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This is the month of the Qur’an. What does that mean? What is the relationship between Ramadan and the Qur’an? How can we understand the greatness and nobility of the Qur’an?

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whenever we will be lying to Ireland Manchurian fusina woman cicr Medina inami de la, la La, La La,

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la, la La, la, la la la, la sharika y shadow Mohammed Abu rasuluh or sur la la mean

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in water just sending money in and out

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Wasabi Wasabi

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from Mahmud z

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what he already said it's also the most romantic it was he was having one allegedly a minister in the vicinity of Vsat he lay within my back focusing on one of CB topo lines either female or male gauge Allah Maharajah waves implement Angular operations due to a lot lower in MVC aid and assistance. And Tim returned both in repentance and for forgiveness. truly am Allah subhanaw taala guides them can mislead and even will allow us to go astray there is none who can guide and then get what is that there's nothing worthy of worship save a lot loan and that Mohammed's on the log we're having to send them his both his servant and His Messenger. We have come in Hampton Inn back to this

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month of Ramadan, this month of the blessing of Allah subhana wa to Allah and of His forgiveness and his mercy. And it is a difficult tragedy, that unfortunately, the massages remain closed due to the virus that has created a pandemic around the world. And we asked the last panel to either to allow this difficulty to pass and allow the people to be able to return back to the masjid. And we are only here just a few people, the staff the messaging to make sure that there's some type of slowdown happening in the messenger there's some type of remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala happening in the masjid, even in this difficult situation. And we are joining you with the live stream so that you

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can feel some connection in shortland to the house of Allah, Allah and even though you will pray be the love for cars with the intention of load by the end of this week.

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This month that we are in is the month of the Quran. And Allah subhanaw taala says no potential for Ramadan and that he would easily defeat him for a man who then internationally you know

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that this month of Ramadan is the month in which Allah revealed in a tickler an a guidance to the people

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It was revealed in Davidson County in Lansing now houfy later some losses, we revealed it in the nights of incontinence in man's and now feel a sense of comfort in lands and now feel a bit singled out or a couple of lessons, we revealed it's been a blessing nights and about us for the long run. He says the Quran was revealed in its entirety to the first heavens, on that tomates in the month of Ramadan, and then it was revealed slowly to the prophets of Allah where he was handed over the course of his prophethood. And we need to understand that this month is the month of the Quran to understand the relationship that exists between the poor and in between the month of Ramadan

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so that we can properly value the importance of the Quran, so that we can connect to the words of Allah so that we can read each chapter of the Quran and as we read it, we say, you know, I have certain emotions that have certain feelings and connections to a lot when I read this verse when I read the surah we need to have this type of relationship with the book of Allah, that you say to yourself when I read this surah I feel like my relationship with my parents needs to improve that I have to do this better. That when you read this chapter of the Quran, you you say you know my sense of generosity, my charity increases, that you have a real living connection with the book of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala. And First let's look at the value of the Quran. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says,

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that is narrated by I didn't know you thought it. He says about the floor and describing its power in its majesty. He says he never

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will have a woman that will be in a comb, or who has mental common Jabbar, Casa de la Omen epithelia would have been laying here above level law, he says the book cover law, it contains the knowledge of that which has happened before you news of what will occur after you and if this decision between the matters which will occur amongst you. It is the distinguishing and it is not ingest. He says it's the one who is overbearing and abandoned to the poor. And the one who is arrogant abandons the poor and Allah will cause that person to be broken by it. And whoever seeks guidance other than it's a level caused them to go straight. He says what have the washing machine or movie in or the cruel

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Hakeem was set off the monster in this very beautiful long Hadith the Prophet solo at the center describes the poor and that it is the strong court of law. And it is the wise reminder, and it is the streets path. And it is that which the desires do not swerve nor do the tunnels become confused. It is that which those weren't intellectual, cannot fully understand it. And yet those who are simple can also learn it. And he says it is that that does not become worn out by repetition, and its wonders do not come to an end.

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And he mentions all of these beautiful blessings about the Quran and the Hadith is lengthy and it continues. But what is the beginning of this heavy, where the where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gives us this deep, eloquent description of the Quran. It begins with the idea of your loved one.

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With the prophets of Allah is insane to me with your long run and that there will be a time of fitna there will be a time of trials and tribulations. And these trials and tribulations will be so intense there will be like pieces of the darkness of the night.

