Pradeep a Hindu Fan of Dr asks a very Tricky Question

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Ramadan mubarak. Dr. Naik, I consider this my great Ramadan gift, the opportunity of seeing you in flesh and blood after 15 years of watching so many of your shows on YouTube. So real honor, sir. And I wish you a great stay in musket and a very successful and enjoyable stay and success in your mission. Yes, sir, I have a small clarification I need from you.

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Brother, my name is Pradeep. And my name is Pradeep. I'm a marketing professional working in Oman and musket. Mashallah. So my question is, I just want a clarification. This is something that's been percolating in my mind.

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I've heard you say that Islam is about submitting to His will,

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for Islam is about submitting to God's will correct. God for God's will, God's will? Yes, yes. So in that context of this whole concept of offering dua, prayer, supplication to God, asking him for something, whether its blessings of good health or whatever, isn't that strictly speaking against the concept of submitting to His will, because if you have submitted to His will, then he decides, and you accept whatever and keep going. But once you asking that is not just in this lump in any faith, even even as a Hindu, when I feel that I'm asking God for something it does, in a way it is, I'm not really completely submitted myself to it. I just want your clarification on this matter. The

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President was asked a very good question.

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Thank you.

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Brother Pradeep is one of the one of

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one of my proof that I said in my lecture, that most of the non Muslims do my talk, they love me, I'd like to thank you, for the Pradeep. Thank you. Thank you so much. Please be watching me for 15 years and he's happy to see me live. And he asked the question, that Islam

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means submitting your will. And a Muslim is a person who submits his will to Allah subhanaw taala. So his question is, that when we ask dua from Allah subhanho wa taala. So isn't it contradictory that we are going against his will? And the answer is No brother, submitting the will means ALLAH has given you certain guidelines, few do's and don'ts. Everything else is optional. You know, people to Islam is very strict 1000s of do's and 1000s of No no no, only few do's and few don'ts.

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For this, you should believe in Tawheed you should offer Salah you should give zakat. First in the month of Ramadan, you have to do Hajj among the major do's and don'ts.

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There is a book

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written by Imam Abu Dhabi, the 70 major sins which includes even the major fries. So, these 70 are the major do's and don'ts. Then there are minor do's and don'ts.

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Major to me the major fire is offering Salah giving the card during Hajj and the major Haram is not to take interest, you should not gamble you should not call you should not bribe. So these are the major do's and don'ts and the remaining is optional. You can become a doctor you can become an engineer you can become a dye you can become a lawyer, you can become an engineer, if I do to dua to Allah make me a die. Am I going against Allah will know? Yes, if I say oh Allah make me a robber, then there's a problem.

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Because Allah says you should not rob. So we feel dua is going against the guidelines of the Quran, then I agree with you, you are going against the commandment of Allah subhanaw taala. So you cannot do dua for doing something haram.

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You cannot do dua that I want to become alcoholic. You cannot do a DUA, they want to become a Sunni and to become adulterous, you can do to a doctor, engineer, lawyer, Allah MOBA, so your DUA if it's against the don'ts, then it is wrong. If your DUA are not to do with the fun I want to do or they don't want to offer Salah is not accepted. So do you understand whether so if you do 13 to a very few dua, it will go against the will of Allah. And I don't know of any Muslim who doesn't do or maybe if you you're there, if they're not in the right state of mind. But the other thing which are MOBA use okay I want to be rich, no problem. You can do dua which may not be very good, but you can

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do anything which is mobile. For example, you want to get a job in a good company you can do what to Allah.

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So your DUA is not going against the concept of submitting your will. It only goes if you do something which is against the commandment of Allah hope that answers the question for them.

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Yeah, but they're gonna have any questions.

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Thank thank you so much for thank you so much. That was very enlightening. Thank you anything else? Any other question? No no that that lot of questions but not narrow for the non Muslim yeah of exception. The brothers are one at a time. But for non Muslim they can ask a second question.

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If you have any questions you're most welcome. Not that audience will. Maybe you're showing Sultan Qaboos you know, CL

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maybe your next show I'll come for your next speech at SQ if you want to get us but any any doubt if you have any clarification regarding Islam, anything you feel which is wrong in Islam, this is your opportunity.