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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah in a meadow who wanna start

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when I was a bit let him in Shura and fusina amin savior Dr. Medina Maja Hello

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mama you

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wanna shadow in

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the Buddha Sherry Kala

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Mohammed Abu

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shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.

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Manager he knew in a call center, we're calling maybe you sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam men sama tanager. So the falafel nauseam was gonna be you will carry him.

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Under the law, respected elders and brothers.

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You are a master of what you have not acted

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and the slave of what you have just acted.

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You are a master of what you have not acted.

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Instead of control over that you haven't, you haven't let it out.

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And you are a slave of what you have just uttered. The minute it leaves your mouth, you become its slave.

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And so we are encouraged by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi Salaam to maintain Silence.

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Silence is a virtue.

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silence is golden.

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being silent at the right moment will save you the troubles.

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And so silence is encouraged in the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu send them

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one quality of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was that he used to remain silent for a long period

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he would avoid excessive talking.

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And he would adopt silence for this was his nature.

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silence is golden.

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silence is golden, when you are in a fit of anger.

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When a person is angry, he ends up saying things which he regrets later on.

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Some people go to such extent where they even issue divorce. And then similarly, you know I was angry. I never meant it. He just came out.

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Unfortunately, your words have consequences. And once you utter those words, whether it's done in jest, whether it's done in seriousness, the effect of the same,

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the talaq will fall, the consequences will take place. And so a person ends up in regret headaches controlled myself, had I been more composed,

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I wouldn't have been in such a situation.

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So silence is golden.

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silence is golden. When you're in an argument.

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When one partner is angry, the other partner needs to remain silent. That's all.

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Because if one person says one thing, and you end up saying two things, the problem only becomes bigger. You are exacerbating the situation, you're not helping the situation. And so when somebody is angry in front of you, it is wise for you to remain silent.

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It is an intelligent choice for you to remain silent at that occasion.

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Now, just think for a moment, when somebody is angry when somebody is coming down hard on you. Your ego inside, wants to take revenge, wants to counter attack, wants to argue, wants to topple the person in front. And so your ego inside is full of anger and it's raging. It's waiting for the opportunity to retort. It's waiting for the opportunity to let out its anger. And if at that moment, you cannot control yourself. You're salame. You can only imagine what havoc can follow after that.

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But if a person controls his ego, and he takes the situation by his senses, and not by his ego, he saves himself from so much trouble.

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Huge fights procard because of one p one person saying something and then you retorted and he said something in it became physical.

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But if you have to just swallow your anger for that moment, and just remain silent at that moment, you would not be in such a situation and such a mess up

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silence is golden.

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When you're in an anger remains silent.

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Because you've got no control over yourself. Your emotions are not at a balanced level, you've got no control of yourself. And at that moment people end up in disaster situation. Divorce is just one of them. A person is in a work environment, the employer and him got into a heated exchange. The next thing I'm quitting my job

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now is sitting without Rosie.

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If they may have to just, you know, face the music for a little while.

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Today, you would still be working.

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I'm not saying that you have to put up with everything in life. But sometimes we also need to listen. And sometimes the best solution is just to remain silent.

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My honorable start now give him a long life. Manasa mon choccy. When you are graduating, he said, by COVID, tablet penokee. Other touto

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get used to swallow in sour and bitter pills in life

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will be happy. I mean, if somebody tells you something, are you going to put up a show every time?

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It's not worth it? Why do we want to lose our piece? For every trivial matter in life, it's not worth it, we need to let it pass, we need to let it go in life. When a person is fishing, he doesn't go out for a small fries. He lets them by. It's the big ones that he goes for. And so if a person can understand it, by remaining silent, he can save himself a lot of problems.

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So number one, silence is golden. When you are in a fit of anger. Number two, silence is golden when you are in an argument with somebody else. Number three, silence is golden when you don't have the facts, right.

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He has allowed. So many of us get caught into this. We don't know what's the situation. We've got no context to the story. We come in there and we blurt out whatever you want to say. We've got no understanding of the matter and we end up making matters worse, all because of not getting our facts correct.

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If you don't it affects remain silent.

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If you know the facts and you know that your word has value, then you speak if not you remain silent.

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Yeah, you are levena Manu injure a confessor koombana in fetta, Vega no and to say bukoba Michala for two special Allah file to know the mean, Allah says in the Quran, when you receive any information, then verify the information.

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Verify before you amplify.

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Verify your information. Why? Because if you take a chance at any situation, and you got your facts wrong, for too special allama file to know the mean, you will be cutting your own nose and you will find yourself in a disaster situation. And you will you will have no face left to show to people. Imagine you falsely accused somebody.

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And you've got your facts totally wrong.

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How will you face that person the next time you see?

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And suppose you did it in front of everyone. How embarrassing that would be? Would you have the face to come out the next time and face the people? Or would you take another turn.

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So remain silent when you don't know the facts.

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silence is golden.

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When you know that your words will make situations worse.

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You find husband and wife fighting and you as an outsider you come in

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it is so crucial. It is so crucial for you to watch what you are saying because at that moment, your words and your sentences can either patch the two individuals or you can keep the two individuals fighting forever or you can even end and break that marriage day in there. People must understand when people are fighting. They are vulnerable. They are gullible. They are susceptible. At that moment. Whatever you say. People will latch on to it.

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I mentioned just divorce her just divorce her.

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Yes or No. Are you losing or is he losing?

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For you? For me to say it is very easy. Just divorce

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The men follows up. Remember when a person is angry, they latch on to anything that people tell them.

