Peace is the Only Solution for the Problems of Humanity

Zakir Naik


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I would like to conclude my speech by giving a message.

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Peace is the only solution for the problems of humanity.

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Many nations, many countries have armies

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that were military, network Navy, they've got Air Force. Some countries have weapons of mass destruction, some have nuclear weapons, believe me, all these are not the solution for the problems of humanity. The only solution according to me, for the problems of humanity is peace.

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There may be differences,

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there are differences in culture, there are differences in languages, there are differences in color, the differences of society, irrespective of the differences, one common factor amongst all human needs of the world is that all want peace of mind to me, beef is the only solution for the problems of humanity.

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I said at the start of my talk, Islam is derived from the Arabic word salam, which means peace.

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And this word Salaam, is mentioned in the Quran, no less than 43 times and along with its derivatives, it's mentioned no less than 143 times salam, peace is mentioned in the Quran, no less than 143 times. And I started my talk by greeting all of you as salaam alaikum, which means beef be on all of you. The Quran says in Surah, Yaseen, chapter six, verse 15, that beef is a salutation from the Lord Who is the most merciful.

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One of the attributes of Almighty God is a Salaam, the source of peace. Quran says in Syria, Russia, Chapter 59. First of all,

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it refers to Allah, Almighty God as a Salaam, the source of peace. Quran says in Surah chapter five, verse 16, that Almighty God guides those people who come towards him towards peace and safety, and take them out of darkness into light. That's the reason every chapter of the Glorious Quran that 114 chapter in the Quran, every chapter except nine, starts with the beautiful formula Bismillah R Rahman Rahim In the name of Allah, Almighty God, the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious.

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According to me, beef is the only solution for humanity. And I am a person who spreads peace. My mission is to spread peace. And as many may be aware

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that I started a global peace TV network about five years before in January 2006.

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In January 2006,

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I launched the peace TV in English. Two and a half years later in 2008. Peace TV will do and inshallah in the next couple of months in April 2011. We will launch the pitch TV Bangla today pstv English is the largest washed Islamic satellite channel in the world. It has a viewership of more than 100 million, or two of which more than 25% are non Muslim. Even if I'm able to convince one human being, irrespective whether they're Muslim or non Muslim, and prevent him from killing one innocent human being, I feel out of save the whole of humankind.

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Beef is the only solution. My message is only of peace. My mission is to spread peace. I would like to end my talk with the quotation of Dr. Adam Pearson, that Adam Pearson said. people worry that one day nuclear weaponry will fall in the hands of the atoms. They fail to realize that the Islamic bomb, the bomb of peace has already been dropped. It felt the day Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was born waka dama