Hajj During The Mourning Period After Husband’s Death

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Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers


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The segment discusses the issue of waiting periods in cases of death due to a woman's death. The woman may not be allowed to go to the home where her husband died, but she can stay there until her grading period finishes. The waiting period is important for the woman to care for her the woman who died, and she can go to the home where she was born.

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If the husband passed away recently, and the woman wants to go to Hajj, can the woman go to Hajj while she's still in her mourning period.

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And the woman still

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in her mourning period, which is we call the hea that, which is a state that the woman will be in after the death of her husband. As a Lost Planet. Allah said, When Lydia NATO phone and income, were the owner of the embassy in Alabama to actually wash law, that if somebody died left behind him, a wife she should be,

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is basically in a waiting period of four months and 10 days. The only exception for this if the woman is pregnant, so the woman is pregnant, her waiting period her mourning period will be

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until she delivered the babies if she delivered the baby. And the month she ended, that if she's over the baby in nine months, her waiting period or he died will be at nine months. So it depends on when she will deliver the baby because the Lost Planet Allah said what would have to Maddie I gentleman by now and sought out a thought up that the pregnant woman's their time and waiting period end by the delivery of that baby. Here there is an issue, or the original root of this issue is this is allowed for a woman who just lost her husband to spend the night outside her husband's house, like on her family members or go out and spend the night outside their house. Or she has to stay and

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spend the night in the house where her husband's passed away. Okay, this is the original issue based on this, we're going to say it's a lot of work to go for Hajj or not.

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And this issue there is a debate between the Sahaba the alarm among themselves the split on regard to this issue. So you have been reported that I shall be allowed in it abasto they allow and Java and z, even among the tambien and Hassan appa be all side that a woman can spend the night anywhere she wants. The waiting period is for other things like she's not allowed to marry, to be engaged to put perfume to purify yourself, but you can spend the night anywhere you want. And it even said in that battle. The lines are a lot older to wait for months, but he didn't tell where to wait. He just asked her to wait and to be in a waiting period for that month. In the other hand, you have other

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groups of scholars, and among the Sahaba themselves who said no, she has to stay where she used to live with her husband, and among the leader scholars and big names and this camp will be a lot of the hubbub of their line, and with man from the tablet inside himself. And that's the position of the majority of the heart by the way. ematic and I'm Shafi Rahim Allah and the hanabi da

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Kasam remember thodi Rahim Allah, Allah Raji Hanafi scholars, basically they will say no she's not she's not she's not leave her home. She should spend the night there. And the reason for this because a story of a woman by ferry I've been traumatic came to the processor Lem and she asked the person she can go after her husband to her family because she lives in us in a place where no family member with her or her family from other town. And nobody says mom said yes in the beginning that she called call her back and he said no, you stay at your husband's home until your grading period finish. So nobody so solid made it clear for an hour reports about a mathematic Rahim Allah, even

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with madness a fan when he heard about this, he called fairy fairy. And he asked her if this has happened. She said yes. And based on this model, the amount of lobby and he made it as the stablish rules in the Muslim state at that time. That's why the Hanafi has it said the majority of the across the board while say she's not supposed to go for HUD Why? They said because had can be done later on. But if you missed it, you missed it as the first four months and 10 days after the death. So that's why I'm going to handle it said also it is more important for her to care for the thing that cannot be

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basically read on all the things that you can do at any time in your life.

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molokhia the sun, if she already made Tell me what had she went to cheese and then she heard the use of the death of her husband. She continued her journey and she doesn't need to go back to that Hajj is one of the pillars of Islam and

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As a rule, it has very high status. But the waiting in the home spending the night is also rules and standards is not as as important as big as that had. And if this is the only opportunity she has, you know, because HUD is not easy to do, and is the only possible time for her to go, I would say, yes, you're allowed to go for the line. I went for a camera and took a woman with her who was a widow, and she was still in her. She did not finish it. yet. That's why they said, I suppose in the opinion of she is allowed to travel or to be out of her home and not instead of spending the night in the house where her husband died. And so this is basically the answer for the questions and asked

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us to accept from all of us and to forgive all the one who passed away.

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