Paul Asks “How do you Judge which Part of the Bible is Authentic?”

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My name is all I live here.

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And I'm a manager, I have about three parts I want to ask you, I've been storing it up for three hours. The first one is that two types of death, there's a spiritual death, and there's a physical death. And a brother was asking about, if you leave Islam,

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you should be to death for this.

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In the Christian Bible, God says, if you don't know me, I don't know you. And I think those simple words, sum up a spiritual death that when the person who has chosen to ignore God, and is standing before God, on judgment day, God will just simply say, you didn't know me, and I don't know you. That is a spiritual death. I just say that as a comment. My wife and I were walking through the streets of Dubai, and we were past CD, and a book about Islam. I've moved from Singapore. I'm British, but I've lived in Singapore for 23 years. I've rubbed shoulders with many Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists. And I'm pleased to say I've learned more about my fellow mankind having been away

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from Britain than ever, I would have learned in Britain.

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This thing that you're doing tonight is wonderful. And I wish I had had this many years before.

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One of the signal absences in this treaties on Islam was nobody talked about the devil, nobody talked about sin. And I was puzzled. Because in Christianity, it is always constantly the fight between good and bad. In the Old Testament, which was the first thing that I learned, there were a lot of similarities with Islam. People are slaughtering cows, and sheep, and goodness knows what to atone for their sins. And the more they I gather the West the sin, the more animals that were killed. And in the big temple courtyards, there were just vast areas for burning these animals on the altars. Why has that stopped? If Islam is drawing on a lot of the Old Testament things, what I

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know is the Old Testament,

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Abraham had a wife called Sarah, how do you know this? You know it because it was recorded?

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Would you agree, therefore, in the New Testament, that the people who wrote and recorded those things? are they telling the truth? I'm asking you a question, which I hope you'll answer in a minute. are they telling the truth? Or is this made up?

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And therefore, why are we not even today, slaughtering animals left, right and center to atone for our sins, because there is another forgiveness. The last point I want to make is, I was absolutely amazed. I learned this in Singapore that there were historians, at the time, Jesus was observed to have been crucified, who were not Christians. There was no reference to what religion they had. But they recorded that this man Jesus lived. Yes, we know he lived you acknowledge as Muslims that he lived, but he was observed to have been crucified. And it is recorded in the Bible, by the same people who I'm asking you, do you believe that? Mark, Matthew, Luke, and john existed? Was this a

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made up story? Because if all the other things have been observed, Jesus said this, or Jesus said that in the read writing in the Bible, where is the line between Something happened, and something didn't happen? I'm sorry. It's a long question. The run onto the question the metadata, very good question. He said that in my talk, for example, I mentioned that Abraham had another wife by the name of Sarah, may peace be upon them, how would I come know from the Bible? She's asking me that many things of Islam. There are similarities in the Old Testament. Now, when we read the New Testament, how do I pick and choose? Why don't I believe in the writers, brother anything, whether

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it's part of the Old Testament, or New Testament, where it's part of a Hindu scripture or any other scripture? I as a Muslim, I consider if I'm concerned, I'll come up with the other later on. As far as the Muslim is concerned, this Quran is African farrakhan is the criteria to judge right from wrong and a beloved prophet masala Salam said Bala.

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Unable to propagate even if no one was, and there is no problem if you quote from the scriptures of the Le Kitab. Now as far as the scriptures of the Jews and Christians are concerned, there are three rules to be followed. Rule number one, if it matches with the Quran, we have no objection, and accepting that portion to be the Word of God. Point number one. Point number two, if it goes against the Quran, we rejected, it cannot be the Word of God, irrespective who wrote it, Paul, Matthew, Mark, john, whoever, rule number one, if it matches with the Quran, because this has been proved to be the Word of God as far as we're concerned, scientifically everything, even logical person if he

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finds out, this is the word of God. And then if we compare whatever matches with the thing which has been proved, like this is our ruler, you know, we have a measuring tape. Once it has been confirmed, this is correct, then we use this as a forecast as Amazon,

