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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala l mursaleen. Maulana Muhammad while he was hoping a woman to be a humble son, you know yo Medina about salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Okay, inshallah, last week we spoke about Abu Bakar the Allah and who's

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when the met the demise of the prophets, Allah salam, and then the suceava bunny side that when the answer had gathered, and then I spoke about the virtues of the unsolved to understand who the answer was. So today inshallah we are going to be dealing with the certificate issue. And they have been many, many allegations against the unsolved that why did the unsolved gather choosing a Salif when the Prophet salaallah salaam wasn't even buried, did they want leadership and then the same accusation is leveled at Abu Bakr and Omar and the mohajir on rhodiola and home that they were looking for power and hollyford. That's why they left the body of the prophet SAW Allah It was a

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lump and went to the suceava, the whole the suceava of the bernisa either, and they were discussing the issue of the Hierophant. Now

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let's understand one assumed first one principle and that is that a person may be fulfilling an obligation which is a priority doesn't mean that that person is not in the state of mourning.

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So there may be something very, very important which has come up.

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And you have to deal with that although you may be going through another difficulty calamity. In this case, the demise of the province, Allah Allah and he was alone with the province and Lhasa had passed away.

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But the issue was that there were many, many possibilities and many, many difficulties and calamities which could have befell the Sahaba the alarm now let me give you example. You had tribes who are newly embraced Islam around Medina abs, the beyond, etc. There was a possibility that one of them now could have seen the confusion, the instability of Medina and attacked because the Muslim did not have a leader. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had also prepared an army to go to the outskirts of Medina, they stopped in a place called jurf. Okay, and this army was led by Osama bin Zayed rhodiola and now what was his army this army was gonna go and fight the Romans in Jordan.

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Now with the demise of the province of Lhasa, there was a possibility that the Romans and the Christian might have taken the opportunity to attack Medina

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then you had the issue of the Manasa tea

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the banana tea in May I found this an ideal opportunity to choose one of themselves and make him the Calif then you had the Jews in Medina as well. And they do though Medina might have taken this opportunity as well. And they have may have broken the treaty with the Muslims seeing the Muslims in his vulnerable state. So, this was an obligation This was that the Muslims now choose and Amir because of the possible you know, attacks which could have taken place.

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So, this does not mean that if a group of people decide to take something or do something, which is an obligation, that they do not regard, that that they they are not taking serious, or they are not in the state of mourning. Is that clear? Now, let's look at all this from the angle of the answer. The answer, Now firstly, Medina

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was the place of the answer.

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The Prophet salaallah alayhi wa sallam came to Medina and they chose the Messenger of Allah as the leader. Now unser Medina composed of the owls, the religions of Jews that will predominantly what Medina composed of now the pro compromised of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Now he comes to Medina, yeah. And when he comes to Medina, the answer choose the professor lesson as deleted. Why? Because he is a message of Allah. And because he is the Messenger of Allah, they make him the amine. Now, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam passes away. Now with

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Nina belongs to the answer. They live there. So naturally the problem is Allah Salaam has passed away. So like any other society, what do they do? They revert back to the old system of election

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Coronavirus Allah somos pathway, you show me any society who would make the migrants who have come to the place those people that they have given refuge and that made them the enemies. Now they made the best use of Allah amin because he was a newbie.

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So naturally they are okay the message of Allah has passed away We are the majority in Medina. So the amine comes from us.

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So Is that understood? Okay.

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The other thing was the Tsar, well, the people of Medina, they knew that they knew the culture the best, they knew the customs of best. They grew up in Medina. So it was really more befitting that they be the amines. Now we try to think what the Assad were thinking at the time.

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Naturally, they were thinking, well, this is our city, we know the custom, we know the culture we were born here. So therefore rightly so we should be the amines.

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Also, they were the majority.

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The row is on the line. Oh, thinking of from thinking from the maharajji rooms point of view, thinking about the theory from the unsolved point of view thinking about the module. Now the maharajji room were a group of people who embraced Islam at the handle the profits or losses. When the professor Lola and he was selling was in Medina, for 13 years he gave down.