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And I mean for the long run tells the Prophet What should I do? If this happens? What should I do if there are trials and tribulations, hardships, difficulties, pandemics? That becomes so difficult, we don't know what's right for what's wrong. We don't know what to do. We don't know which way to turn pieces of the darkness of the night. Imagine being in the darkness of the night. There's no moon, no stars, no cell phone, no flashlight, nothing? How do you know what's right for what's wrong, which direction you should go to. And the prophets will love what you send him said to him, hold on to the book of Allah. And then he described the book of Allah with the description that we just heard. And

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so this is what we need to hold on to in times of difficulty and panic and hardship. But let me pose your question as we've come to this month of robot. Does the quarter end give honor to the month of Ramadan? Or does your mobile on give honor to the for app?

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And it's an interesting question because the loss of handle Data References The relationship between Roma one and the Quran more than he does fasting in the morning and then Ramadan, like fasting mentioned in relation to that a lot happens once yet the color n mentioned in relation to Rama blonde is mentioned constantly.

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And you see this even when they have even the prophet SAW a lot when he was seven for instance, the prophet is supposed to not be said gibreel came down and had me review or recite the Quran to him every year.

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During the month of Ramadan, he said except this year and this was the last term of honorable sola is an unlived. He's an except this year, I reviewed it twice with Djibouti. And so there's a relationship between the poor and and Ramadan. gibreel is coming down, saying to the prophet to recite the Quran back to me, review the port and with me,

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right. And so it is in fact for core and that gives honor to donavon because of the greatness of the Qur'an, because of the nobility of the poor and Ramadan has significance.

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And so if it weren't for the fact record and was revealed that Madonna Madonna would have been an ordinary month, we're not for the fact that it was revealed on layer two and layer two would have been an ordinary nights and yet the poor and being entrusted to gibreel made gibreel the best of the angels. The Quran being revealed on the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made him the greatest of the prophets. The Quran being revealed in the month of Ramadan made it the greatest of the months, the quarter nnd revealed in May lots of other made it the greatest of all the Knights.

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And so we need to be aware, and be afraid of coming to a situation where you're celebrating something that you don't know the meaning of it. Imagine going to a party, that's a celebration, and you don't even understand the reason of the celebration. you're celebrating without knowing the reason that you're there. What kind of celebration is that?

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And so we were I was living the month of Ramadan and celebrating the day but we don't even know why we're there. The reason this month is this month, the reason this month is given its status and its reward and its forgiveness is because of the forum. So as we enter this month we have to enter it attached to the for an reciting the Quran thinking over the meanings of the Quran, and the prophets of Allah wherever you send them, tells us in so many ideas, the value and the importance of memorizing and reciting the Quran. He said quote or answer in Abuja, T. Yokoyama t shirt.

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He said recycle for and because they will approach it will come on the Day of Judgment, and you will be interceding on behalf of the one who recites it, you recycle and that recitation that you did will come along will allow it to embody a certain form and they will arrive on the day of judgment and they will argue with a washed up handle with Eilat in regards to you. It will say oh my forgive this person and you're meant to genda you used to recite the Quran. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, at least a few jiofi shaking it up for him can be 200 he said the one who has no color and emits him from their mouth is like a house that is ruined. It looks like a house but

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it's ruined in some destruction. Nobody would want to live in it. And the profits of the long run He will send them said message Olivia.

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Olivia can method in how you will make it he said the example the parable of the one who recites the Quran and the one who does not recite it is the parable of the one who was alive and the one who was dead. The one who was alive, their hearts is alive connected to a loss of Hamelin to Allah, the One who was reciting the Quran has life in their connection with a lie. So a gentleman is the one who does not recite the Quran. It's like that connection that signal between you and Allah has died.

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And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, I have

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felt what has been what has led to

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me when I can tell you from how to fall out in California would have and the profits of the loader essentially encourage us to recycle pour and he said what we're saying is a lecture from the Quran will receive a reward, and that reward will be multiplied by 10. And then the Prophet said and I am not saying that and if that meme is a lecture, rather than a lecture, and Latin is a letter and meme is a muncher meaning even if the person just recites anything, I mean, immediately that is three rewards. And those three rewards are multiplied by 10. That is 30 rewards. And the Prophet is encouraging you to recite the plan because this is the lifeline between you and Allah subhana wa

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tada and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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law and law Sutton. He said the people of the poor and the poor and the end is literally the family, the people of the tribe of the clan of, he said the people of the Qur'an, the tribe, the family of the Quran, who are those people, the ones who memorize it, the ones who think and understand its meanings, the ones who implement its instructions in their lives. These are the people of the Quran, the prophets of Allah Islam says the people of the Quran are the people of Alavi that know the law.

