The Power of Sajdah – Reflection on Surah as-Sajdah

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AI: Summary © The importance of praying to the Prophet's success in obtaining the throne, the seven heaven, and obtaining Jana and receiving the title of the seventh heaven is emphasized. Prayer is crucial for personal commitment, but uncertainty and confusion surrounding details of praying are also highlighted. The importance of praying for Islam is emphasized, particularly when it comes to obtaining the right to pray. A person named Sir Arikro was killed by a group of brothers, but the details of praying are not discussed.
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To swallow

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him the lay of the land I mean salatu salam ala

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Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa mentally I will be sending

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you respected brothers and sisters.

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So today is a Juma, as you know, we spoke about the virtues of a Joomla previously, and one of the characteristics of a Joomla is the fact that the day of resurrection will take place in the offering of Joomla Friday, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to decide in the federal of alguma Surah to say that, and so, instead now, as the scholar said that, in Surah two says that,

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why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to recite those two chapters, those two surah is not because of a soldier in Surah T says that, but because Surah saija is, has a number of key subjects. First of all, it glorifies Allah, Allah, Allah, it talks about the Quran, and it talks about what it talks about to God and Salah and as one of the key qualities of the believers.

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And then it talks about the alpha, the reward of the believers and what will happen to the disbelievers show that

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is an amazing Surah again, it talks about what leads to Jana and it mentions the reality of this life that in a harlequin and insane I'm not *in I'm charging enough daddy, the reality of this life is nothing but test. Also, it talks about what it talks about sujood towards the end of the surah Allah Allah Allah mentions sudo now, let me just pick on this okay in a few minutes now sujood and Salah in particular brothers and sisters, is the most important pillar of Elisa

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after she had attained what comes salah, Salah is repeated five times a day

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for I remember, a Muslim, he said, but this is too much. Five times everyday, everyday everyday. Yeah. I said no, it's not too much. And that's why you know, some of them they find it in the beginning difficult Shall we pray to rock our three sorry, to Salawa totally Salawat first, anyway, look, just by reflecting upon this, you understand the importance of solder, that it is the only Evander that we have to do it on a daily basis. Five times. It is the only area that you cannot abandon under any circumstance, no other Ibadah that you can no other other there is like this. All either that all types of acts of worship. You can leave them at one point except salah, except Salah

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you cannot leave it under any circumstance and that's even that's why the Prophet sallallahu sallam said pray in a standing position if you can't then in a sitting position there are even narrations even pray in what in what why you are lying down. Even on deathbed don't leave Salah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam himself on the deathbed. He was saying a Salah, Salah, Mr. Maliki. My dear brothers.

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I think all of us know this importance. All of us to reflect upon we need to reflect upon why Allah, Allah Allah, okay. He commanded the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and commanded the entire humanity to pray, but that commandment took place well

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above the seventh heaven. Why? To show that first of all, Salah is the ADA, the act of worship that links you to Allah, Allah Allah that links you to the seventh heaven, and this shows the status of Salah all of us know that when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam first received the commandment in some directions, he was commanded to to command his ummah to pray, what 50 times and then Musa alayhis salam, he said to him, your Alma cannot do that. Okay? And tell him and he spoke to Allah, Allah Allah. And that was decreed by Allah Allah Allah, Allah until they reduce the amount Allah Allah Allah decreed that the amount will be phi Salam.

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I think no one would argue about the importance of salary. However, the question is, does our life yeah or do we

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conduct ourselves in a way that shows the importance that importance. Do we give significance? Good? Do we give attention to a Salah? My dear brothers and sisters Subhan Allah.

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In one of their Hadith,

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a man called my dad, he said, I asked Taliban Silva and used to serve the Prophet sallallahu sallam. He said to him, What is the best of this? Or what is the deed that gets me or grants me Jana? So he said, I asked him the first time, second time, third time he said Subhana Allah I asked the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, the same question. And he said to me, Do you want anything else he said no more tells other than being granted Jana, he said to me and NFC can be cataract is to do the inner Mateus Judo the law he says he's done in Rafah after we have done all your help for anchor behalf

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you said Help me Yeah, again, it's your cell against your nerves against yourself by doing a lot have to do because every session elevates you. Yeah, one status one degree. And every search that removes a hobby removes a sim from you. A sin means not anything a major sin. My dear brothers and sisters we are seriously when we look at ourselves we are so what is the word miser? Yeah. To ourselves when we when it comes to Salah. Yeah, Salah became so heavy for us so difficult to pray to rock up. You think 100 times before praying to rock should be the easiest thing to pray to raka should be something regular words that we all do. In normal circumstances, let alone that when we

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face any difficulty, the first thing we should do, to pray to raka in the Hadith, can I either figure out who when the Prophet SAW Selim is annoyed by something the first thing he would do is what go to pray. Touriga Subhan Allah they mentioned even Abbas he was traveling and then the news came to him that his brother

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passed away. What did he do while Africa he just stopped the journey made will have made will go and pray too long Graca and many people said whenever we are hit by a calamity and immediately pray to raka we feel Subhanallah relief.