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Not many people of the people of Makkah his own people actually embrace Islam, Maha Joon, a number did but there wasn't a huge amount of work. They actually repel the DAO or the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. They refuse to accept it. And this is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he would go in for Hajj, when I'm sure he would do Hajj, and he would go and give them down? What would they say? They would say, why are we going to take on this headache when your own people have not embraced your religion.

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Then the problem is Allah and he was alone went to life, which was a closed area and the progress of Allah and he was alone and gave the people of five he gave them Dawa.

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They refuse to accept the dour and they chase the progress on all our lives outside of life.

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Then come the hedge time they wish they would do Hajj. The Warriors Allah Salam gave downward to those tribes. Many many of the tribes of the power of the world would come for Hajj, he came down to every single one. He will go from 10 to 10. I say Hola, ilaha illAllah Whoa, c'est la ilaha illa Allah and you will be successful. Only. only really one group of people accepted the Tao of the Messenger of Allah there. Although they will try from all over the area. Who were they the people of unser.

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They were the ones who gave bear to the prayer prophets. Allah said the first bit of a coma and then they gave the second the next day on the time of Hajj they gave the second day of October. So these were the only group of people who really assisted the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the Muslims was they were in Mecca week. It only when they migrated to Medina that they became strong and then you had the Medina state.

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You see all these things. Now you can understand that what how the mohajir rune looking at it.

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Also, a thought which would have come to the mind of the answer was that if we allow

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the Maharaja rune one of the muhajir on to become the amid the Salif is a strong possibility they were thinking that these people are going to go back anyway.

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Why? Because they were originally from Macau. They grew up in Makkah, the only reason they were in Medina was because of the age era and then that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam decided to stay in Medina. Now the message of Allah is no longer in Medina, what is the need for them to stay in Medina so they would,

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so it's a possibility they chose them? They would become the Halley's. Then they would go back to mcca. Why could the branches of Mecca greater 100,000 salons in Mecca? You grew up in mcta your family's mcca the constant

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quinces of that one consequence of that would be that the center of Islam now was Medina, the focus from Medina would be shifted to Makkah. Now firstly, this would have been unacceptable to the unserved they they want to create the Islamic State from Medina, you can understand that, but also,

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it would have left the Tsar vulnerable. Why? Because over the 10 years where they had sided with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and now Islam became the dominant force. The answer made many enemies. So if the focal point was moved from Medina to maca maca became the Muslim stronghold. This will leave the people of Medina isolated, if we left them isolated, it would have obviously made it easy for those who wanted vengeance from the people of the NCR. And the unsolved we're thinking about all of this look, the former is Allah solemn gave Dawa in Makkah, okay.

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And, and not many people accepted. He went to Medina the people of Medina accepted the vast majority of now

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maca had only been Muslim for three years from the time of the forest and Lhasa

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Medina had been Muslim from the time that the person Muslim came to Medina 10 years.

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So they naturally felt that they had a greater right that Medina the Medina stronghold, remained the stronghold. And because they were majority because of the other reason that the meal should be from them. The other was the other issue was really important issue

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was that who is going to be there?

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Who is going to be the Salif? The reason me?

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The answer over the years had many battles with the people of crush the answer, we're always at the forefront of the battles. Now, if a leader from the Corporation was chosen, who was not sympathetic to the people at once are now the unser had killed fathers brothers of individuals from crush who had now embraced Islam. Now, if you had a person who was not that sympathetic to the cause of the answer, and was very biased towards the parade, this could have resulted in further bloodshed of I'm sorry, I would have left them vulnerable. So therefore, they didn't know who the me was. Would the rally actually take into consideration? The answer would be careful of like the product someone like

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it was a little kid for them. And this is why all these reasons why the answer? So here we're looking at it from an outsider's point of view. And you can understand when you look at this, why the answer or thought that they were more rightful that the halys be chosen from the now.

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Now should the unser have told Abubakar and Omar and the mahadji rune? Yes, they should have? You know, that's an argument. Yes, you would say it would have been better that they had because they would have resolved any tension. But why did they not now one possibility is that because they in their own minds 100% believe that the caliphate should be amongst them. And if they believe that for the reasons given above,

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well then it's also understandable.

