Zakir Naik – Offering Qiyaam-Ul-Layl, Individually or in Congregation

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of offering the holistic approach to one's behavior in their church. They mention the use of Hadith in their church's offerings, and the use of figures like the god, the beast, and the beast in their church's presentations. They also mention the importance of praying and praying with the right mindset for success in their church's offerings.
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Dr. Zakia Is it better? according to Quran sunnah, to offer the cumulate individually or in congregation,

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there are Hadith which say that a person can offer Campbell individually, also in congregation, both accepted and all the references that you're most of them the prophet has to offer together and I gave some references when the soubise to join the Prophet so both

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but as far as which is better,

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but natural, the various Hadith and say Buhari saying that if your friend congregation you get 27 times most of

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them do you think that and further as far as the Tamil Lal in Ramadan is concerned, the Hadith in Sahih Bukhari

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one number three in the book of Dharavi I did number 2012. Where once the Prophet

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he goes to the mosque, and then he finds that people are offering in groups. So he offers salah, like I'm late at night, and many people joined behind him.

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Next day, the new spreads

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and the next night the full mosque is filled with people.

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The third night again when the prophet comes to offer the camera level. The mosque is overflowing with people

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in the congregation but naturally

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the fourth night again, it is awful.

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But the Prophet he knows people are waiting out again to join him for Camelot. He does not go purposely and during Fajr

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after offering the federal Salah after the sun is over and he says that not that I was not aware that people were waiting for me for the camel but I did not want to make it compulsory for you.

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I don't want people to think that it's compensate or for camel Lel left it will be difficult for you to purposely profit give a break to make it known to the people that's not fun to have a camel level and in order to make it difficult for the people but from that need to come to know that offering Gemma is better. And then the

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incident in Abu Dhabi are in number one in the book of Salah Hadith number 13701 was the prophet was offering Camberwell and he finishes. I mean, he's about to get up. People say that why don't you pray more. So the Prophet says that anyone who prays till the Imam finishes if he plays with the Imam till he finishes, it is as though he has prayed for the full night. So from these two Hadith you come to know that offering Gam Lal in congregation is better than offering individually irrespective of the it's an unknown outside

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