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What Is The Definition Of Tarbiyyah?


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The speakers discuss the definition of parenting in Islamic culture, where parents are the ones who are responsible for raising children. They explain that parenting is a mandatory role that can never be quenched, and that it is a set of values that children cannot give up on. The speakers also mention that Tar biara and parenting are related to developing children and finding peace in their day.

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What is the definition of parenting? And what is the definition of tarbiyah? That, you know, the easiest way, in my mind, at least, to make us understand what the concept of parenting is, is to share with you the crux of all these definitions that we have in our Islamic sources. And the crux of what we have is that parenting, whatever via tool outlet is about you raising a child that you will be pleased to see the day you are on your deathbed. This is the crux of it, Brothers and Sisters in Islam, that the day you are passing away, when you look at your child, you find the coolness of your eyes in what you see, you find the serenity of your heart, in what you see, you

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find the peace of your mind and your heart and your soul in that which you see. Why because you feel ready to return to Allah subhanho wa taala, to submit your homework to submit the UN effort with regards to this man and trust that Allah subhanho wa Taala has placed on your shoulders and placed on the shoulders of every mother and every father, right? Even in a modern day concept. To look at the 21st century, this concept of being a mother and a father constitutes a mandatary role, not only left to grow, right, and mandatary role is a role that you cannot give up your worldview, or the religion you follow or the set of values that you hold, they do not give you the opportunity to give

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up this rope to take a break from this rope. Right? If you're a mother, it's a 24/7 title. If you're a father, it's a 24/7 title. You can't tell your child on Friday at five o'clock that look now I'm logging off from being a father, right? I'll see you on Monday Insha Allah, right on Saturday and Sunday, you can call me brother, it doesn't work like that. Right your father, irrespective of the day of the week, and the time of the month or year that you are in it is a mandatary role. So then he left her role, like the job that you have, or your place of employment or the place that you volunteer at those type of roles. I left a role the roles that

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allow you to take a break from to step out from right. So parenting is a mandatory role. It's a role that you can never give up. It lasts the span of your life from the time you get married and I will highlight why I say this till the time you are on your deathbed Inshallah, as we move on with the talk, we'll share examples from the Quran and the Sunnah the teachers and formulate evidence to what I am saying. So tarbiyah and parenting and raising your children is about this is about developing your child nurturing your child to a level that will please you the day you die when you are about to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala you will find the coolness of your eyes in that which you see