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They thought, you know, automatically the sheriff is going to be from us. So there's no need for us to tell them where the majority were in Medina weather data, etc, etc. That will Islam. Also, second reason, maybe they thought, Well, if we do tell them, it's just gonna cause issues. It's cause gonna call and possible it may cause strife, therefore it's better we just get on with it. Let's get on with it. Just do it. You know, and then we'll nobody else really needs to know because we believe that we are the rightful

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you know, is of the profits and losses to the caliphate.

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Thirdly, at this time, the maharajji rune were busy with it that feed and the tech feed of the Prophet salla liners.

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And because they were busy with the defeat and the queen of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they really didn't think that there was any actually need to disturb this mohandro. So for these reasons, it's a strong possibility. That's why they thought, you know, they know really need for us to tell them the Maha Maha Giroux Now, let's go back to the incident.

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What was the incident? The incident was that the unsolved

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gathered in the suceava bunny side.

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The Mojave rune

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hole, Abubakar and Omar you know they with the body of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam abubaker as already they spoke Maha Joon spoke to walk around the alarm and they bout the hollyford you know that a leader needs to be chosen and I will walk around the allotment already said that we will speak to the Ansari brothers and we will come to some you know,

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some result. Now what happens while the Baba can model the Allahumma with the body of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam they come to Abubakar on the alarm who and they say Abubakar they say the unsolved are gathered in the sucky for buddy side and they are going to choose an Amir from them

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so initially they say what they obviously they understand that this is a very delicate situation so what they do is that they hurry to foo to suceava Vanessa was they go to this Optiva Bunny is not either on the way they re meet Ababa to mogera de la and they say to obey the you come with us as well so um obey the terminal Gerardo de la No, no goes with them and they reach this people by the side. When this reaches a fever when you saw either they see the answer or gathered and they are in the middle is sitting standing above the alarm who who's wrapped up in a cloth. Now Assad, Baba was the leader of the hustle village tribe, yet the main two out of 100 he was the leader of the hustle

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rich type.

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Now started

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out wrapped up in a cloth. And he doesn't recognize him and he said, Who's that man wrapped up in a cloth they say is sad. And he's unwell. He's got a fever in his in his pain, but he's come here. Now their intention was to choose sorry about the alarm. Even choosing sod could have been a problem. I'll tell you what, because he was the leader of the cause of lunch is a possibility later on the old would have objected because for many years the ocean has arranged we're both at loggerheads. One of the reasons they asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to come is to re is to unite them. And this is why the prophets Allah Selim came in and then many of them embraced Islam. Now what they said the

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spokesman stood up from amongst them. And he gave a talk from the observer and he said, Well, how'd you roll? We answer many, and you are very few in number.

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We believe that it is our right

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and, and do not deprive us of our right that the leader be from amongst us. And as I said earlier on, you can understand why they were saying this from their point of view.

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And then the spokes when he turns to the people inside and he says oh it's Are you are people of great virtue, which no one else amongst the Arabs has the same virtue that you have. Meaning that when the barbarism Allah Allah Allah gave Dawa to the people of Makkah, only a few embraced Islam. You many people have you, many of you embrace Islam. Then he's he the father is a Muslim came to Medina

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and you owe the answer. Were the ones who Allah chose to protect the deen

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you were the ones who fought for the cause of this DEA. And everybody in the Hejaz bowed down to the DEA and lower themselves in front of the DEA. When the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam passed away. He was happy with you. Because you were the coolness of his eyes. So you deserve the elephant. Now that's what this is speech

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aboubaker Omar, Abu Zubaydah, rhodiola, Anwar listening to the speech, so all of the allowances I would just about to reply.

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And he said I had prepared a beautiful speech. So he says, I prepared a beautiful speech by ibaka Dylan Stop, stop just don't say what?

