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Al-Baqarah 275-281 Translation 275-281

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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I do want to slowly or the little pseudo him Kareem on my bed for a little bit let him in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim er Bashar Al Assad re were Sidley, MD Washington. Data melissani of Coco Lee. Urban acid in

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Lesson number 37 sloturi bacara is number 275 to 281.

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Allah Dina those who yet coluna they eat, they devour a river, the river, the interest, law, not Yoku Mona, they will stand Illa except karma, just as yaku he stands a lady who yet a hotbed Whoo hoo, he drives him to madness. He drives him to insanity.

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A shaitana the shaitan the gin main from ALMA, the touch

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there Lika that be under whom because indeed they are Lou, they said in number, indeed not but and by the trade. Miss Lu is like a Riba, the interest well, and a handler, he made lawfull Allahu Allah and Bayer, the trade, war and have Rama he forbade he made unlawful LIBOR, the interest

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Fermin. So whoever,

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who it came to him more or less a warning admonition men from Robbie he his robe, Fanta hair, then he stopped further who so for him, man, whatever said after it has passed

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well and ambu his affair, either to Allah He Allah

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wa and mun, whoever or the he returned, for Allah eager. So those of us hearable our companions, our inmates, and nerdy of the fire home, they see her in it, Polly don't want to abide eternally

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young Haku he faces he deprives of blessing. Allahu Allah. Riba, the interest work and you'll be he increases a saw the heart, the soul, the heart, the charities will love who and Allah, they're not you hibou he loves color, every Kaffir in extreme disbeliever extremely ungrateful.

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I seem an extreme sinner.

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In indeed. And Medina, those who are new, they believed were ami Lu and they did have soil he had the the righteous one and a kombu they perfectly established a solar, the solar wa and that they gave as Takata does occur. The home for them as your home they reward or in the near future be him there.

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Wanna and not homophone or fear? or lay him upon them? Whether and nor whom they yes alone, they will grieve? Yeah. Are you hurt? Or you alladhina those who knew, they believed?

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It Taku you all fear Allah, Allah, wa and the room you are live, ma whatever. But the year it remained men from a Riba the interest in if condom you were, meaning once you believe for him, then if not, the far loo you will do for the new then you will

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Be warned, then you will take notice.

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They have been with a war men from Allah He Allah wa and Rasulullah he his messenger were in and if to be to you all repented fellow calm then for you, bro also heads, capitals and Wiley come off your wealth left not does the moon you all do injustice while and nor does the moon you all are treated unjustly

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we're in and if Ghana he was the possessor or swatting of difficulty for them knowingly or toon arrest bite delay Illa to Mesa time of ease

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will earn and that does all the cool you all give sadaqa you all give charity hiren is best is better local for you all. In a country. You were Darla moon you all know what the who and you all fear Yeoman a de jure owner you all will be returned fee in it ILA to Allah He Allah

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summer then to work for it shall be fully paid kulu every Knutsen soul, man whatever, get Sabbath it earned or whom and they learn not use the moon they will be wronged they will be treated unjustly.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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the back,

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de Missa de

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la luna

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mo na

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