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We feel easy. After that was the into the sub that he was Santa. Seek help from Allah. Allah Allah by sovereign and by salah. The Prophet sallahu wa sallam once said to build on the land. I heard your footsteps in Jannah what is it? He said yeah rasool Allah nothing but whenever I break my whoo and I make wudu I pray Masha, Allah, I pray anything that I can. Now we come to the masjid Shall we pray not pray. We think twice. Pray.

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Pray. Yeah. Oh, maybe we come home with some brothers have what I call big phobia, you know, big phobia. There is Islamophobia there is there is been a phobia. They don't want to pray because they are afraid of what? Of Vidin Subhan Allah Subhana Allah will not punish you because you are doing more sujood Allah will not put sins on you because you are doing more a bad yeah. As far as you don't know how to change that a bad yeah. And you are not doing a better to something other than Allah Allah Allah Allah then Allah Allah Allah will reward you This is Salah. Yeah, especially for Salah. So it is just a call for me myself brothers a reminder for myself and okay for our brothers

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and sisters to try to do Salah as much as we can. Yeah, one one point some brothers, they are making a bad for themselves difficult. Okay.

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It is very strange, but I think this is happening to many people how they think that you cannot pray unless it is perfect. So you go and make proper Rule Do you know because sometimes we a lot of time we talk about perfection of perfection quality, more important than quantity. And then we become what

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deceived or deluded by that. Yeah. So in order to pray to rock out you have to do

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We'll do proper rudo, you spend two minutes this is if you're gonna have was was if you have this was, you might spend five, six minutes in praying and making Google and then you come and then you act like a machine or more who AKBA and you might think they have I had the right intention or not. If you have always worse you will repeat it 10 times before you catch the right intention. Yeah. And then you just act as a machine. Of course if you can pray like it is not like your machine. But if you can pray perfectly before Allah, Allah Allah, that is the best thing. But sometimes, yeah. See, just pray. Quick. Quick. One time even

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the Janaza came yet. He said by the time I go, Whoa, maybe I will miss it. Jana. So what did he do? He made time moon on on any okay on the wall. And he prayed in order to catch what? To catch salata. Janessa Subhanallah Islam is so flexible. Yes, there is perfection. And there are so many circumstances just pray to raka on your bed there the other day a brother told me you know when I wake up and okay and make wudu and I said, Yeah, we pray to even in your bed. He said, Is it acceptable? I said, Why not acceptable? Pray even in a sitting position just to pray. Some brothers, they enter the Masjid. Yeah, the karma? Yeah, one minute karma.

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And the best thing is what? Take your mobile phone to check your whatsapp or check. pray. We pray to record. Yeah, no, but he will do their karma when he does the economy. Yeah. And then you either you finish it.

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Yeah. And he was talking to us. Stop your Salah and join the salah. Yeah, but don't just stay like this. In one minute. You can pray two rakaat brothers. Yeah, you don't need half an hour to pray to rock. You don't need the story. A big story. Yeah, you need you don't need United Nations to pray to just to pray to Raka and even if you could not complete the Torah Subhanallah Salah from the first minute Allahu Akbar, this is dhikr

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Subhana Calama behandling This is dative Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen. This is dhikr. So even if you just one minute you pray, half of the Salah is still you are doing what vicar of Allah glorification of Allah. Let alone that Allah will count it for you as to raka because you intended to do that. My dear brothers and sister many brothers before the whole they miss the forelock. Don't miss it especially in Ramadan for Raka Yeah, before Dora the prophets of Allah they said and said is equal to pray in the night prayer no matter of no Hapa when he was stabbed to death, and they didn't know whether he is alive or not. Yeah, so he lost consciousness and then they said you know what, in

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order to check with everything died or nothing will drag his attention like what a call for Salah. So they came next to him and they say a fella Salah who woke up he said, have people pray or not because of what because of the love of Salah, the prophesy Selim said, Bihar.

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Bihar, you can give us comfort by what by Salah. So, we do Ella AMI for Salah, the tranquility of my eyes. This is what the Prophet SAW Selim said in Salah. Now it takes time. We need to two years later I started to enjoy what the Yama he started to enjoy the Salah and one time in sha Allah we will enjoy it