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You know, in pre ischemic rabies that someone is from your ad and somebody is from your family, somebody is from your tribe. That means those are people that are your tribe, you defend them, you fight on their behalf, you never punish them.

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If someone tries to harm them, you do whatever it is in your power to defend them and protect them. That's the pre Islamic tribal mentality. And the Prophet said, The Lord uses that mentality to allow people to understand the relationship between the law and the court. And if nobody in pre Islamic Arabia would ever throw their own family, their own clan into a fire, want to watch the panel to throw his own attitude to the fire, the end of the quarter and are

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those who are the people of the poor, and are the people of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And the prophets of the world, wherever you send them said, you heard the calling for an omen piano or something, it will be sent to the people who were psyched to court and on the Day of Judgment, they will be told, recite, and you will be elevated. And indeed, you will stop being elevated with this last verse that you recite. The more you have memorized, the more that you were able to recite, the higher you will be elevated in general. And the profit and loss of Hamilton either does something very unique in the end, that some chapters of the Quran are begun by praising a law for his creation overview universe, and some of the chapters are beginning with the praise of a law for

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his revealing for an as in Allah Subhana. Allah is telling us that on one side, think of the creation of all the universe, the humans in the jinn and land and the heavens and the earth and all of this, but on the other side is the poor and a woman and the poor and the low one is as much or more return than all of the rest. Because it was apparent and it tells me too, that it can be any Hill.

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He begins one chapter by telling you to that lesson is the one who has the kingdom, who has dominion over all things, or other coalition parties powerful over all things. And then he tells you to not only Venus xlm for Paul and iptg another chapter begins, bless it is the one who has revealed the full upon revealed the poor Adam over his servant. Love begins one chapter by telling you that I'm delighted that you have a personality what would you do no matter what you're All praise belongs to the one who created the heavens and the earth who's talking about the creation. Another chapter of the Quran begins at Hampton Inn land

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ends at either IV keto anemia, I'm working with Jeff all breezeblocks to the one was revealed the Book upon his servant. And so the book that is sets upon the servant on one hand, whenever I was describing the greatness of what he has created the stars in the heavens and the earth and the moon, he swears by the greatness of the Quran, it is like saying that the forehead itself is greater than all of the creation combined. And look at how Allah subhana wa tada describes the greatness of the poor and

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he calls it in some places the ruler, the spirits, what can I go, Hey, now we're hanging in emelina. And such We have revealed a spirit of our command. This is a reference to the Quran.

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And this is a powerful description. What does it tell you? The creation, the universe, without a cookie cutter en has no more has no spirit has no soul, the world without taco and becomes something I really materialistic, it becomes robotic. Why because it does not have the power and it does not have that rule and that soul that spirit that comes in the Quran. And Allah subhanaw taala calls cause or add, in other places describes it as she fat as a healing. When we miss illuminate for an EVA or Shiva, or I mean, we have revealed of the planet which is a healing and a mercy for the universe. For me as a healing a human for our hearts and healing for our worries in depression, a

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healing a healing for our losing hope and healing for our entire coma. Allah called it a healing and a spiritual inspiration. And he called it Buddha he called it guidance Kitab Wiccans and now we literally took region nasm in a format in a movie, we've never been in a sorority that Aziz and Hamid Allah says this is a book that we have revealed to you that you may bring mankind out of darkness to light,

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a lot closer to a light as well. The people without this book are living in darkness. This book that is on our shelves, that gathers dust throughout the year, this book that may be ignored in the corner of your house, this book that we leave and we open it beyond data, we open it it's in perfect shape because we rarely ever leave through it.

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This book is in bytes is a guidance. This book is a mercy. It is a spirit and inspiration. The people without this book are disconnected from it.

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While without a soul and spirits, the people without this book have visceral mercy in their lives, living in depression and difficulty, and why zoton also calls this book important, which is what had been fat which makes things clear. It answers the questions, all the essential questions of our lives are answered through this book. Why am I in this world? Why am I created? Where did I come from? Where am I going? What's my end going to be? Like? There's no philosophy that can answer these questions. They can only guess. They can only ponder.

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And usually if you hear the answer of a philosopher to these deep questions, it leaves you with even more questions in mind. It leaves you even more confused than when you began asking the question, but the forehand is the one hand. Allah says yeah, you won't mess with a computer and will never become open people we have revealed to you a forehand from your Lord, a clarifying evidence a clarifying proof that when you read the Quran goes deep questions, that other people's answers make you more confused. Gives you simple, powerful, empowering, grounding answers.