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Abubakar, the Alanna starts, and I will walk out on the line who says whatever you have said about yourself. There is no doubt about that. Everything that you have said there's no doubt about that, that you have that virtue and then he goes on he does mentioning other virtues. He says the borrower is the law seller said regarding the outside of the answer. If the entirety of humanity walk down one Valley the answer walk down another I would walk down the valley of the answer

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and then he goes

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All in order to extol the virtues he mentioned many many many other virtues of the unsought then he says addresses are the alarm and he says oh sorry, you know

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that the people will never accept a person unless he is from the parish. Why? Because see, seven tribes argued which tribe is better which tribe was better but they all agree that the Quraysh were the best. So, they were unanimous also the province of masala came from the fresh also the Quraysh were the people who looked after the Kava.

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So, taking all these things into consideration

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it was autumn, you know, they were regarded as the best So, now he gives one logical delete, say, look, the people will not accept anybody besides a person from Croatia, Croatia regarded as the most superior tribe, then he gives a delete from the Hadees. He said, Oh, sad also, you were there. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said

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that leadership will always be in Quraysh.

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And then sod said yes, I remember that. And he said, that you are the Amara, you are the leaders and we are the wizard. We are the ministers of yours. So you see from all this now, Mr. Abubakar aldila and who he slowly convinces them he gives them a logical domain and then he gives him a head, a delete from the Quran and Sunnah.

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Then one of them stands up and he says who Bobby Nemanja rhodiola and when he said okay,

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one a me from us and what I need from you,

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one from us, one from you.

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And the module and say, No, that is not acceptable to the people will not accept that and it's very interesting why Marina Mandela later would say, the reason I said this was because we wanted a person from us just in case the leader from the people of Makkah does not protect the people of one side and it leaves us vulnerable. Therefore, we wanted a leader from amongst us, he said he says that we had killed the father of the people of raise your brother, the people of Quraysh. And if the leader did not look after us, then it was an easy option for them to take retribution from us.

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So Omar, the alarm who then stands up and he says, he said, let me ask you people a question. He said Which one of you is mentioned in the Quran?

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He said abubaker is mentioned in the cooloola sahibi. Law.

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He said none of you are regarded mentioned in the Quran.

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And then they said yes, it is only Abubakar Siddique rhodiola. Anna mentioned in the Quran. And then Omar said if that is the case, which one of you would like to proceed him? Which one would you like Which one of you would like to be the Salif when Abu Bakar rhodiola and who is still alive?

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And he was basically, then Abu Bakar at the Atlantic still refused to take the valif galliford he actually grabbed the hand of Omar and he grabbed the handle abou Bader and he said give birth to one of these two.

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Then he extolled the virtues of Omar Omar the professor lessem said this about him. I will be the professor Lawson said this is the mean of this ama, that almost says everything I wanted to say aboubaker said that far more far more beautifully than I could have ever said. It isn't until he reached this point.

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He said if it was not a sin, and I was made a meet over Abubakar said it was easier for me to have my head removed from my body than to be the amid when Abu Bakar is underneath me.

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And then what he did is that he

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he extended his hand to a worker of the alarm who and this is a book of take the Bayer so then Abubakar, the alarm who really, you know, took the Bayer and then in some narrations, you mentioned that machine been sad from the Assad was the first one to be paid to Abubakar Sadie Corolla? No, there's no real contradiction, because it could have been that from the Maha Maha jurien. It was Omar and from the unsought it was, but she had been sad about the Allah at home.

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This was the private beta which was given to Abu Bakar Sadek or the Allah

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and inshallah we'll leave it there and we will carry on inshallah next lesson may Allah subhanaw taala elevate the status of the Sahaba Nian SAR. Really this is really a tribute to our Why? Because having all this in their mind, they still in one gathering accepted one gathering it wasn't like okay give us five days give us 10 days. In one gathering, the Tsar accepted what the three maharaji rune came and said to them. This is testimony to the class that they were ready to give up leadership. When the Quran and the Sunnah was presented to them. The mayor lost $1 elevate the status of the unsolved man last month Allah keepers united dunia re united in general for those

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Baraka la ecom. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Zakouma la heydon for watching, and please do not forget to watch the next episode, and inshallah, when you're GWAS there will be plenty more history series coming very soon Baraka Luffy comme salaam aleikum, wa rahmatullah