Mufti Menk – Will you ever be satisfied

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a verse in Surah that describes achieving happiness until one is satisfied. They also mention a challenge and a woman who almost died in a family accident. The speaker emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and asks for it to happen.
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Allah says, well, a sofa Euro three caribou Kapha Tada. I want to tell you something amazing about this verse in Surah, Doha it is addressing the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him but the message is for all of us very soon well a cell for your Tikka rabuka Fatah, very soon Allah will give you Allah will give you so much fatter bar, the fact that is there, I've seen so many translations, I've seen so many translations, the fact that is there fatawa they translated as so you will be pleased so you will be happy. But that far actually translates as until you will be pleased until

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it's for Elia it's for

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getting to a point we will soon give you so much until you are pleased you will keep on getting and getting and getting and getting. While so far you're thinking Cara Blanca Fattah Hola. Very soon we will give you until you're going to be pleased

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so whether you look at the translation that says so it will please you or until you will be pleased. The meaning is not very much different. But the one refers to something that tells you you will continue to get until you're happy you're happy now Hollis.

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And the other one says so you will become happy.

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Many times on Earth in our lives. We feel you know what I'm going through challenging times. It's tough. It's really hard. I have this problem, job problem, family problem, health problem, whatever else issue it may be, I need to get married I need to do this or my children or whatever else it may Allah make it easy for everyone. Pray for people pray for others. And Allah will open your doors. I tell you what.

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We think at times that Allah is doing this to me because he's upset with me not necessarily. You're a believer, what did you do? Do you seek forgiveness of Allah? Yes, then there is no chance that he's upset with you.

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Allah says We do not punish those who seek forgiveness.

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We're American Allah whom are Liba whom were whom yester will feel oh, Allah will not punish them while they're seeking forgiveness. You seeking the forgiveness of Allah is not a punishment. You know what it is? It's a test from Allah. It's a challenge. Take it in your stride. These days. Allah did not forsake you. Allah did not leave you Allah did not forget about you. Allah is only polishing you you come out better. I go through a challenge. What does it do? It helps me to change my life and start doing the right thing. That's a gift of Allah.

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Many people don't do the right thing. Until a challenge happens they made a massive accident near death. But you're still alive because Allah says We just wanted you to think with a different lens to look with a different lens

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you were too engrossed you forgot us. We just reminded you you're coming back to us quickly prepare.

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So what happened near death? Oh, I almost died. But you didn't next time it won't be almost I died.

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The only difference is you won't be saying it to those here. You're going to come down oh, you know, they say when you die to a certain extent you end up meeting some of the people on the other side

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is a detail it's not our topic today but to a certain extent there is interaction with them. Imagine

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on earth you tell people I nearly died because you didn't die.

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But when you die I mean the other side oh, these guys didn't all these people die already. Hey, I'm dead. Subhan Allah. May Allah grant us goodness May Allah Almighty forgive us really?

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