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When less than that ready can Kitab at 2pm and liquidation and law says we revealed this book as a conclusive proof and a clear light over all things. And this is why the companions had such a deep relationship with

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any time some of them would hear ya levena Harmon? Oh, you who believe they stood up straight?

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Why? They said we know if Allah says What do you believe the next thing that is coming is either a commandment that we need to do, or a prohibition that we need to abandon. A law is about to tell us something he's speaking to us. I need to respond to what he is telling us to do. Then we'll play him he says the best thing that a lot ever says to the believers in the Quran is Yeah, it will lead you to heaven. Oh, you will believe because a lot could could have addressed us many different ways. He could have said Oh, you are sinners, and you have been truthful. Oh, you are alone. You would have been truthful. Oh, you are we can you would have been truthful. But he said yeah, you and me and I'm

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in Oh, you believe he chose the best characteristic that we have our belief in the law. And he called us by that characteristic. Oh, you who believe.

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And I remember reading a scholar who said the difference between how we read the Quran and between how the Sahaba read the Quran is that we read it for blessings, I need some Baraka, I need some blessings, let me read it. And they read it in order to follow it to understand and to learn it to practice it. And that's a problem that we have in our communities. Sometimes we only recite the Quran, when when someone dies when someone's getting married. When when a problem has happened. That we feel like we need some blessings Okay, let's read the poor and we need some blessings. But that's a problem because we don't have that relationship with

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we've put barriers between us in the book of Allah subhana wa tada we need to remove those barriers. We need to have a relationship with a loss of how to Allah like the relationship because how behind with the poor and that they understood is one of this how they used to recite pseudo that I have every single chart every single prayer he prayed for will log out every single time not for the reasons we might do it. We might do it because it's short. But he even if you recited a lot of for n at the very end Tudor sanquin will love my head. And some people went to the Prophet they said yes all by this guy always resets. Paula asked me him, What's his problem? So the profits isn't isn't

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calling over the estimate. Why are we doing this? And the man says he tosses the right man. He said, because this chapter describes a loss paradigm he describes the Most Merciful. And I love to recite it and reciting it because I was to do so. And because it describes a law and the prophets a lot where it will send them said to him, Allah loves you or tell him they said to the people telling him that loves him, does have a lot of relationship that he has with his thinking over to meetings he has a connection with it is so connected to these verses of a loss of Hannah Woods Island. And this is the type of connection that we need to have with the book of Allah subhanaw taala but we're not

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going to have a look on stuff. Number four

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam

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ala and he will sign up here.

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Just before I conclude inshallah, I just want to give a simple advice to everyone. Do not be intimidated by the Quran. Don't be intimidated by learning it or reciting it or spending time with it. Also power to Allah says when

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After the Asana tournament victory for handling with that we have made the Quran easy for remembrance. So are there anyone who will remember it? For that might seem challenging for people who have been disconnected for a while, might feel challenging for people who have not studied it and read it in a while. But if you put in the effort, you will find it to become incredibly easy. memorizing, it becomes easy understanding it becomes easy when you put in the effort, Allah tells you promises, we have made it easy. And in fact, it is easy when you put in just a little bit of time. If we put in mountains of time to read the books that other people have written, we will not

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be able to memorize it. But the forends far easier and simpler for us to memorize. And unless palitana asks us rhetorically fly into the balloon and put it

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upside down. That will the knots ponder the poor and do not reflect over the Qur'an or hasn't been sent to hearts upon which our locks and so we want to ensure that our hearts are not the ones that are locked to the words of a law that are open to the words of the law, put in the effort. inshallah, this month in particular, spend some time trying to memorize try to learn, you know, know your abilities and try to grow those abilities however much that you are capable of doing so and unless a penalty either will give you blessings through this book that are far greater than anything else that you have experienced in your life. And I just want to before I conclude, you know,

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requests to everyone inshallah to ensure to pray at home for our cause with the intention of slots and vote mailbox pounds are to reward each and every one of you in the long Meadow Tucson, Arizona de yada yada, yada, he was sitting with sliema alongside he was setting how to save you know, whenever, you know, have you been on a long sunny island

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abroad, or so there has been a mental or physical warfare. So the idea here was he lay within he was happy until you've been applying it in

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him along

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with the love for Russia, while at the local data

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Gentlemen, how are you doing? You know, whenever I hear the critical one, and I feel so lucky. I

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mean, as long as it's not on the screen, where are they before they can find it within healthy within a long rapid meeting and enough was enough improve inner healing and co flow for supervision.

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Agenda, no rush in in in a lighter

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way and

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that means it's come