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And if at that time the husband or the wife must listen to your advice, what will happen? The argument will end, the marriage will break up, you will go back home to home, get stable, you got your wife, you got your children, you got nothing to lose. But what can you do to that person who's standing in front of you by just saying a few words? What do you do? You broke his home.

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Children are left without parents, and to families are fighting and at loggerheads with one another. All because of few words, few words that you

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hear on law, we need to understand that our words have consequences. At that moment, if you can say, let's try and catch up, or let's give it a break for a little while. Or let's see how we can resolve the matter. Will there be more encouraging will that help the situation or by using just divorce? Herman finished the metal altogether? Yeah, Allah, we should never be found at the wrong place at the wrong time. Because we can end up making matters worse.

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The imaginary death situation, you as the Father, or you as the mother keeping quiet, you know your daughter is going through difficulty. You know, your son is going through difficulty it's a difficult phase that they are bringing their relationship as the Father if you can control yourself, yes.

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How much of problems you can save the oma and your own family. Give you the example of a worker the lowdown on who

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we know the famous incident in which our beloved mother eyeshadow volta Blanca was falsely accused for something which he did not do. I'm gonna cut the long story short how to dwell on the point which is more important to us.

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A false rumor spread in Medina did I show the alota learn how to be lambing valic she was involved with somebody else.

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The profit of a lowest consultant his companions and look at the approach Sahaba took Yama, Yama,

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the prophet of Allah consulted his close companions.

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The one companion got home. And the wife said, Did you hear what happened with Sharia law?

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He asked the one question he said, I want to ask you one question. Would you as my wife ever do something like that? She said, Never.

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So he said, if she is the wife of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, would she ever do something like that?

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She said, No. He said in the method and they

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look at a boubakeur. It's his beloved daughter. It's his daughter is blood. She comes home. She narrates only incident, she looks at her father, no response.

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She goes to a mother she speaks to a mother no response.

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This is Abu Bakar handling the situation. On one side it is taught the insert of his family. And on the other side, it's an abyssal abomination him his son in law, the greatest human being.

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What approach did he take? He kept silent.

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He remains silent.

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And what happened? revelation came down afterwards. Things normalized. But why am I asking you if at that moment, aboubaker rodeo lout, Orlando as a father, imagine if he had to open his mouth.

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The friendship between rural law would have been born. He's taught his marriage to the greatest men would have been finished.

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But all those troubles were averted just by remaining silent. Yeah.

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And that is why I wanted to speak on this point for some time, that we need to remain silent, especially when we get involved in other people's matters. If we know we can help them and rather remain silent.

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silence is golden. Another point to understand when we are on social media.

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We feel it every day we need to say something on social media. We feel that every half an hour we need to say something when we are on social media. Whether it's the WhatsApp groups, whether it's Twitter whether it's instagram, whether it's Facebook, whether it's Snapchat. We have this this need and this urge to say something every time

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a man wakes up is a post up.

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Man can you help me know billing will Yeoman alpha folio cool hi Ron Alia Smith. The profit of a loss

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If you have something good to say, then say no problem post.

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But if you've got nothing good to say then remain silent.

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How many people within our country lost their jobs because of not exercise in silence at the right moment and the important moment.

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If you see something, observe it, no problem. analyze it in your mind, no problem, but don't express it, especially if you know it's going to cause harm.

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simple rule, failure. confira, Olia Smith, if what you're going to say is going to be good, safe.

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But if you know that what you're going to say is not going to bring you benefit then remain silent.

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About what

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my young woman calling the danger of evil and it is. The words of the Quran, whatever we say is recorded by Allah subhanho wa Taala. What ever we utter is recorded by Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we need to take control of our lives. We need to take control of our tongues. Jill Mousavi Mousavi.

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It's a small flesh in our mouth, a very small flesh. But yes, the heavy pocket it can cause. So, let us take control of our tongue.

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Let us understand that we don't have to speak all the time. And I end up with one more point. silence is golden when you are in an argument with a foolish person.

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When a foolish man engages you, you don't respond to him. You make G and you move on. Well, either horrible j Luna or Salama. Allah says in the Quran, when the foolish and ignorant one engages you, you should say Salama, peace be upon you Jazakallah What a wonderful point to make and you carry on. You don't engage a foolish person. They said to Imam Shafi Rama to lolly, Paulo cerca de Vaca who simta oh imaam Shafi, why are you remaining silent when people are saying so bad things about you? cool to know boom in nL jawab le Baba Sheree miftah who you said to them you know if I have to say something to this person is going to tell me a mouthful again, and I'm going to tell him something

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I'm going to open a can of worms for nothing, I don't have the time now.

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was some time in our nothing short of to remain silent. When a foolish person is engaged in you is to protect you is that because you make a mockery of yourself. When you engage in a foolish person. You get those obstinate people in life.

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You get them you can wipe them out of your life. But you need to minimize your contact with them. You need to minimize the problems with them.

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May Allah subhanaw taala give us the understanding, in essence to some of what I'm saying. silence is golden when you're in a fit of anger don't speak. Allow your your temper to cool down. Then speak. silence is golden when you in arguable silence is golden when you know your words will cause more harm than benefit, especially when you are trying to help husband and wife. To make matters worse, Allah doesn't like that. Number four, when you are engaged on social media or anywhere else, remember silence is a virtue.

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And lastly, when you are engaged by a foolish person, remember silence is a virtue. Now logs from Hamlet Allah give us the understanding or Marlena ingleborough