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to what is there in the Old Testament, New Testament with this scripture, Hindu scripture, what matches with the Quran, we have got no objection accepting that the word of God what is contrary to the Quran, and the Hadith, we reject it, it can't be true. Now what is not matching with the Quran, but not even contradictory? It is optional. You want an optional, optional means maybe right? Maybe wrong. So those things which are mentioned in the Bible, Old and New Testament, which match with the Quran is what I quoted today. 100% we have got no objection accepting this portion of the Word of God. There are many things which go against the Quran, because I can give a talk on differences

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between Islam and Christianity. There are certain things which optional, neither go against the Quran is neither massively different. So this portion which is neither going against the Quran or matching with the Quran, are optional for us. So those writings which go against the Quran, I cannot accept that the word of God. So all those authors of the New Testament, which go against the teachings of the Quran, I rejected

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what matches I think can be the Word of God. What doesn't match, neither goes against is optional. As far as a non Muslim is concerned, we use logic.

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If you keep the Quran aside, today,

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due to advancements of science and technology,

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today, the age of Science and Technology. Now if you use a yardstick of science and technology to the Bible, you will find hundreds of mistakes about the creation of the universe as a mistake. The Bible says, as I mentioned earlier, that Almighty God in Genesis chapter one verse number 1619, he created two great lights, the greater light the sun to rule the day, the lesser light, the moon rules the night. So moon doesn't have a light of its own. It's a contradiction. It's a scientific error. There are various such errors. Various only in Genesis chapter number one, you can find plenty errors, there are mathematical contradictions. There are scientific errors, there is

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absurdity. So leave aside Quran, even if a normal human being who keeps his mind open and reads, you can surely not agree this portion can surely not be the Word of God. If the scientific errors, if there are contradictions, if there's pornography, any normal human being with an open mind will never accept this thing with Word of God, the remaining things becomes optional. So this is what we use rather as a strategy to identify. So a student of comparative religion. Whenever he picks up a scripture, he uses the strategy and he tries and read the Scripture. And then he analyzes how good how authentic is the scripture brother, so deceive us with the Bible also, you find there are many

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errors, there are many contradictions, even if you do not have run a normal human being cannot accept this to be the Word of God as a whole. But because Quran says that there was a revelation given to JFK speech be upon him what we say that portion which matches with the Quran, we have got no objection, accepting as the Word of God. Hope that answers the question.

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It partly answers the question. The point I was trying to get to was about sin and the devil. The point I made was in the Islamic literature I was given there was barely any reference to sin, the forgiveness of sin, the condemnation that we would all feel if we had no way to be forgiven for us in this was one part of the question. Therefore, one question at a time it better? Yes. As you told the Dougie was short speech, I was trying to yes cover as much as I could apologize for no problem brothers brother. That was a question that the literature that was given to him, that literature did not contain sin, so I had been a victim teacher was given to you.

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But if you read the Quran, the Quran also speaks about sin. It speaks about hell, it speaks about punishment. Now, the literature that was given to you may be a particular topic. like today's talk. I never spoke about sin because the topic was similarity between some

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Christianity, but I've given other talks we speak about sin. So the literature that was given to you brother was maybe dealing in a particular specialized subject. It may not be dealing with sin, but to say that Islam doesn't speak about sin is wrong. So Quran like the Bible speaks about in but the difference

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in the Bible and the Quran, what the Church teaches about the original sin. Quran doesn't believe in that which I gave earlier, which I don't intend repeating that nowhere Does the Bible speak about the original sin? It did the teaching of the Church, to Quran does not speak about original sin and light the Bible as Bible says in Ezekiel chapter number 18, verse number 20, that the soul that sins shall die, the father shall not bear the iniquity of the Son, neither shall the Son bear the iniquity of the Father, that I shall I shall be upon him, the wickedness shall be upon him. Similarly, the Quran says, No bearer of burden can bear the burden of others. If you commit a sin,

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you will be responsible. No one else can bear the burden. So Conan also speaks about rewards piece about punishment speaks about sin, various things. In my talk, though, I didn't mention Finn. But indirectly I did mention also about sin. If you call it a sin, if you have poked it certain. If you do adultery, it's a sin. But I was picking the positive aspect. Don't ever call. Don't poke. Don't do adultery. So even the Quran speaks about sin. Hope the answer the question