to give a soda of 360 360 soda pot a day.

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Every day the sunrises meaning the time in which you have to give the soda is after the sunrises. Gluck, well, this is huge. And the resort Allahu alayhi wa sallam goes on in this hadith to say tardi lubaina Nina sada if you were to reconcile and fix and mend things between two people that are quarreling or arguing with each other, or have isolated and abandoned each other, if you reconcile between them, that's also local, to our universe, you there, buddy for the hamilo hawala, how lahoma, la hematol hosoda. That if you were to help a person to ride his camel, or to get on top of his ride, or you carry his position, his luggage and you take it up, you know, because in the past,

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for an example, and then he couldn't get on his camel, or he has luggage, he doesn't know how to get up with his luggage. So if you help him go up, and then you put his luggage with him, for example, today, if you find someone elderly, in the shopping centers, and he finds it difficult to get into his car, you help him in the car, and you put his shopping bags in the boot of the car. That is a sadhaka. So if you do that once, then that's all sort of you still have 359 solar cars to give. And the vehcile Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said one kilometer per year to soda. And a good word you say use Osaka or Kyoto puttenham. She has a la sala de sadhaka. And every footstep you take towards the

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masjid is a sadhaka or to meet on other annapolitan sadhaka. And if you were to remove the harm from the road, that's also a sadhaka.

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Also pan en la is a sadhaka Singh so Pamela is a soda so the quickest way to give 360 a soda cup a day is to sit down and say Suppan Allah Subhana, Allah Subhana Allah 360 times now the point is this. At the end of this hadith in sunon, Aveda and the narration is authentic, and the resol Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, Will you show us how to come in delic arakata, a Buddha.

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And a person could give this 360 Saba

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in to look at he prays at baja time, Allahu Akbar. Now the question is this. Why are we supposed to give 360 solar caught a day for every joint in our body, and it will fly mahoma loss it because Allah soil allowed them to function. So you have to show gratitude to Allah. You have to thank Allah for the health and the body has given you and you have to thank Allah that He gave you ability, you're able to move these joints in these limbs of yours. So you must give a sadhaka thank Allah for this.

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And the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, praying to God or solid to remember praying to God at a time, which is 15 minutes after the sun rises, and you have all that time until 10 minutes before then that is the whole time. If you pray to God during this time, what's it going to take from five minutes? Then you have given the 360 sober part that you must be giving every single day? In other words, how solid is a form of gratitude to Allah? Allah azza wa jal he said additionally, before grateful to me, how do we do that? Pray? Yeah. Why do you pray, pray and that is your gratitude to a loss or shall

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feel the sweetness.

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Send the pleasure when you pray and understand this is you saying thank you Allah for the countless blessings he has given you law. We don't have a home a law they discuss, why are the Tula guyot? That your prayer time? Why are they equal to the 360 disorder court you give, learn about why mahoma law, they said, because all the joints of the body are being used. When one prays, all of them are being moved as you pray. As opposed to, if you were to say Suppan a law, that would be counted as one sadhaka. Why? Because not all your limbs moved, not all your joints moved. But when you pray, notice, from when you say a lot about your hands have moved the joints in the hands move, then when

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you go into the court and Institute and you come back up, and then even when you learn how your toes have to be pegged into the ground, so there's a movement in the joints of your toes. All of this is because you're all your joints are moving, therefore two or guyatt at a time, would satisfy. And that would be equal to giving 360 solder court that are supposed to be given on that day. And also, because of time, is a time of heedlessness. As I said the time is 15 minutes after

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sunrise. And it ends 10 minutes before bar time. And you see this time this time during the day. This is the most time in which people are heedless.

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Most people are at work at that time they busy. You know they're busy working, providing for their family. And if people are wealthy and well off and they're not working, then it's usually entertainment time or sleep time. So this is a time in which people are heedless. barely anyone is remembering a lot that time or praying at that time.

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And the rule there's a rule there's a there's a general rule in Islam, and that is that the good deeds that a person does during times of heedlessness are given great reward. So when a person forgets this worldly life, and stands for five minutes before Allah subhanho wa Taala at the time of the most heedless time for the people, then a lot of social gives him great reward that these two are acquired, satisfy. they satisfy and they are equal to the 360 Saba outway supposed to give everyday a lot more